Best White noise machines for office: Top Rated Buying guide for 2019

Best White noise machines for office: Top Rated Buying guide for 2019

We are back again with another article about saving you from the noisy office environment. Last time We wrote an article about soundproofing office cubicles where we taught every step towards a quieter office. What if you are unable to soundproof your office cubicles? Then this alternate fix can be a life save for you. We all have heard about the white noise machines. They help in canceling the irritating noises from the background and help you focus on your work by producing White noise. We’ll present before you the exact guide for buying the best White machines for office.

Take a look here to get to know what we are gonna talk about in this article on White noise machines for office. This is a definitive guide on How can you buy a perfect white noise machine for the offices rather you be an employee or a business owner to enhance the efficiency of the workplace.

  • What actually is the White Noise? How do we use the machine to emit it?
  • What causes actually make you buy a white noise machine?
  • What to look into a machine that fits your needs as per the office environment?
  • We bought and tested the top rated White noise machines in the market and picked one to be the perfect.

These were the topics we are going to talk about. We have designed these topics as per an average customer’s queries when buying a white noise machine.

What is White Noise? How can a machine emit it?

If you want to know What actually is the white noise and how it can help you overcome your disturbances over the whole day in office then you’ll get these expected answers here in this sections. If you don’t know a thing about the white noise then let me tell you in the layman language. White noise is simply the sound of a smooth fan running over your head.

So after reading the above layman explanation about the white noise, you must be surprised and disappointed at the same time. I know what you all would be thinking. You guys would be thinking that it is the simple fan noise then what’s so greatness in it that it helps so much in focusing on any work you are trying to do. Let me explain it more scientifically which will give you enough satisfaction for buying one immediately.

Okay, the White noise is basically the mixture of all the frequencies which are audible to a human being. The sounds created by 20-20000 Hz frequencies together is called the white noise.

Now the question rises why this sound is called the white noise? This is because all these frequencies together produce a soothing sound which can very well mask the disturbing background noises inside the Office especially.

There are other types of noises like the pink noise and the black noise which work different but the most suitable type of noise which helps to gain peace and to focus is only the white noise so we won’t talk about the others in detail.

It can be produced by a fan or also a T.v with no signal. But most of the white noise practitioners use a small white noise machine and help themselves to stay focused all the day during their working hours because this a white noise created by a white noise machine for office is of superior quality than any of the alternatives and this is the most important factor about which you’ll come to know more in this article.

White noise around the history has been scientifically proved  to be the best kind of treatment to increase the focus of a being. As you would have heard about the Yoga meditation where we close our eyes creating a humming sound which fills ourselves with peace and increases the ability to focus.

So I hope all of your questions about ‘ What is the white noise?’ were answered above.

Why you should get a White noise machine right now?

Let’s come to your problems which forced you to type some White noise machine related query in google. We all have some problems that’s why we come here on internet to get it solved reading articles and watching You-tube videos. This is another problem called lack of peace and focus in our daily busy lives. I read in the popular book ‘miracle morning’ that Lacking in focus and peace if one of the biggest problem you could have in our life as these two factors are responsible to effect every aspect of our life like relationships, Financial efficiency, mental health etc. I think it was enough to let you know about how important is the need of the ideal fix to this problem.

Before going onto the White noise machine again, I would like to draw your attention towards more important solution. Living in the noisy environment creates unwanted stress and anxiety. So before going straight for the white noise machine, I would like you to practice meditation for 10 mins when you wake up in the morning that will ensure your peace of mind the whole day.

After looking forward to the meditation, you can buy a perfect white noise for office and also for your home to supplement the peace and focus in your daily working life.

Now let’s look at your important reasons behind the urge to get a white noise machine right now. If you match any of these reasons below then yes, you gotta buy it right now to quickly get rid of the noisy office and your unfocused mind.

You seriously need a white noise a machine if you are a person who’s in the habit of getting disturbed by a minute of the noise when in the office or at home sleeping. Because these two situations are the most annoying in the life of a corporate worker.

Look at the most common causes that pull a person to go for a white noise therapy.

