Car Soundproofing: Sound Deadening a Car | DIY Guide & How to

Car Soundproofing: Sound Deadening a Car | DIY Guide & How to

Months from now, I usually had been annoyed by the Road noise in my car coming back tired from office everyday. So I thought to get rid off this problem but I couldn’t buy a new luxury car which is already Sound deadened by production. So I decided to handle and do this Car Soundproofing thing on my own one weekend. I Researched about it a lot and yes I found a solution on How reduce Road noise in car and guess what? It worked for me. I was able to sound deaden the car and reduced approx up to 80%. Can’t believe? Let me show you the exact way on How to Soundproof a car and what worked for me.

So, it is time to let you know everything I did to comfort my riding experience & Quieting noises from roads or traffic. What I did was ordered some Soundproofing mats to soundproof my car and it really worked when I placed them properly and did all of the stuff correctly which took me days to understand but guess what? I’m gonna explain everything below on How to make your car quieter inside and experiencing more comfortable rides than before

How Does Sound Deadening car works?

Car Sound deadening is quite simple but can be complicated at the same time as if you end up messing it or doing a minor mistake could make a huge difference in the Road noise coming to your car. But here I am a person like you who did it correctly and teaching all the steps for DIY Car Soundproofing to you guys so that you don’t end up getting angry and upset because of a small thing you did incorrect.

Let me tell you at first that Soundproofing your car does not give your 100% noise reduction but a quite significant to make your car quieter inside. As there are still the latches of the door which can’t be covered with any material and also the space below every car door acting as a water shed off system which brings in some Road noise in the car. But It is not significant as the major part which includes 80% of the outside noise will be blocked but doing this DIY Car soundproofing therapy to your car.

As I told you above in this article how was I getting annoyed by the Road noise in my car and also how did I manage to sound deaden my whole car from outside traffic and Road noises. Here I’m gonna give you a glimpse on how much can you can soundproof your car with these mats.

Below are the Decibel ratings before applying the Soundproofing material

These are the Decibel ratings after applying the soundproofing mats in every part of the car seperately.

So, above you yourself saw how magic happened and how did it make my car quieter inside when I successfully applied the Dynamat after a whole week of tiring research. But here’s all what I learnt and applied for this successful Car Soundproofing.

What you need for car soundproofing?

There are two ways of soundproofing your car or you can say two products which should be used together to completely soundproof your car and to make your car quieter inside. Dynapad Non-Adhesive Sound Deadener and self adhesive Soundproofing pad.

Dynapad or Soundproofing Foam for cars

Dynapad is basically made of thick foam type structure which can easily fit under the normal mats of your car. But they work best along with the Dynamat recommended below. You just have to peel of the floor carpet and stick the Dynamat. Then you have to place the Dynapad above the Dynamat and you are done with canceling most of the noise coming from Road & engine. you could buy it here on Amazon or just click the heading or the image above to buy it from Amazon.

Dynamat for sound deadening your car

Soundproofing foams are newly invented but well designed complex mats constituted with a few layers of the best soundproofing materials on planet into a thing sheet wheying less than a pound but a solid stuff for car Soundproofing. The best quality brand out there is Dynamat and you can buy on Amazon covering your eyes as I have tried it myself and it works brilliant soundproofing car road noise.No one said that Car soundproofing cost you less than a penny but it won’t cost you a fortune too so it is worth of doing to at least experiencing somewhat of a luxury car.

The best DIY way to reduce road noise in car is to apply both of the materials together to avoid any kind of noise interrupting your personal talks and your music to soothe your ears after a tiring day. So below are the exact steps I followed to Sound Deaden my car completely and make it quieter inside.

How to soundproof a room? A-Z DIY Guide

How to soundproof a car? DIY Car Soundproofing guide

Soundproofing a car is divided into a 4 step insulation. Here I’ll tell you how I did Soundproofing in different parts of my car in the best way possible leaving none of the space without being hit by our Soundproofing mats. This DIY car soundproofing guide will include 4 different parts of a car to be sound deadened properly. To make you understand it easily without any confusions, we have added the best videos available on youtube to instruct every part of your car which is to be soundproofed. So let’s jump onto the easy to follow guide for sound deadening a car.

How to sound deaden car doors?

The first thing coming into our minds about soundproofing your car is to treat your car doors for sound deadening. Well yeah! That’s what I thought about at first as I was also a normal man looking out for some help regarding this issue. So what you have to do is get a packet Dynamat extreme kit from amazon or you can also buy Noico Sound deadening mat as it is 2 bucks cheaper than the Dynamat but the quality of the two is neck to neck best in the industry to Sound deaden your car to the highest possible extent. What you have to do after buying one of these. One packet will be enough to cover 2 doors of the car thoroughly and 2 Packs for all 4 doors plus some floor also.

First thing you have to do is disattach all the doors using your home tools. After disattaching the doors, you have to open up the inner metallic part of the door and clean the door with alchohol cleaner to remove andy oils. The next step is quite simple. You just have to cut out the mat with any knife in your house and stick it on the inner matellic part you just cleaned.Also take roller and roll out every part of the Dynamat or Noico mat with a heavy hand. Then re attatch the plastic panel you just removed from the inner door and re-attatch the door to the car. Do this with every door of your car to completely sound deaden them. You are done with soundproofing the doors of your car to quiet a major part of road noises inside in your car.

Below are some pictures of my car doors being sound deadened to give you a picture of how it’ll look after being treated. We have also added a complete video tutorial so that you don’t have to run every place on internet to find what is useful in DIY car soundproofing.

Step 1: Remove the inner door panels of your car

Step 2: Clean the inner Door with a Rubbing alchohol solution you can buy Here at Amazon to clean all the oils that prevent the mat from getting stuck properly.

