Best Mechanical Quiet keyboards 2019 for Gaming and Office

Best Mechanical Quiet keyboards 2019 for Gaming and Office

Till now, we have been talking about Soundproofing our home in every possible way to avoid those disruptions of unwanted sounds that leak inside our homes. But from today, we are going to start this series of articles talking about quiet appliances of gadgets you can replace inside your home or office or any other space to make it quieter inside. This stands up with the popular statement ‘precaution is better than cure’. Here in this article I’m gonna tell and teach you everything you’ll gonna need to buy a perfect quiet keyboard for yourself. Rather be a gamer or a casual typist or an office worker, everyone needs a silent keyboard to make their work space quieter than before.

Quiet keyboards is not a household name since ever. But it has started to gain more importance as the people are moving forward towards eliminating unwanted disturbing noises from their surroundings. Even I wanted a silent keyboard but didn’t actually know that their exists a specific category for these kinds of quiet keyboards. I stumbled upon tons of Youtube videos and articles as soon as I began searching for the best Quiet keyboard for myself and my younger brother. I researched for days and got all the knowledge a normal buyer needs. Bought a few keyboards, tested them and got the best ones from a crowd of hundreds boasting their features including their silence.

Why you should buy a Quiet Keyboard to replace the existing one?

Basically, this segment is about the story which let me research about these Quiet keyboards so much and buy them for my office. I’m telling you all this story because you could relate to it somewhere as we all are same and our basic work from a keyboard is also same.

I run a content writing company called Surveer. I know the name is quite weird but it has been made by the initials of me and my partner’s names. Our office is situated near a University in town where the students come after the college gets over and work in our cubicles till the night as a part time job.

I was getting a lot of complaints from my employees about the noise which disturbs them while work and decrease their efficiency. This was a serious issue to be looked after as the decorem of the office was being vulnerable by the noises which got created by a lot of factors.

we did a couple of things to get over this problem. Like we tried to soundproof the office cubiclesWe did also spread awareness about the noise problem and how to minimize it monitoring our actions which produce unwanted sounds and disturbs everyone.

We did everything we could and yes, we got some good results too. But a single thing which was ruining all the silent environment was the crackling click sounds of 20 keyboards simultaniously. We had to do something about it. So one day, I stumbled upon an article saying ‘buy the best quiet keyboard for your office today’. I got excited because at last I found the solution to the noisy keyboard problem.

Then I read the article and it was a little bit confusing because they didn’t provide any explanation to why the keyboards make noises and what type of keyboards should be avoided while buying one. They had just reviewed the best quiet keyboards on the market and they were quite expensive too if you are buying in a bulk like in my case.

So after researching more, I turned to be an expert in it and made the list of Best quiet keyboards which are affordable, good quality, full of features too.

So here, I’ll provide you with the list of best Silent Keyboards along with their pros and cons so that you can buy smartly saving along some money.

What Type of Keyboard are actually Quiet? Why?

The  most important factor on which the silence of the keyboard depends is it’s switches which are also called the key switches that are basically the key reason behind the noise that is created by the keys when you start typing. There are commonly 3 types of switches used nearly in every keyboard that are used in households and offices. These switch types are (1)membrane, (2)scissors, (3)mechanical. We’ll discuss their pros and cons below.

Membrane Switches- This is type of switch can found anywhere and everywhere as most of the keyboards have this membrane switches because of it’s cheap price but also cheap quality so they are least recommended if you are looking for a quiet keyboard especially as they create a fairly good amount of sound. You can find these kind of keyboards commonly everywhere like offices or homes as they are fine for typing.

Scissor switches- Don’t confuse these scissor switches with a totally different type. These are just an upgraded version of the old membrane switches. The thing which makes it different from the membrane keys is that they have some scissors kind of mechanism which makes the keys more quieter and reduces the gap when the key is pressed.

Mechanical switches- So here comes the most anticipated category of keyboards which is the mechanical keyboards famous for it’s premium quality that offers great feel and quality while typing. Whether it be a gamer or a programmer or a common office typist, Quiet Mechanical keyboard is for everyone who wants to buy a great quality Quiet keyboard.

