5 Best Quiet Lawn Mowers to buy in 2019 | Buyer’s Guide + Smart Reviews

5 Best Quiet Lawn Mowers to buy in 2019 | Buyer’s Guide + Smart Reviews

Imagine what’s the noisiest thing in your house right now? Is it your washing machine or something else? It would probably be your lawn mower.

In united states, the survey has found that more than 70% households get disturbed by the noise their neighbors make through the lawn mowers. This was just a glimpse of how serious this problem is for an average household. But having a nice and clean looking backyard with minimal grass lengths is also a need for ages.

The researches have also shown that more than 60% households are still using those old manual lawnmowers that produce truck loads of noise and is a difficult and tiring task to complete the whole backyard. But as the technology is advancing in every industry making the products and the solution more comfortable and featurefull to use, this problem has also been solved by the new technologies that come in today’s lawnmowers.

You guys would have hit up our blog to get a fresh lawnmower after the decades of the fear of not trimming the grass due to the excessive noise they make or the efforts you have to put yourself. whatever the reason be, you are welcome here to get the true and honest reviews of the best quiet lawn mowers you can buy in 2019.

But before straight going to the reviews as we are not here just to push you to purchase a lawnmower and leave this page, we’ll tell you some extra tips on how to select the best yourself keeping in mind the important factors and features that need to be kept in mind.

We’ll also tell you about every type of lawn mowers and how quiet each one of them generally is. At the end, we’ll explain you a method through which you can make your existing lawn mower quieter.

Types of Lawn mowers in the market right now

  • Are Manual lawn mowers Quiet?

manual lawn mowers as suggested by the name are operated manually. These lawn mowers are relaatably cheaper but here comes their cons that tells us that they need a lot of human efforts to operate which is a very heavy and sweating task and hence leads us to postpone it to every next weekend. Manual lawn mowers aren’t able to cut the grass that is long or thick more precisely. But the newer generations come with the technology that can tackle these long and thick grass easily. Another of it’s biggest downfall is they make quite a lot of noise in the backyard and that is one stop reason which won’t recommend you to buy it. They come with a few attachments like grass catcher that catches and hold the grass you just cut in a bag. They don’t require any fuel or electricity to operate and hence are eco friendly and sustainable.

  • What about the Gas Lawn mowers?

Gas lawn mowers are the evolution to the manual lawn mowers that turned them into an automated machine with an engine that tuns on gasoline. Talking of a gas engine and not relating it to a hell lot if noise will be a accusation in me. Gas based Lawn mowers are the noisiest of em all. Though they work very well in trimming off the long and even the thickest of the grass easily but I won’t recommend them on the cost of a truck loads of noise.

  • Are electric Lawn mowers really quiet? Is it the Ideal choice?

Here we come to the most awaited category of Lawn mowers, the electric ones. The electric lawn mowers are not an entirely new technology as they have been in the backyards for decades. But what makes the new gen electric lawn mowers differrent is that they are completely wireless and come with a lithium ion battery that lasts long enough to finish the lawn.

Unlike earlier when they used to give a long long cord along and we had to plug the cord that made it hectic to trim the grass. Now we can actually enjoy the Grass trimming experience which will be the quietest because of its electric motor and will provide you the most comfortable time trimming the grass.

The new models of electric lawn mowers are impressively quiet and makes the trimming experience amazing and enjoyable on a nice sunny morning without worrying about any fuel related problems.

Why should you get a Quiet lawn mower right now?

There are multiple reasons to replace your old existing lawn mower with some new technology that is quite beneficial for a couple of reasons. Here we’ll try to convince you and put those really important benefits of using a quiet lawn mower inside your head which is already looking for the silence it needs from the basic lawn mower right there in your backyard. Let’s look on to some factors which lead us to buy one for our lawn.

