How to Soundproof floor in an apartment? 3 Cheap ways for Floor soundproofing

How to Soundproof floor in an apartment? 3 Cheap ways for Floor soundproofing

Are you here searching for some permanent but cheap solution to the noise you create in your apartment? Well, that is up to you how you follow the rules as you are a tenant and there are people living below your apartment too. We all know how annoying it is to get disturbed a million times a day by the sound of heavy steps above us if the floor above is not soundproofed properly.

Well, we all want some sort of freedom to live the way we love. But there comes the Rules of living as a tenant. Everyone of us get screwed by the complaints of our neighbors for the sound we make on floors. But here are you guys looking for Soundproofing the floor of your apartment without getting into any construction or destruction as per the rules of your landlord.

In this article or a DIY guide, we’ll read the exact steps and ways to soundproof a floor cheap. We researched a lot and talked to some soundproof experts and professionals before applying the materials in our home. Then we created a step by step process to soundproof the floor without leaving a single casualty or vulnerability of leaking out the sound to the neighbors below. We’ll answer all your questions about How to soundproof floors in an apartment.

We will soundproof the floor using several products like soundproof carpet with proper knowledge of applying them.

  • Installing the Laminated underlayment
  • Placing the interlocking soundproof mats
  • Thick Acoustic carpet at the top

What noises are bothering you? Normal causes to soundproof a floor

Let’s discuss about the noises which keep bothering us or our neighbors downstairs. As I have told you before in the previous articles, there are two types of noises which force us to Soundproof our rooms. These are Airborne noise & Impact noise. We will be now explaining both of them in accordance to their application in soundproofing the floor.

Airborne noise refers to the type of noise which mainly travels through air to sneak in someone’s home or room and leaves them disturbed. This noise consist of the sound of T.V or music system, A baby’s cry, or loud people. Generally, our neighbors suffer from this type of disturbances so we need a different approach rather than soundproofing the floor to get rid of this problem. This happens because this type of noise leaks through windows, gap below the doors and other cracks and gaps in the house so it needs a couple of other Soundproofing fixes in your home to avoid this kind of sound leakage from your house and also to avoid the disturbance caused by your neighbor’s noise.

Impact noise explains it all from it’s name. This type of noise is generally created due to the impact of two things. Impact noise travels through solid surfaces like walls and floors. Let me tell you that you are dealing with this type of noise if your neighbors are experiencing some loud floor impacts. The main reason of being suffered by this type of noise is the loud footsteps which keep disturbing your neighbors. If the problem is same then you have to soundproof your floor immediately to avoid further complaints.

How to Deal with Airborne noise?

I know you guys are keen about knowing about the DIY solutions about how to soundproof a floor in an apartment. But before proceeding directly to it, I would like to explain you quickly some tips to get relaxed from the airborne noise which keeps hitting your ears the whole day.

The most vulnerable parts which are to be soundproofed in order to avoid airborne noise are the windows and the door. Yes, Except of the walls and floor which are the culprit for leaking out the impact noise, Windows and Doors are the same level culprit to sneak in and leak out your neighbors noise and yours too.

For instance, I would recommend you to put these high quality Soundproof curtains from Amazon on your windows which are available in many colors to suit your wall paint. These curtains for instance are enough to rescue you from low to moderate noise. But if you suffer from medium to heavy noises like the traffic ones or some really noisy neighbors or you make quite heavy sounds which create a problem for your neighbors then i would recommend you to read our special article on How to soundproof a window completely to seal out every noise leak in and out.

Soundproofing a door is also an easy task as it was the windows. But, if you live in an apartment then it is the most vulnerable part which leaks out your private sounds or sneaks in your neighbor’s noise. To soundproof it, you’ll need to put 2 products for basic soundproofing. You have to buy a Fiberglass blanket from Amazon as it is the most advanced type of soundproofing blanket which doesn’t let a single sound wave to leak in or out. People will recommend moving blankets which are way cheaper than the fiberglass blanket but they don’t tell you that those blankets don’t do much to soundproof your doorways and you need a much better insulator.

Fiberglass blankets can be quite expensive for you but they are really worth it and will work for decades to make your room quieter and to give you lifetime peace. They even save electricity bills as they keep the room colder in summers and warmer in winters trapping the heat and cold air inside the room that will save thrice the bucks in 2 years than it’s price.

