Best Soundproof blankets: Do they really work? 5 Tips to buy the Best

Best Soundproof blankets: Do they really work? 5 Tips to buy the Best

Hey Readers, I’m Virat. A college student who always remained irritated because of a small factory in the neighbor which didn’t let me study for my exams producing a massive amount of Noise which hit my ears every time I tried to focus on my studies. But yes, Researching and taking advice from the experts, I soon began soundproof a room in my house during my holidays which also includes doing it with the Soundproof Blankets you came here searching for. Let me explain everything you need to know and what impressively worked for me if you want to successfully quiet your room or a studio or any other place with the Soundproof Blankets.


So Here’s a Quick go through about what we are going to discuss about Soundproof Blankets.

  • First I’ll clear all of your confusions about What types of Soundproof blankets are in real (Trust me, there are a ton all over the internet to confuse you for life).
  • Then I’ll answer the biggest question coming into your mind which is “Do Soundproof blankets work?” or it’s just another useless product sitting in the market.
  • After clearing out all of your confusions, I’ll give you the basic guideline on How you can buy the Best Soundproof blanket out there which is meant for you.
  • We’ll Also suggest the Best Soundproof Blankets I have used in real and which work termendously well. This step will let you skip out the whole post if it seems too boring to learn about these Soundproof blankets and let you buy the best in the market through one click.


What types of soundproof Blankets are there?

When someone like you or me goes out to the online market and looks out for a solution to the incoming noise problem in our houses. We get suggested with so many solutions from Soundproof Curtains to Soundproof Blankets and other expensive ones which need construction and usually are not chosen. But I think you are choosing Soundproof blankets which indeed are a great solution for this problem. But If I tell you there are tons of them available online and you are just sitting grabbing your head behind this simple product which gets many people confused like it did to me when I Just started this project.

But There are only 2 types of Soundproof Blankets which are the best in Dampening the sound up to 80%. Here, We’ll discuss all 2 of them including their pros & cons along with the materials used to at least clear this confusion from your mind before moving on further to the buying guide and our recommendations.

Fiberglass soundproof blankets

Fiberglass Soundproof Blankets come with a transparent layer at the outside which allows the sound waves to enter the blanket and get trapped in the inner layers where they lose their energy in vibrating the inner layers and get converted into heat. This is how the noise gets dampened and they work great. (which is very important in Noise Dampening). The only thing which separates them is that These blankets have inner layers of Fiberglass and cotton unlike the acoustics which only have cotton or mass vinyl layers inside. you can get this one Here on Amazon which we bought for ourselves. 

And don’t get confused. We have recommended only this one wherever we recommended Fiberglass Blankets in this article to make it simple rather than putting links of 5 different Fiberglass blankets at 5 difference places in this article which will definitely easily get you confused.


Moving blankets

Now, This is the most anticipated and the most surprising type of Sound Blocking Blanket in the list. If you would be searching for Best soundproof Blankets then you would have came across the name ‘moving blankets’ which would have made you happy because of their cheap price. But at the same time there would be a question “Do Moving Blankets work?” stumbling upon your head. Well, Moving Blankets don’t have any transparent layer at the outside which don’t let the sound waves seep inside. But the thing they do is push back the sound to the source. But unfortunately, this method is not as effective as the acoustic or the Fiberglass ones who can cancel up to 80% of the sound. But they are half the price of the Fiberglass ones and 80% of the people buy them instead of the fiberglass as they also work quiet along with saving your pocket from being burned.

But Congratulations, we have brought here a secret Sauce nobody is talking about as the other bloggers want high amazon commissions recommending the expensive Acoustic or Fiberglass Blankets.

But here, I have stood to help you guys first with your needs and then to look at my commissions. What if I say that you could get the nearly same effect from a Moving blanket instead of spending a 200 bucks on the professional ones?

Yes, If you search enough among a ton of Moving blankets on the web, you’ll find some with the transparent layers outside which will give you a 80%-90% same effect as the Acoustic ones. Isn’t it exciting?

We have also chosen the Best Moving Blanket here on Amazon of this type for you. You can go and buy it here on Amazon right away and thank us later.

Do Soundproof blankets work as they boast?

As of my personal experience I would not like to give you any false hopes, about how these blankets are worth using. The practical answer would be that it helps you to deaden sound by absorbing excessive noise. It results up to 80% of noise reduction and you can notice this yourself when you use it for the very first time it helps you to cancel the noise and make your workplace as noise free as possible.

You can increase the noise absorbing capacity of your workplace or room by pairing it with other noise reducing products like soundproof curtains if you work in a place where least sound is allowed.


How to choose a high quality Soundproof Blanket for yourself?

The answer to this big question is quite simple. It depends upon your needs , that if you want to soundproof your workplace where you can’t tolerate any noise that will ruin or distract your work or you then you should go with the high quality acoustic blankets. They are excellent for professional purpose and you will be least bothered by the noise.

For home , you can go with cheaper option which is moving blankets. They help in reducing sound to a decent amount,and you can turn your bedroom or living room into a soothing place to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Further, these blankets are divided into subcategories like quilted and non quilted but you can choose from them according to you purpose of soundproofing.