But every mechanical keyboard is not quiet, there are special mechanisms which are identified by a label printed in their box (for reference) cherry RED mx or Cherry MX brown. These are some features which identify an ordinary mechanical keyboard as a perfect quiet keyboard. let us explain you about this feature below.

Guys, you need to understand this before buying the best Quiet keyboard for yourself as this is one of the main reasons that differentiates ordinary keyboard and a quiet mechanical keyboard.

The best Quiet mechanical keyboards you can buy right now are the one with Cherry Mx silent keyboards with technology Cherry mx Red & Cherry Mx Brown technology. Most of the gamers use cherry mx red technology keyboards as they are specialized for their quiet, smooth and easy key pressing. While the coders and the typists mostly use Cherry mx brown keyboards as they have great feel while pressing the key which is like a bump and they are as quiet as the Cherry mx red and perfect if you are a typist.  

Features to look for when buying the best Quiet Keyboard

This section here tells you everything and every major feature you should take care about when you are buying your first Quiet Mechanical keyboard. This includes the cherry m.x silent keyboard feature described above but along with some major features you should be looking for.

Compatibility with your O.S

Yes, it is the most basic but a crucial Feature of the keyboards as you need to check it’s compatibility with your O.S as a fully featured quiet keyboard won’t make a difference if it does not work on your device for which you have ordered it. So we’ll check for it’s compatibility first and then the other features ahead. Some great quiet keyboards won’t work on Linux as it’ll be a major disappointment for the coders and programmers but most of them do. So it is important to check it firsthand.

Wired or Wireless

So, Wired or wireless is totally dependent on the user if he/she wants it or not. Or if we look into their work then most of the typists and programmers don’t use wireless keyboards as they have to sit before their computers in cubicles and are not needed the wireless ones.

While the Gamers often use wireless keyboards as they have their large screens and cabinets little far in front and they usually sit on their couch with a keyboard and mouse playing games.

But at the end, it is my opinion and your work or use may be different than mine so you can opt for any of the above as per your personal choice.

Full size vs small keyboards

Again, this is completely on you if you want to use a bulky and heavier full size keyboard which have numeric keys also on the right side or if you want to use a smaller keyboard if you can use the numeric keys given above the QWERTY ones.

Full size keyboards are generally used in banks or any shop by cashiers and the bank employees as their major work is to type numbers and it is definitely easier to type them on a full size keyboard.

If your major work isn’t to type numbers then you can surely go for a small size quiet mechanical keyboard.

Keyboard + Combo

Some of the keyboards come in combo which means they come along with a mouse. Mostly, the gamers buy these kind of combos and I won’t recommend buying one of you do not need a mouse in real.

Some advanced features (Only for Gamers)

Some keyboards come with advance features which are some extra shortcut buttons to assist the gamers and making their gaming more efficient than normal keyboards. Different brands have different features. We’ll list all of them individually in the ‘Best Quiet keyboards for gaming’ section below.

Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming 2019 | 3 Quiet Keyboards reviewed

We are now ready to Give you our Honest reviews on the Best Quiet keyboards for gaming in 2019. Unlike all other Websites which research about the keyboards and put their reviews on the basis of others, they are just filling up their blank pages and the servers on the internet too.

But we here purchased 3 of the top rated quiet keyboards in each category of Gaming and office on the internet and tested them ourselves to tell you every pro and con about them so you can pick one without any hesitation and you don’t regret buying it.

1. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair at first glance is a domestic name for the gamers who are reading this article. You would have used it’s products earlier and it completely stands on it’s quality of providing one of the best gaming keyboards. But Does it really stands on the Quiet Gaming keyboards? Let’s take a look at their best selling Corsair Strafe Gaming keyboard which boasts itself to be quieter than any gaming keyboard out there.

 Corsair Quiet gaming keyboard

Is is capable of being quiet?

First, we’ll talk about it’s ability of making the keys quieter than the normal keyboards before jumping onto the gaming experience and it’s other features.