Step 3: Cut some of the mat and place it inside the Holes of the Inner door. Don’t forget to roll it out with a heavy hand to eliminate air bubbles.

Step 4: Take measurements of the door and cut out the same area from the Soundproofing mat and place it properly on the door cutting out the holes for the wires to come out. Then roll it out thoroughly.

Here’s a video for everyone sitting there who doesn’t know a thing about Sound deadening your car which explains   everything from disattatching the door panels to completing with Car Soundproofing.

This video is to help you throughout your Car Door Soundproofing. Here They have used ‘Soundskins’ as their product but Dynamat is proven better in Sound deadening cars plus Soundskins is not available on Amazon. Dynamat will be applied similarly.

How to reduce road noise from tires?

Reducing Road noise from tires can be quite difficult unlike the soundproofing doors as it includes Soundproofing treatment under the front leg room and pedals and also under the boot floor to eliminate the Road noise from both the pair of tires. This will not only Reduce the noise from tires but will also reduce the noise coming from engine from the front end. Here the Reflective Insulation also comes in play as you have to place it first & then the Dynamat for optimal Soundproofing You have to use the So let’s jump onto the step by step guide on How to Reduce road noise from tires.

Step 1: First, We’ll treat the exterior of the car. This is simple, you have to remove your front tires and paste the Soundproofing mat all over the space above tires like shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Then we’ll come to the interior where we’ll soundproof car floor by placing the Reflective insulation & then the soundproofing mat under the front legroom spaces removing the floor mats. To strip out the front floor mat, head over to a mechanic to let him do it and then ask him to add a layer of Reflective insulation and then Dynamat above it to avoid the extra sound coming in which is not blocked by the exterior Mats. Then place the floor mats again on the top of it. This will completely Reduce Road noise coming from tires and even from the Engine to a certain extent to make your car quieter inside.

Step 3: Just do what you just did with the front end with first insulating the space above the tires. Then stripping out the floor mats and adding both Insulation and Dynamat on the floor. There’s one more advantage of inserting insulation under dynamat which avoids heat coming in from the engine and road meanwhile, the A.C cools down the car much faster in summers.

We are done soundproofing car floor.Now it’s time to move on to the last 2 parts to make your ride quiet like a Rolls Royce.

How to Soundproof a Car boot and Bonnet?

This is the last part of this article and last steps to your Car Soundproofing. Here, we’ll learn to soundproof your car’s boot & Bonet to avoid Engine & extra rear tire Sounds which will be acting as a finisher to your Sound deadening car project. Let’s jump on to the first step to make your car quieter even a bit more.

Step 1: This is the simplest step of this DIY car soundproofing Guide. Here we are damping our car’s bonet. We just have to open up the bonet and take measurements of the inner bonet to cut out exactly the same ammount of Dynamat and stick to the bonet. After completing the sticking part, we’ll hand roll the whole Dynamat to ensure complete Soundproofing effect.

Step 2: Then coming to the boot, this is a major part which will reduce the noise from road and tires in your car. As we have seen that Sedans and SUVs have their rear tires located below the boot, this a major reason where people fail at Sound deadening their cars entirely. We’ll peel or strip out the boot carpet and install Reflective insulator first and then comes the dynamat on top. Don’t forget to roll it out completely with a tough hand.

How to soundproof a car cheaply

If you have read the above guide carefully ,I And you really want to soundproof your car but money is always an issue. I have got some cheap products which you could use to deaden the noise in the cabin.

1. Fatmat sound deadening foam 

This product has amazing reviews and a lot of promising comments from their users that house surprisingly it help them reducing nice from outside up to 70% in the car. Fatmat is half the price of Dynamat and is quite effective & it is available on Amazon and is just one click away. You can also read our article about Soundproofing Foam to eliminate inner echos in the House

2. Reflective insulator

Reflective insulations are basically made up of tin foil and by tin foil, don’t take it for granted as I thought same at the first time hearing that but when I applied it, it gave me shocking results as It insulated and reduced road noise sound coming inside the car and also it completely eliminated the heat coming in as well. Reflective insulations can be bought on Amazon.

This product is one of my personal favorite as I have used it my car for insulation . It’s cheaper thanother branded insulating products but equally effective . I came to know about after hours of surfing Internet ,reviews,ratings and comments. You can get this at Amazon by clicking on the link . I was quite surprised too when I noticed the difference .

3. Soundproofing PU foam spray sealant

Last but not the least, another effective and cheaper way to reduce noise in your car is using this Soundproofing spray which is which creates a thin soundproofing foam which help you fill the cavities in your car live near windows, rear panels and bottom side of the car from where lot of cracks and holes are present which let the small sounds enter the cabin and annoy you while enjoying your music .

These products will not let you down and will also not burn a hole in your pocket, while you sit and relax in your very own soundproofed car .

Soundproof sliding Glass Door with easy steps

Now, you are done with your Car Soundproofing and congratulations on finishing Sound deadening your car with this easy to follow guide which I made for you so that you don’t get stuck to a thousand sources saying a thousand different things to do. These steps helped me a lot to soundproof my car entirely and to reduce all the road noise in it. This worked for me, so why can’t for you? In fact we are the same humans with a same type of four wheeler under us. Unless you aren’t from mars. So Share this DIY Soundproofing guide with any of your friends who wanted to make their car a sort of luxury at least in terms of noise deadening. Thank you guys, Hope you enjoyed working on this project.

This is it, I have shared all my Research & Practical knowledge on How to Soundproof Car cheaply.

You have been a wonderful reader. Happy Car Soundproofing and I would love to hear your Car Sound Deadening experience in the comments section below.

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