Best Soundproof Curtains: Do they work? Guide to Sound Blocking Curtains

Best Soundproof Curtains: Do they work? Guide to Sound Blocking Curtains

Hello Readers, I’m Surya. In earlier days, there was this problem of incoming noise in my house because of a construction going on in neighborhood which took almost an Year to complete. This noise was preventing me from neither focus on my work nor having a nice quiet sleep. There were a thousand solutions to this problem on internet but I researched a lot and stumbled upon the best for my home which really worked. So I thought to create a blog about soundproofing home and especially this post about Best Soundproof curtains to let you all understand everything about these sound blocking curtains under one page.

(If I tell you the truth, then Soundproof curtains are not the best option to soundproof a Window or to soundproof a door but it can be real effective to cancel out at least 60% of the noise coming from the street. Another option is to replace the window with a soundproofed one which can be expensive though. Now let me tell you that everything matters from their length to their material in giving you the best window soundproofing experience.)

So here in this article about Soundproof curtains, I’m gonna tell you exactly everything to understand like their, weight, best materials to look for and also the biggest question If Soundproof curtains work? So you can buy what is the best in the market out there and won’t end up buying a normal curtain which isn’t capable of even reducing noise of someone talking out there on the street.

Do Soundproof Curtains Work as they Boast?

Do soundproof curtains really work? The most common question arrives to one’s mind when it comes to Soundproofing your room .

I will answer this question of yours with the help of a small experiment, ever wondered When you just shift in a new house with no furniture and your voice echos a ton of times making it unbearable but as soon as you put in the furniture and curtains, the voices become much low and echo less within your house. This happens because the furniture has capability of absorbing some of the noise but they aren’t much efficient as they are not meant for it. But when we introduce Sound blocking curtains which are specialized and made up of the materials used in sound absorbing, We notice a significant reduction in noise coming inside the room. This is practically a magic which takes a few bucks to happen so that you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant time.

It minimizes & dampens the sound which enters your room from outside like noise of cars etc but at least can help you a lot to reduce noise within room and make problem less.

So, the answer to your question is yes, soundproofing curtains work not as good as a soundproofed window which will cost you 1000$ and other 400$ for installation, on the other hand soundproofing curtains cost a lot cheaper and help you make your room a pleasant and quiet place to relax.

How many Types of Soundproof curtains exist?

There exist a range of Soundproof curtains of totally different types. Depending on your needs and how you want your curtains to look, you can choose which suits you best among a few different types of Sound blocking Curtains mentioned and explained below.

Honeycomb cellular Shade

Honeycomb cellular Shades






When it comes to the Best Soundproof curtains, then you would all think if they would equally be beautiful and should look soothing to your eyes rather than a big piece of thick cloth hanging on your window to just work as a Sound blocking curtain. But with these type of Shades, you can get a classic folding down piece of Shades with the power of Blocking the Sound coming from the street or neighbors. They also allow some light coming inside the room along with the privacy you need. If you like to keep it dark inside then you can also go for complete light blocking shades also.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Soundproof curtains







Here comes the most popular worldwide, the Blackout curtains. People use Many types of Blackout curtains and liners to keep out the unwanted light from the room. When someone talks about  the Best Soundproof curtains, then Sometime somewhere the name of Blackout Curtains come as everybody knows that they can act as a good choice for a Sound blocking curtain but did you ever know that all of them don’t block sound but there’s a way to find out if they are really capable of blocking the sound. You can check for a STC ( Sound Transmission Classification) rating when buying them as this is the mark that they are also capable of soundproofing the window and also tell in how much amount the coming noise will be blocked.

Heavy Velvet or thermal Curtains







If you go for a category which is more of a regular looking and stylish but act as a Soundproof Curtain then go for them as the people who don’t want blinds or blackout curtains as they want to keep the look same and regular then you should go for our self tested Velvet or Suede curtains available on amazon which a significantly heave and they have certain good amount of fibers in it which absorbs sound and reduces the noise coming in while keeping the look of your room same as before. The advantage here is that they come in a great range of colors to choose from. To make them work as a good soundproof curtain then you can add a layer of thermal curtains behind them which will double the Soundproofing effect. They’ll also prevent extra heat and cold coming inside the room keeping the temperature moderate inside.

A Quick Guide to buy the Best Sound Soundproof curtains for a quieter Home

What should be the size of Soundproof Curtains?

To make your soundproof curtains more effective you should buy the one which runs from ceiling to the floor and covers most of the area in front of the window, this will help in making your absorbing area large  and more noise will be reduced. Now keep in mind this does not mean that your are buying just one big piece of cloth as it will not look nice and will be noticeable to your guests .

For this, you should buy four panels of curtain for a window of sizes 96” and not that 84” long curtains . This means that your curtain will go from ceiling to the floor gliding making an exotic and pleasant look.

How much Soundproof Curtains should Whey?

The best kind of soundproof curtains are the ones which are heavy in weight and are tightly woven, so that the folds in the curtains create a kind of sound blocking seal.

Another way to choose best soundproof curtains is you should pick the one which runs straight from ceiling to the floor without any slacks , by this way you can conclude that curtains are heavy and tightly woven.