Corsair uses Cherry MX Red Technology in it’s MK2 Keyboard which is the best in the market that makes the keys quiet enough to not to disturb your mates inside the room. Cheery MX Red technology also ensures that the keys register every time even when pressed speedily and softly. It’s responsiveness is amazing which is a crucial need for the gamers.

Key Features: This is a Cherry MX Silent Keyboard which comes with RGB Backlights which really helps you set a nice mood for gaming along with a great visibility of keys when you don’t want to disturb your room mates at night by turning on the room lights. These RGB lights can be re-designed for each key on the keyboard by it’s iCUE software which comes along. The lighting pattern can be synced along with other corsair parts on your p.c like the mouse, cooler or the cabinet which looks so cool. You can also remap the keys according to your needs and the keyboard will store your settings in it’s 8MB memory. The keyboard also comes with a USB port at the back which can be very handy if you want to connect your gaming headset or a mouse. Another great feature is a dedicated Wrist pad at the bottom to provide comfort and ease for a hardcore gaming experience.

Price and Verdict: This Keyboard is most pricey on the list but it is worth spending $134 for such a trustable brand name which is giving the most advanced features like USB Pass through port & a wrist pad on a budget exceeding only 15 bucks than the second Keyboard on the list which lacks these features.

Check out it’s availability here on Amazon

2. SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL RGB Mechanical Keyboard

SteelSeries is another brand which stands on it’s quality and has been providing one of the best range in gaming peripherals and accessories. Let’s check out it’s another Product which has been rated well by some known Gamers. We are talking about it’s Apex series Quiet Gaming keyboard. Let’s quickly discuss about it’s Quiet ability & performance in gaming.

Steel series Silent keyhboard for gaming

Is it capable of being Quiet?

Let us clear at first that this keyboard doesn’t uses the popular and most trusted quiet technology, Cherry MX Red. Instead, it uses it’s own 3rd generation linear Key switches which also provide a comparable Silence in keys strokes to the Cherry MX Red ones. It also uses it’s anti-ghosting technology to ensure the accuracy, speed and key registry when the switches are pressed softy.

Key  Features: First of all, The keyboard provides great gaming performance that it boasts. The most remarkable features that give it some plus points are the personalization of the RGB backlights according to your needs. Another great features gives you the unmatched experience by lighting the keyboard for a few seconds to alert you for some notifications related to chats, etc. The built quality of the keyboard is amazing as the frame is made up of aluminium alloy which looks very premium when the keyboard is lighted up. It doesn’t come with a USB port and a wrist pad as a feature unlike the Corsair one.

Price and Verdict: I would recommend this keyboard to the only guys who are very tight on budget and can’t increase it to $15 to buy the Corsair one as it comes with two extra features which are quite useful. If you don’t want to plug in your headset to the keyboard and your hands don’t ache white a good gaming session than you can surely save 15 bucks and go for it.

Check out it’s availability here on Amazon

3. G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech best quiet keyboard

This Keyboard from Logitech(another popular brand for Quality accessories) is more onto the creative and different side to experiment on. But who likes experimenting when someone is already comfortable and used to the Cherry MX switches? It’s not the case here. Logitech uses even better technology at a cheaper price that turns the tables for all the Gaming keyboard manufacturers out there. Let’s see what it has for us.

Is it capable of being Quiet?

A big ‘Yes’ for it. Despite of not using the Cherry MX Red technology which is loved by every gamer, it uses the Romer-G Mechanical Switches which are so technologically advanced that they provide 25% faster responsiveness compared to both of the keyboards above while keeping the keys Quiet. It gives a competitive advantage to all the gamers using it because of it’s ultra fast registry of keys.

Key Features: We just explained you it’s main key feature above which is the Romer-G Technology which makes it a great Quiet Keyboard along with the best performance. You will also get the extra assistance buttons like volume rockers and other useful keys like in both of the keyboards above. You’ll also get to map the function keys as per your preferences in gaming. Another feature in a $100 budget is the RGB backlights which are as good as in the Corsair or the SteelSeries. You can also customize them choosing among 16 million colors.

Price and verdict: If you are highly tight on the budget then I would recommend that stick with this keyboard, it will satisfy you more than you think. It comes at the price of $99 which is a great deal to get along with this creative technology.