    • As you were looking for the silence so here we go with the biggest reason. Now you can comfortably start trimming your grass without worrying about the noise that’ll be bothering your neighbors especially on some specific times of the day when someone rests or takes a nap.
    • Working in an extremely noisy environment even for a little period of time usually tends to hurt your ears. And gradually without realizing, you’ll start facing some serious ear related issues you absolutely don’t want.
    • Another major factor in switching to a quiet lawn mower is that it won’t pollute the environment as is doesn’t require any type of fuel. This will not only protect your children’s health but it’s also about the plants in the backyard you care about too.
    • Most of the Lawn mowers especially the ones we have reviewed are powerful enough to cut through extreme types of the grasses and that too with ease without requiring your own efforts.
  • Having an electric mower in your backyard, you can ask your children to clean up the grass and they would be willingly happy to do it as it is fun and easy to do. This will also cut down one of your heavy tasks.

What to look when buying the Best quiet lawn mower?

This question is as interesting as it is important for buyers like us to learn a little about today’s quiet lawn mowers so that when we get exposed to the market out there, nobody can fool us and we could pick the best quiet mower ourselves from the options. Also, we will be able to understand the reviews more clearly and would pick out the machines with the better features according to our needs.

Low maintenance and low operating cost

This is the first and most basic factor you should look into when buying a quiet lawn mowers. Usually, most of the mowers are electrically operated so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance as the electricity used in charging them will be of much lesser cost of the gas needed. Also, you don’t have to service the parts like you have to do in manual as well as in the gas mowers like replacing the air filters and lubricating the parts.

You have to look out for Cordless Mowers

We have also told this to you earlier how the long cord irritates and comes in between the tasks and makes it a hectic job to do. Also, there’s a risk for several accidents with the cord mowers and especially if you have kids in the house.

So prefer the one with a good Battery capacity to clean up the whole lawn in a single charge. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know about battery capacity in Reviews for each of our handpicked Quiet Lawn mower.

To trim the grass at various heights

What’s the benefit of a super quiet electric lawn mower that doesn’t perform its main and most important task correctly? That is the reason you have to look just for the mowers that can cut the grass on various levels of heights no matter how quiet they are.

Cutting Deck is the Key to a beautiful Lawn

You have to look out for the size of the mower’s cutting deck as the smaller the Deck is, more time and rounds it’ll take to trim the grass as per the needs.

Go for a larger cutting deck. Can’t find one? Don’t worry, each and every Lawn mower in our Review list is selected after being checked on this factor.

Reviews for the Best Quiet Lawn Mowers in 2019

We have told you everything you needed to know about the lawn mowers from their types to the components and features you gotta put your eyes on when buying a Quiet Lawn mower for your backyard.

Do you think that we would let you expose to the market of 100’s of mowers to choose from? Absolutely not, you are not that expert and the salesmen will hook your jaw up to sell you what they want as it happens every time. So we have prepared the list of 5 market leaders that are selling the best in the market. Also, we have reviewed them honestly on their features, value for money and much more. Hope you take away that perfect quiet lawn mower you ever wanted when you exit that browser.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

manual Mower

You would have understood by the above picture that this Scotts Lawn Mower is a manual type. But breaking our stereotypes about manual Mowers, this one’s actually a quiet and also cuts the grass with ease. We’ll tell you some of it’s key features along with our Verdict below.

Key Features

  • It has a 20” inch wide Cutting deck which is optimal for Cutting the grass in a single round. The Cutting deck provides 20′ cutting width which is above the average mowers out there.
  • As we told you above that how important is the Height adjustment feature in a good Lawn Mower. Well, don’t worry as it has Quick-snap Height adjustment feature that ranges from 1”-3” inches.
  • The blades are made of high quality alloy steel that keeps the blades sharper for a longer period of time.
  • As it has Dual wheel tracking that makes the Mower more easy to move through high density grass without putting much effort to push it forward.

Analyzing the Purchasing Factors

Maintenance and operating cost: The cost of maintaining it approximately zero as it only needs lubricants time to time which isn’t a hole in the pocket. It also needs the sharpening of the blades but don’t worry, you could do it twice an Year which is not an issue.

Coming to it’s operating cost, it doesn’t require any type of fuel or electricity to operate so it’ll cut off a considerable amount of operating cost unlike the others in the list. What it’ll be needing is some strength and sweat and it’ll work just fine.