  • Can you listen the murmur of every employee out there in your office and it leaves you uncomfortable?
  • Does the sound of everybody’s keyboard makes you mad and decreases your efficiency?
  • If you don’t want to put noise cancelling headphones during the whole day to avoid noises.
  • Is your home near a busy road?
  • Can’t you sleep because of all the minute background noises?
  • Is there a baby in the house who’s crying sound doesn’t let you concentrate? Also Read the Guide to soundproof a Baby Room.

How to choose a perfect White noise machine for office?

If you have begun reading this section of the article then I’m sure you would must have had relate yourself to the one of a few of the above reasons to use a white noise machine for office or a Home Office.

Now comes the most important question if you have decided to give a try to this miracle therapy of white noise. How will you chose among a thousand types and brands of White noise machine on the internet?

This is huge. As There are certain features and functions you’ll need to take care about when buying a white noise machine as per your purpose. Here, we’ll tell you everything about the features and functions you’ll need to have in a white noise machine in different spaces like a home and a office.

Sound and Quality of the White Noise

This is one of the most important factors when you go out to buy some White noise machine. As you are gonna use the white noise machine inside the office which does not belongs to you and there are other employees who can put an objection on it. So you have to take care about the sound quality of the machine as it shouldn’t produce some annoying White noise(some actually do) which will add up to the noise created inside the office.

Also, it should have some volume controls as sometimes you would have to adjust it’s volume according to the noise inside your office.

Some white noise machines have looping issues which could interrupt the noise canceling ability to a certain extent, especially inside a noisy office. But don’t worry, white noise machines reviewed below are nowhere around this issue. I just told you all that just to aware you of the issue if you go out and buy some other white noise machine.

Look and Feel

We talked about the sound quality and the volume above. We also talked about how you can avoid discomfort of your fellow co-workers by looking for some specific features in a white noise machine ideal for office use.

Now we’ll be talking about some not so important but a good thing to keep in mind when buying white noise machine. Mostly, these machines look so dumb and not so appealing but we all know that somewhere somehow we also judge a book buy it’s cover. If the features and it’s work is solid but it looks like a 70’s speaker then we aren’t fully satisfied with it.

This wouldn’t be the case for some as they would only want a great performing White noise machine that really works well. But that also is a mindset you have to keep at home as you are buying one for the office and you don’t want your desk to look weird keeping a bright colored speaker like object with weird shape. Your boss would also taunt you regarding this as it will partially disturb the office’s aroma and environment which should be modern, descent and bold.

So you should buy one with edgy looks and all the features you needed to get fully satisfied and excited to keep it on your office desk.

Size of the machine

We talked about the sound which should be the feature you’ll check out first. Then it’s appearance and then comes the size which is also a crucial factor when buying a white noise machine for office.

We’ll look for the ideal size by two scenarios. First, if you are an employee and secondly, if you own that business or the office.

If you are an employee and you have to keep that White noise machine daily on your desk then you have to buy relatively a smaller but efficient machine which looks cute sitting at the corner and doesn’t acquire enough space on your desk to disturb your work. Also, you need a smaller one because you can put it inside your bag and take it to your home if you want and if you also get disturbed at home while sleeping or doing some other activity which needs some focus.

But if you own that office then I would suggest you buying a bunch of bulky and more powerful(sound & volume) White noise machines because you can get them fit on the ceiling and produce white noise which will travel around the whole office and would be more beneficial than buying smaller machines for each cubicle which would burn your pocket more.

Price according to your budget

Now comes the last but not the least factor which is Price. When you go out buying anything then the one thing which matters you the most after the quality is the price at which you are gonna buy it asking only one question to yourself ‘does the price even satisfy it’s quality and the benefit it’ll provide?’. Not knowing about anything else, but the prices of a descent personal white noise machine ranges between 50-60 bucks which’ll give you 100x more benefit than the dollars spent. As it’ll add up to the efficiency of your work for years and will also give you a peace of mind and focus which are way to big against the price tag of 50 bucks.

We have also added one costlier $100 plus White noise machine which is usually for the bosses as we described above of buying a few for the whole office instead of many for each cubicle. This machine will be a perfect choice to buy immediately.