The most crucial point one should keep in mind is choosing the one which should covers more area by the window , heavy and tightly woven so more more noise is absorbed .

What type of Curtain Rods or brackets do you need and why?

To make sure that your soundproof curtains work, then you should keep one point in mind that curtains should be close to the window so it creates less volume of space between the window and curtain which helps in blocking the sound and prevent sound leakage. We have selected the best quality Ceiling brackets which we have used and they are available Here on Amazon.







You can do this by choosing right brackets for your curtains where you can place your rods more closer to the window . I would recommend ceiling mount curtain brackets because they worked for me as they allow the curtains to be hanged direct from the ceiling to the floor which helps to maximize the efficiency of blocking the sound coming from window .

Here’s a trick if you want to double the effect of Sound absorbing curtains. You can buy these double curtain brackets on Amazon which allow you to hang 2 layers of Sound blocking curtains to be hanged together back & forth to give you the 90% Soundproofing. Isn’t that amazing?

Other things to look into before buying Noise absorbing curtains

Now, if you have a higher budget and you really want to just end that annoying sound coming from the window and to soundproof your room then you should take a look at these Acoustic curtains on Amazon recommended by professionals.




It’s not cheap but if you buy them and you get sound blocking curtains for your window you pretty much solved the problem .If you are seeking for my opinion I would also recommend acoustic curtains for a person with real sound problem . They are amazing and you will be astonished by the results that how much they reduce sound  , they are far better than a 1000$ + 400$ installation charge soundproof window which will cause a whole in your pocket on a budget .

Reviews for Best Soundproof Curtains to buy right now

If you are too busy to read the buying guide mentioned above or you find it way too boring (trust me, I had this feeling too) then don’t worry at all. We have reviewed the 3 Best Soundproof Curtains which you can buy blindfolded trusting us and these Soundproof curtains will reduce noise coming in your room in the best possible way.

Ever thought that buying a curtain will be this rocket science? Well I guess yes, in the search of the greatest Soundproof Curtain in this Universe, you have to understand every above concept to buy the right choice and stay in a quieter home. You can trust us as we have been working on soundproofing our home for a long time and we have also put the same curtains all over the windows in our house which are exposed to street or lawn. Trust me, they do termendously well in absorbing the sound.


Custom Cordless Single Cell Shades






As we explained above, there are 3 best materials or types for Soundproof Curtains and these Cordless Honeycomb cellular shades represents one of those 3 categories. We have tried a few more kind of these Shades but we had the best experience from this specific brand in blocking out the sound and light while keeping the look so descent. You can check their price here on Amazon and buy out any of the color option you find suitable. Well these are cordless and easily managable which contract or shed down down with a single touch.

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels for Bedroom







When it comes to the blackout curtains which are always mentioned when we talk about the best Soundproof Curtains, we have this brand called NICETOWN which is providing the best selling blackout curtains on Amazon and we have actually used them in our house. Now you’ll as if these Soundproof curtains really work? Believe it or not, these Sound Blocking curtains significantly absorbed the noise coming inside because of their 3 layer microfiber thermal structure which also eliminates echos in your house along with the extra heat or cold coming in. Check these curtains here on Amazon and don’t forget to read it’s customer reviews to get information to get more clear inside your mind. You’ll get various size and color options as well according to your needs and wants.

Soundproof, Thermal, Blackout Curtains By Residential Acoustics (Cream and Tan)

So guys, this is the most professional type of Soundproof Curtain as they are made up of acoustical materials along with the thermal infusion inside them which makes them all in one curtain buy and forget. Got surprised by how classic and retro they look as you can see in the picture. They’ll give your room an outstanding retro look and believe me, anyone coming to your house will have an urge to ask you about them as they look so sophisticated and classic. They will surely impress the outsiders in terms of their work as a Sound blocking Curtain as well as their looks. These can be a little more expensive than the ones mentioned above but believe me, they are worth the cash spent because they’ll give you the long life satisfaction as the best Soundproof curtain out there. Check them here at amazon.

Yess!!, these were the 3 best Sound blocking Curtains you can buy right now on Amazon as we have already bought and tested them for ourselves and now also for you guys. How Great is that!!

Did you find your Best suited Soundproof curtains?

So above, we gave you all the information we learned about the Best Soundproof Curtains in past few months which really helped us to find the best choice for our home. We gave you the checklist or a guide you can follow to buy your first Soundproof Curtain which actually works or simply read the reviews of the 3 best soundproof curtains we have used in our house to just buy and use them happily and get satisfied everyday when you realize the dogs are barking, children are playing or a construction is going on out on the street but when you come inside, you could not hear a shit going on out there. That’s the day you’ll stop thinking ‘’Do soundproof curtains work?’’


We are the Soundproofing Bros. It all started 4 years ago when we bought a new apartment on the busiest street in town. Honks and engine noises kept our ears busy 24/7 and made our lives hell till we got this crazy idea about soundproofing the whole apartment by ourselves. We researched for a month about it, contacted the industry experts and successfully quietened the home all on our own in just a month. We just didn't stop there but helped 100s like us to soundproof their homes themselves for these 3 years and now we created '' to help millions of you to easily soundproof everything that creates noise and troubles your peace.

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