Height adjustment: As we have told you above about it’s height adjustment feature, it has a liver at the lower front through which you can set the height of the grass ranging from 1”-3”inches.

Size of the cutting Deck: The size of the cutting deck is perfect i.e 20”inches. You’ll be able to cut 20”inches wide at a time which is relatively larger than other manual Quiet Lawn Mowers.

quiet Manual Lawn Mower

Cost and Final Verdict: It costs you around $150 which is in fact more expensive than other manual mowers. But Scotts has a Quality benchmark and quality comes at a price along with the best possible features in a manual mower.

But you can get an electric Mower by spending $50 bucks more which are in fact better than the manual mowers. It’s completely you choice if you want to save a bit of your electricity bills or just pull out a few bucks more to buy an Electric quiet mower.

Check it out Here at Amazon

Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Lawnmower Kit

Snapper Quiet Lawn Mower

Here comes our first pick for Quiet electric Lawn mowers. When it comes to this product, it is one of the most powerful Lawn mower in the list. Let’s take a look onto it’s features and verdicts.

Key Features

Battery and power: Snapper is a cordless quiet lawn mower that runs on 2 lithium-ion batteries possessing 82 volts. It also comes with a rapid charger. Full charged battery which takes up to 4 hrs to complete lasts over 45 mins of continuous Moving.

When it comes to the power, it is unbeatable. It can cut and move difficult parts of your lawn and easily manages to cut long and thick grass.

3 in 1 Design: It comes with 2 extra helping features where the bag at the rear catches the grass and the side openings discharge it. Everything becomes organized and the whole process turns easy with these technologies.

Smart Load sensing technology: This is an amazing advancement in the technology as the machine senses the load and likely modifies the power to the cutting blades that make the tough parts of the lawn easy to Move.

Analyzing the purchasing factors

quiet electrical lawn mowers

maintenance and operating cost: When it comes to maintenance, everybody knows that cordless electric lawn mowers require zero maintenance as they run on battery power which doesn’t require and part replacement or service unlike the manual and gas mowers.

When it comes to the operating cost, the 2 batteries are not that power thirsty so you’ll only be adding a few bucks to the electricity bill each month and that’s not an issue.

Height adjustment: When it comes to height adjustment, it is unbeatable as you can select among 7 height variations ranging from 1”-3 3/4″inches.

Size of the cutting deck: Cutting deck in this powerful Mower is 21”inch wide. What else you want if it has got the widest of the cutting deck in the market. You can easily Move big lawns with a single charge and that too with an ease with this kind of deck.

Price and Final verdict: Well, it is more of an expensive side but if you take a look at the other options, we have put every kind of quiet lawn mower and that too in a flexible budget from $130-$1000. That’s because the higher the price, the higher the features and the power. This machine hence deserves this kind of price tag and won’t disappoint you for a decade.

It prices near $480 which is the second most expensive Quiet lawn mower in the budget. You completely have to depend on your budget to select among these 5 best mowers as all do a great job cutting the grass silently but more expensive ones are more feature full and powerful.

Check Price at Amazon

Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower

Quiet Lawn mowers reviews

Here comes the Greenworks with the latest best selling Lawn mower on Amazon. This one’s for the people with tight budget and who still want a quiet electric Lawn Mower.The drawback here is that it works with an electric cord and hence does not carry any battery along. This is the reason behind the much lower price tag.

Key Features

Power: It has a 12 AMP motor which is decent enough to power the blades in action that can cut tough parts without much difficulty.

Rear Bag Facility: It has a rear bag that collects the grass and then discharge it from the sides

Foldable handles: The handles aren’t adjustable but they can be folded to make it compact.

Analyzing the purchasing Factors

Maintenance and Operating cost: Again, the maintenance is nearly zero as it operates on electric motor. Care will be needed for the cord and blades, that’s it.

The operating cost is as same as for the battery powered Quiet Lawn Mowers. You just need to add a few bucks more to the electricity bill and you are good.

Height adjustments: this one also keeps up with 7 variations of the Height adjustments using a liver. The range of the Grass height variations is same like the one above.