Our Tested Picks from the Best White Noise Machines in the market

So as we said above, we are gonna review 4 of the best white noise machines in the market right now. Like other articles I found on google when I was researching about the white noise, they reviewed 10 or 15 different white noise machines all with same purpose.

But as a buyer, I got tangled into so many options and ended up getting confused. So here I have decided to Review those 4 machines that we ordered and tested ourselves for each and every feature and situation. We don’t recommend anything we haven’t used before. But after researching, these 4 were the best in the market so bought them and here we give you our personal reviews on them. Being 4 white noise machine recommendation, you won’t get confused and will end up buying from the best 4 options on the market.

So let’s begin the reviews with my the most popular White noise machine out there for both homes and offices.

1. Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine


  • 120 volts- for domestic use only
  • Fan based natural white noise
  • 2 Fan speeds/volume option
  • Twist to adjust the pitch of the sound accordingly
  • No battery
  • No timer
  • colors- White/black/Tan

Marpac Dohm classic White noise sound machine is the most popular white noise machine out there in households and offices because of it’s simple and basic features. It runs on an actual fan which produces the natural white noise. It has 2 options for volume that comfortably sits for noisy environment or the a less noisy one. You just have to plug it into the socket and switch it ‘on’ when you need it as there’s no timer in it keeping it more to the classic side. It is loved worldwide because of it’s simple yet effective interface. Buy it here from Amazon for $44.

This is an acoustic machine that has a real fan and not an electronic or digital machine which plays the white noise on speakers.

Sound Quality & Volume

The sound quality here is one of the finest as it is produced by an actual fan so it feels more real and satisfying. You can adjust among the given options for the sound pitch as per your comfort. There’s also a high/low switch which you can use to increase or decrease the volume as per the amount of noise you are experiencing in the background

Ratings: 4/5


White noise machine for office

In terms of appearance, I give it full marks as this is the most cute looking White noise machine in the list and with a flexible color options to chose according to the office’s environment and also to suit your taste.

Look & feel Ratings: 5/5


If you are an employee then this is the best option as it is the most portable machine in the list as it is the smallest but powerful enough to give you peace and focus in return. It’ll cover a little space in the corner and you are set to work more focused than ever. You can also put it inside your office bag if you want to use it at your home too.

Size Ratings: 5/5


Now comes the price. It is the cheapest yet most affordable white noise machine on the list. It costs around $44 which is I think the best and most happy price for you to buy it.

Price Ratings: 5/5

Overall ratings: 4.8/5

LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Sound Machine with 20 Unique Non-Looping Fan


  • Digital Sounds produced by speaker
  • 10 fan sounds + 10 White, pink, brown sounds
  • A.C/USB plugs
  • 1 hr timer + volume buttons

Lectrofan White noise machine is another most popular White noise machine for offices worldwide. Being a digital machine with a speaker instead of an actual fan inbuilt, it is more durable and technological advanced. Being digital also brings another great advantage which is the variety of sounds you’ll get in it. You can chose among 10 different levels of fan noise or 10 different kinds of white/pink/brown noises as per your comfort sound for sleeping or working which will be identified when you start testing it with different sounds. It also consumes less energy as compared to the Machines with fans. Check it out here on Amazon.

Sound quality/volume

When it comes to the sound quality, nothing can beat this machine under this budget. It has a lot of variety that it’ll confuse you with which one to use. But having a vast variety of 10 different fan noises along with 10 different white/pink/brown noises, you’ll get a perfect noise for any given situation whether you want to sleep in a high intensity noisy environment or a low intensity one. Whether it is to work in any kind of noise, this machine won’t let you lose your focus.

Sound Ratings: 5/5


This machine looks a bit old fashioned as it gives the feel of an 80’s amplifier speaker. It’s completely my perspective but it could differ according to your taste rather it be modern like mine or a retro which is cooler now days and this machine is a great compilation of retro look & feel.

Look & Feel ratings: 5/5


Lectrofan white noise machine for office

It is also super compact like the Marpac one. It can also fit at the corner and you won’t feel a difference that some space got compromised to work on. Yes, it will fit inside your bag with ease without even realising that it is inside your bag as it is quite lightweight too.