Choosing the right material

Best material for your soundproofing blankets again depends on your purpose, as you already know now that for workplace you go with professionals recommended fiberglass blankets and for home cheaper moving blankets would do. Here you can now further choose the right material between the quilted blankets and non quilted blankets.

Quilted blankets helps you to absorb sound and as well as temperature for your place , on the other hand non quilted one’s only absorbs sound. And you can go for quilted fiberglass blankets here & reviewed below.

Thickness is the key to find the best

While finding a perfect soundproof blanket for yourself , you will come across a number of choices and one important factor you will notice that weight of these blankets varies from product to product . This happens because of the thickness of a soundproofing blanket. Thickness plays a crucial role in choosing a blanket , because more the thickness more it will absorb the sound . Thick blankets on other hand are therefore heavy and are difficult to hang , but they are capable of absorbing almost every decibel sound and does not allow any of the outside sound to enter the room.

A blanket can be super thick nearly about 2 inches but you can choose from various options according to your need. I would suggest you to buy blankets of about 13-24 pounds and about 1-2 inches in width , as they worked perfect for me . But don’t worry searching for the perfect one as this is all only for information because we have recommended the best all rounder ones below.

The price which won’t hurt your pocket

By now , you have made up your mind for purchasing a soundproof blanket so let’s talk about the money factor which is most important. Frankly speaking these types of noise cancelling products can cause you few hundred dollars but they will be worth buying. For the professional workplace acoustic soundproof blankets and fiberglass blankets would be perfect they can be expensive but will never give you a moment of regret and you will love your nice and quite workplace .

Now, if you need a cheaper solution to your problem like for home then moving blankets would be sufficient they are quite affordable and have a decent sound absorbing capacity. I would recommend my personal favorites both in acoustic and moving blankets which worked for me and have hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon like this one right here.

How to soundproof a room with blankets?

So Let’s talk about uses of Soundproof Blankets or we could say “How to quiet your room with Soundproof blankets?”.

Well, we’ll talk the reality here first then instruct you on these Soundproof blankets to soundproof your room.

You all would be knowing about Soundproof curtains. Yes, they can become an alternate solution to prevent incoming noise. But if I tell you that you can use Soundproof Curtains instead of Soundproof blankets for some strong reasons.  

Soundproof Blankets v/s Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Blankets: Good for high intensity noise absorption, can be used in any closed space but look ugly to put in your bedroom permanently, can be  put permanently in spaces like garages, warehouse, recording room or drum room but not inside your bedroom or drawing room but if you are comfortable then you can put them or just put them on specific moments when you want a quiet place(but this can be hectic) or permanently if your bedroom window is exposed to the road traffic noises.

Soundproof Curtains: Good for low intensity noises like dog barks, people talking, loud neighbors and some of the traffic noise. They can replace your ordinary curtains on windows or doors permanently as they also come in a variety of colors to suit your walls. Good for a wish to have a quieter home. Not good enough for a recording studio, warehouse or drum room as you want 0% sound leaks both in and out there.

Hope you would have understand their functions and would be clear enough to choose between them according to your needs. You can also check our article about Soundproof curtains if you chose them for Soundproofing.


Soundproof Blankets for Doors


soundproof blankets for doors

The first place you could apply the Soundproof Blankets is the door of the room you want to Soundproof. You can hang the Blankets using Curtain grommets or hangers placing above the doors. You can buy some strong grommets here that can handle the blankets easily as the Soundproof blankets are quite heavy. Checkout these moving blankets which come along the holes in them to be hanged easily on the doors.

NOTE: You could also buy an acoustic or Fiberglass Blankets recommended above to hang on the doors if you have slightly high budget. Read our special Guide on How to Soundproof a Door.

(Don’t worry, we aren’t confusing you recommending different Soundproof blankets all over the post as these are the same Moving blankets we have recommended above).

Soundproof Blankets for Windows & Floor

Now comes the other two integral part of placing the Soundproof Blankets upon.

First comes the window of your room where you want to place the soundproof Blankets. You can take help of the images below to get through this process of hanging these blankets easily. They are just like placing the curtains. What you have to take care is the length and width of the window you are buying the Soundproof Blanket for. But don’t worry, as you can buy any of the 2 blankets we have recommended above from Amazon according to your budget and there are many size varients to chose from. You can also go through this Special Guide on Soundproofing Windows to completely block out the Outside sound.

Next comes the floor. First of all, it is not mandatory to use them on floor but if you have an empty room without much furniture and the sounds are in habit of echoing then you can place any of the 2 Blankets on the floor which won’t let the voice bounce off everywhere in the room and hence will dampen it (Mostly preferable for Studios or garages like places).

Other 7 Things or Places to quiet with Soundproof Blankets

  1. Study Room
  2. Around a noisy Air conditioner
  3. Wrap around a washing machine
  4. Soundproof Doors of Laundry Room
  5. Noisy Warehouse
  6. Soundproof Your Home office
  7. Soundproof Baby Room
  8. Soundproof Dog crate


So, Did you guys clear out all the mess created by the Soundproof Blankets in your head? If you just figured out How to buy the Best Soundproof Blanket for your home and learnt How to soundproof your home with these blankets yourself then please do share this article with your friends getting the same noise problem in your home or studio.

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