You also have to buy this high quality double layered door sweep that will be attached below the door which will cover the gap between the door and the floor. Trust me, if you miss this one then you’ll end up where you started.

If you want a detailed guide on how to soundproof your door completely without leaving a single gap then read this Quick DIY guide on Soundproofing doors. You’ll not regret.

How to Soundproof floor in an apartment?

All the readers and noisy Apartment dwellers, this section of the article will turn out to be of great help to you guys. We all know that we all want to live freely despite of living on rent. But living on your own terms creates loud noises of running, walking heavily on floor and doing all the fun you can inside your home. But it creates a ton of noises and irritates your neighbors downstairs which results in your complaints and the further consequences. Oh god! that is too common for our generation.

Ever though what we could do to Soundproof floor in an apartment without destructing it and constructing a soundproof floor? Yes you did. That is why you searched for it and stumbled upon here on this page which will guide you through every single step towards achieving a quiet floor with complete soundproofing and that too in your budget.

We will now move ahead on how to soundproof a floor cheap. By cheap, we do not mean any low quality cheap materials that will cost a matchbox but really good quality materials that will be affordable for you all and will last more than a decade.

Floor soundproofing

1. Laminated Underlayment at the bottom

Okay, so we are on our first step of Soundproofing the floor. We would like to introduce this new product which is a Laminated underlayment that has it’s own Sound blocking power which seals out the sound and doesn’t let the waves vibrate through itself.

There are two types of floors. First, the concrete floor which always has the higher soundproofing capacity and then the hardwood floor which are less effective in absorbing the sound. So we will need to put this layer of Laminated underlayment at the bottom.

You will need to buy this Flooring vapor barrier underlayment. We bought a couple of different brands and tested out all of them. But this was most durable and effective as compared to all of them.

After buying it, you’ll need spread it all over the floor edge to edge without leaving an inch of gap. After spreading it out, you have to fix it up with the help of nails and hammer like in this video for your guidance.

2. Interlocking excercise mats as the second layer

To soundproof the floor for it’s best effectiveness, we’ll add this second layer of Sound absorbing Excercise mats from Amazon which are the best to Absorb sounds and impacts. As you would have seen that they are used to reduce noise in a Gym, the workout area is all covered with same kind of interlocking mats. This is because they absorb high intensity of impacts and also act as a great absorper of sound. That is the reason why loud music inside the gym does not escape out of it making the Neighbors comfortable having a gym beside their house.

After purchasing them as per the area of the floor, We will then start installing them by starting off from one corner to placing each mat carefully without leaving any gaps.

But before spreading out the mats on floor, the most important thing you have to do is to make them fixed to a specific spot so that they don’t move here and there when you walk of run over them so that they don’t make gaps and leak the sound. This is because you have to replicate a solid floor like one we usually have. For that, you’ll have to buy this packet of 6 green glue tubes available on Amazon. Green glue is not a simple domestic glue but a highly strong sticky compound which is of industrial level and is also used in pasting wooden furniture and floor tiles. 

Green glue also has it’s own soundproofing power which traps in the sound and doesn’t allow it to leak. Thus, it adds up to soundproofing your floor.

3. Thick Acoustic carpet for foolproof floor soundproofing

Here we come to the last step on Soundproofing a floor cheap. Till now, we have put the laminate flooring & Soundproof interlocking mats above it. This is the time to put a cherry on top and double the Soundproofing capacity of the floor.

It’s time to put the final carpet on the top covering the ugly mats and making the floor look descent and cleaner rather than the look of ugly exposed excercise mats.

look at this Soundproofing carpet on Amazon which we are going to use at the top. We bought some best in the industry to compare and measure the decible ratings so that we could select the most effective and affordable at the same time for our home. We came across this one which is cheaper than it’s competitors and is made up of high quality vinyl and recycled materials which absorb the sound till maximum extent and are best for impact noise soundproofing. Plus, this carpet is hard enough to replicate a hard floor rather than being a cushion and make you feel like you are living inside a kid’s playroom.

At the topmost, you also have an option to choose a good looking laminate flooring and install it to give a wooden look to the floor.Floor soundproofing


This was it! We told you everything we researched about and implemented in our home to Soundproof a floor. It was a difficult task to research about it but was really easy to perform it once we got all the best products in hand and all the information needed on How to soundproof a floor in an apartment. We have given every information we extracted from 10s of places in 1 article. Hope you’ll love it too and won’t get any complaints from your neighbors.


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