Size ratings: 5/5


Best white noise machines for offices

When we talk about it’s price, it feels more affordable than the Marpac one as it just costs around $50 bucks, just 5 bucks more than that of the Marpac giving a 20 dollars of 20 variety of sounds to fit any environment in any condition to mask the noise. I would suggest buying this one instead of the Marpac because of it’s more efficiency, durability, features and U.S.B connectivity.

Price: 5/5

Overall ratings: 5/5

Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine with Real Non-Looping Nature Sounds, Fan Sounds, White Noise


  • Digital speaker produces White noise
  • 30+ different Relaxing noises
  • Adaptive function that listens the environment to play the best noise and perfect volume
  • Dimensions 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 4.5″ (Bigger than both reviewed above)
  • Audio connector for Earphones
  • only A.C connectivity for power

This is the most interesting White noise machine in the list. As per it’s name, it plays High fidelity noises which are non looping in nature. The design of this machine looks bold and different than the above with a modern touch. There’s a speaker at the top and all the controls for the timer, volume, power switch and the Noise selection Dial are at the rear. It also has a timer for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes which is quite flexible and is a great option. You can get it here on Amazon for $70.

It comes with very interesting features like Adaptive sound feature which is really smart and next gen. It actually sense the intensity of the noise in the background and then adjusts the volume accordingly which results in the masking of the background noise completely. This is a key feature which takes it to the $70 price tag. It is really helpful in an office where a slight of extra noise can easily break the mask of a regular white noise machine and break your focus. But this feature will compensate the background noise by adjusting the volume immediately.

If you want to listen if privately then you could also connect your standard wired headphones or even the Bluetooth ones to enjoy it privately.

Sound Quality and Volume

White noise machine for deep sleep

When it comes to the sound quality and the volume, this product is unmatched and takes it to another level. It comes with 30 different noises which include the typical classic fan noise with different levels, some ambient noises like of a fireplace, Rain, spring and waterfall etc if you want a more rich & soothing experience.

When it comes to the volume, we have already described it’s adaptive sound feature which senses the background noise and changes the volume itself to constantly give the same efficiency despite of the change in noise outside.

Sound Ratings: 5/5


Adaptive Sound+sleep white noise machine

It only comes in the black color which is just enough to lose your heart on. It looks very bold and stylish kept on a white desk with the shape like a tear. It looks like an expensive Bluetooth speaker with a surprise of incredible Noise masking capability.

Look & feel Ratings: 5/5


When it comes to size, this is the only con about this White noise machine for office. It can be a little bulkier and larger than the ones described above and could be a task to carry inside a bag. But Having these next gen features in it, you can carry a little more grams of weight and make a little more space inside the bag for it. Trust me, this is worth it.

Size ratings: 4/5


When it comes to the price, this is the most expensive option in the list that ranges up to $70 on amazon. The price given is not for another typical White noise machine but it gives so much extra than a normal white noise machine which will add the best to your comfort the whole day long without disappointing. This price can be paid once to enjoy the advanced level of smart White noise machine for years which will in fact make your colleagues jealous too.

Price: 5/5(Due to it’s extra but useful features)

Overall ratings: 5/5

Our pick

Okay, This pick is gonna be a very difficult task for us because we have already kicked out tens of White noise machines earlier to make this super refined list of 3 Best white noise machines for office. Picking out 1 from these 3 will be difficult but it can be done keeping two factors in matter.

Firstly, the budget comes as a factor when you are super tight on your pocket and you just need a classic and normal machine under 50 bucks then I would recommend the Lectrofan White noise machine(link to Amazon) having the eyes blindfolded.

If your budget is more elastic and it can stretch up to 70 bucks just to buy the best new gen technology out there then buy the Sound+Sleep High fidelity Sound machine on Amazon. This White noise machine is worth it and is to be used for couple of years ahead where a lot of situations will come with different kinds of noisy environment.


We hope that we cleared all of your tangled confusions about the White noise and helped you find out the best White noise machine for office. We also want to tell you that if you buy one of these machines from the given link above, we’ll get commission from Amazon. We just keep everything transparent with our readers and hope for a favor in return if you found this guide useful. Thank you so much!


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