Check out it’s availability here on Amazon

Best Quiet Keyboards For office | Typists

We explained all the Buying Factors which have to be considered when purchasing a Quiet Keyboard either for your Gaming p.c or your Office. We explained you about the crucial reasons on why you need to have a quiet keyboard for gaming. But when it comes to office, we are directly talking about the work so it becomes a serious need to have descent silent keyboards in your office which will reduce the office noise till 40% which is quite significant noise reduction to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of the employees.

Let’s take a loot at the Top 3 Quiet Keyboards for offices and for all the typists out there who want a silent environment to work in.

1. Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

Logitech 800 Silent keyboardLogitech as recognized to give Supreme Quality and creative features at reasonable Prices, this one ranges a bit high to $57. But with a little high price, this keyboard comes first and tops the list to become the best in all aspects to ensure it’s worth of a $60 price range.

This Quiet keyboard works on a wireless connection used with a USB receiver. It’s battery is charged with a cord which comes along and the battery lasts up to 10 days which is good duration to charge on forget.

This keyboard comes with a Perfect stroke system which is the best technology in Quiet typing keyboards to make them Quiet and very comfortable to type. This technology makes the keys very fluid and comfortable to type that also maximize the key responsiveness even when typed extremely fast.

It also gives you an extra feature of led backlighting which only escapes out of the letters and not around the keys that makes it a great keyboard to type in dark or nights letting your partner sleep in peace. This makes it worth the money spent.

Check out it’s availability here on Amazon

2. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

logitech solar charged Quiet keyboard

Logitech brings another unbeatable bunch of features at such a low price range of $35. This Quiet keyboard for typing can become your typing partner at an affordable price. It gives you the power of solar charging which switches on when kept under any type of light conditions. If kept in dark, the battery will last 3 months which is a huge time span and the biggest reason to go for this wireless quiet keyboard.

It provides us with concave keycaps which are surprisingly quieter to type than the normal keys.

Check out it’s availability here on Amazon

3. Jelly Comb Ultra thin Keyboard with Mouse combo

jelly comb slim Quiet keyboard for typing

Now comes the underdog, Jelly comb which has managed and fought a few tough opponents like H.P to get into the list. This keyboard shouldn’t be underestimated as it is the best for the people who like ultra thin designs to put it into a backpack and go without compromising any space. It is extremely lightweight and uses AAA batteries to work on. It also puts itself to sleep after 8 mins of standby to save the batteries and becomes the first smart Quiet keyboard for typists.

It uses scissor switches that are renowned for increasing the key responsiveness, quick rebound and most importantly make the keys quiet to hit.

It comes with a mouse combo in a budget of $35. You should buy it if you want a super slim keyboard which fits in easily.

Just to make you trust over this new brand and what it could do, I would suggest watching this live review and testing of this silent keyboard.

Check out it’s availability here on Amazon

Our Picks

It’s time to pick our most favorite Quiet keyboards from the pre-refined list above. This wasn’t a tough decision as we didn’t recognize budget as the main factor to chose the best because the price difference between the best and others isn’t major when seeing their extra features which are as useful as their Quiet factor.

In gaming section, the best Quiet gaming keyboard is the CORSAIR Strafe mechanical keyboard as it comes with very useful extra features like an USB port at the back which lets the gamers connect their headsets easily and a wrist pad that gives them the most comfortable gaming experience for hours without straining their wrists and fingers.

For typists, I would recommend the Logitech K800 because of it’s unbeatable Perfectstroke technology that makes it the most quiet and hence most responsive and comfortable keyboard to type on for hours everyday.

If Budget is really an issue for you then please go for the Logitech Orion Keyboard in the gaming section and Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard. They won’t disappoint you but will ensure your typing comfort along with the required silence.


We are done with the list of the best Quiet keyboards on the market for 2019. We made this list as simple as possible rather than putting a 10s of keyboards and trap you there to select out the best among them. We have tested them ourselves and recommend you the ones who impressed us the most. Thank you for choosing us to guide you through the headache of buying your first Quiet keyboard.


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