Size of the cutting Deck: The size of the cutting Deck is optimum and perfect for a normal to large sized lawn. The blades are 20”inches wide it takes less time to finish up the whole lawn.

Price and Final Verdict: The price of this quiet lawn mower is it’s biggest advantage as it costs below $150 that is nearly as same as the Manual Mower reviewed above. So, you get an electric Mower at the price of a Manual one. What else you need if your budget it airtight and you still want an electric machine to cut that grass in your lawn.

Check Price on Amazon

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

quiet electrical lawn mower

This one from Greenworks can probably be said as the Best quiet Lawn Mower in the list. Because of it’s much lower price tag than the Snapper Mower above. If you were thinking that the $500 price tag is too high an still aspire a completely cordless Lawn mower then this one is for you.


Power: 4 AH-40V Lithium ion Battery that can cut off approx. 55% of U.S homes in one charge.

Smart Cut Technology: This technology increases the power and speed of the blades when it deals with tough, long and thick grass to complete the Lawn with ease.

3 in 1 Catching bag: This one also possesses 3 in 1 bag that collects the grass and discharges it from the sides to keep the lawn clean and the way you want it to be.

Analyzing the Purchasing Factors

Maintenance and Operating Cost: It is a complete cordless and battery powered Quiet Lawn Mower hence it doesn’t need any kind of maintenance. Coming to the operating cost, a full charged battery is capable to cut off 55% of U.S homes. So you’ll need to charge it again if you have an extra large Lawn.

Height Adjustments: You can adjust the Height of the grass to 5 various positions. Comparing it to 7 variations above, this seems to be compromising but let me tell you, 5 Height adjustment points are more than enough.

Size of the Cutting Deck: The size of the cutting deck is pretty standard and decent. It widens up to 20”inches which same as of the every Mower in the list posses.

Price and Final Verdict: I think, this would be an ideal choice if you want a high performing Decent Quiet Lawn Mower under the price tag of $350. This one from Greenworks is the best under this price range. If you don’t care about the budget then the next one is the ultimate Quiet Lawn Mower in the market.

Check Price on Amazon

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315, Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Quiet lawnmowers

This one doesn’t need any introduction as this is the most advanced Lawn Mower you would have ever seen or imagined. This Mower works on it’s own without a handler so you can rest inside while it finishes your Lawn itself. It’s more of a mini Robot with countless features and immense power. This is the most powerful Mower to buy if you don’t care about the $1800 budget.


Power: Enough power to finish 1/3 acres of land in one successful charge. It returns back to the charging point where it needs to be charged again if the Lawn remains to be completed.

Smart Navigation: It stays within the defined boundary of your lawn with it’s advanced smart navigation technology.

Works in Rain: It is Waterproof and hence also works in rain. No matter if the grass is wet, this powerful Robot slashes it.

It completes slopes with 40% or less inclination without a helping hand. Don’t worry, 40% is huge of an inclination and the Lawns only range about 20-30% if they have any.

Security alarm: If someone strange puts a hand on your cute little Mower Robot, don’t worry it ring an alarm loud enough to scare him away and to draw your attention no matter how soundproofed your home is. It also comes with the PIN system to prevent theft.

Lift sensor: It stops the blades immediately if the Mower is lifted up from the ground.

Personalization: You can personalize your Mower according to you in the system settings.

automatic Lawn Mower under $2000

This machine here doesn’t require any analysis of the buying factors as it has everything that the other Mowers lack and hence it is the Best Quiet Lawn Mower in the market to buy in 2019.

You can buy it on Amazon for under $1500. It doesn’t come with an installation kit but you can buy it here. The whole bundle will be priced less than $1800.

Check Price on Amazon

Our Pick: If you are at ultra tight budget then buy the Cord powered Quiet Mower blindfolded. But If you want something powerful and technologically advanced as you have to use it for a decade or more then go for the Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower.


We worked so hard to provide you with ultimate Review list for the Best Quiet Lawn Mowers in 2019. We believe that no one should leave the Blog disappointed so we picked out the best Lawn Mowers from every Budget line.


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