6 Tips to Reduce Gym Noise to minimal and achieve a quieter gym

6 Tips to Reduce Gym Noise to minimal and achieve a quieter gym

Health is the foremost priority of a person and to remain fit and active one should exercise or keep themselves involved in some physical activity. This is where we decide to join a gym or build our own at home , so we can exercise and keep ourselves motivated. But guess what , when you are about to start your workout , your adrenaline level is high and you plug in your favorite playlist but all you hear is either echo , or metal clanking or worst case scenario you hear car horns i.e to outside noises. This all is frustrating but need not to worry because same thing happened to me and i researched through interested for hours for days and finally i was able to soundproof my gym to a significant level   where i can now enjoy my workout without any noise related distraction.

Soundproofing a gym can be a challenging task , first but its not that complicated all you need is to read this whole article and you will be all set to soundproof a gym for noise reduction.

Where does the noise come from?

First we will talk about the cause of noises which distract you from your routine workout .

    • Clanking of metal equipments
    • Noise created by chaotic people
    • Outside noise i.e car noise , nearby construction , noisy neighbors etc.
    • Vibrations and echoes caused by equipments and music

Above mentioned are the main causes of noise production in your gym and to get rid off them or to minimize the noise production, soundproofing bros has come up with the perfect solution for you and we will walk you through the steps hands in hands on how to soundproof a gym for noise reduction. So Lets begin.

How to soundproof a gym for noise reduction?

When it involves reducing the noise in a very gymnasium, there are few ways that to approach it.

Firstly, be clear on two styles of soundproofing a gym for noise reduction . By that, I mean soundproofing a gym can be categorized into pre construction and post construction soundproofing.

Pre-construction soundproofing goes in cases wherever you recognize ahead of time keeping in mind that you just wish to make a gym in a very sure place. So, you insulate the walls, each for soundproofing and thermal management. You might ponder around for doors and windows with soundproofing properties.

As for post-construction ones, you have got acoustic panels, rubber mats, and diverse alternative solutions.

On the other hand you can look after the machines and also take good care of them to examine that they remain in good physical condition so they naturally have a long running life and reduce noise on their own. Regular bolting and servicing of machines will help in reducing the noise and vibrations leading to a quiet gym for your routine workout.

How To cut back Noise coming back From Weightlifting?

The irritating sound of dropping the weights extremely goes on nerves. If you happen to be a floor below someone who’s  exercise, once he/she drops it, you get the sensation as if the ceiling’s going to fall on your head.

However, there are multiple ways to tackle this kind of situation-:

1. Use a Thick Rubber exercise mat for lifting

This one has multiple advantages. Not solely can it cut back the vibrations from the plates, however mats will defend the ground from damages. These mats have high sound absorbing properties and on the the other hand they have high tensile strength allowing them to withstand the impact of dropping plates and reducing noise in the gym. You can get these High quality Exercise mats here on Amazon.

Once installed correctly, use this strong double sided floor tape on the border of the whole exercise platform you just build using these interlocking mats to keep it in place.

2. Install a unique exercise platform

This resolution can add barely of expertness to your work-out. just like the previous one, it will do a wonderful job of protecting the ground, however what’s more important is that it reduces the annoying sounds. The aim of those platforms is to soundproof drop zones where you’ll do heavy deadlifts or squats.

You have two options- get one or build one. 

To build one, Just put the above rug pad below the interlocking exercise mats in the area you need to cover with this exercise platform. This will add extra thickness and will also reduce noise and won’t affect the floor even if you are doing 300 lbs deadlifts on it.

3. Insulate the burden Plates

When plates hit one another or the bar, these clanks will be loud and annoying. The best fix is to line them with cloth-based tape. It won’t compromise your work-out however can cut back the noise. You can check out these amazing insulating tapes on amazon, they are cheap and totally worth every single penny.

4. Coated Dumbbells, kettlebells and bumper plates for noise reduction

Whichever one you selected rather than raw uncovered steel weights can doubtless be more silent. You’ll opt for those with the rubber, however do have in mind that they’re less sturdy and perceptibly funky but the best you can use in a gym. Check out this set of Dumbbells that range from 5. lbs to 75. lbs which I think is the best and most used range of dumbbells. We bought them after tinkering among 50 different dumbbells as they are relatively cheaper and of higher rubber quality and also look descent. We have used them in our gym that is just fine fit also for your gym and cheaper than those in the market. 

5. Improve The Lifting Technique

As this one itself isn’t a standard soundproofing technique, it will help!

If you are feeling discomfort while exercising, you will be lifting plates too significantly for your workout. That’s why you drop them too typically. Take into account reducing the burden, and you may minimize the drops moreover. Less drops suggests that less noise.

Moreover, don’t push yourself too hard may leave you exhausted. Staying among the boundaries of comfy effort is that the key to healthy body while not injuries.

6. Acoustic panels for the walls

LArge egg crate Soundproof Foam Panels

Another point to keep in mind while soundproofing a gym , is to never never neglect the walls. As walls are the barrier between the things going on inside versus outside. If these walls are not soundproofed properly then they may trade sounds i.e outside noise may enter disrupting your workout mood or the sound from inside travel outside attracting neighbor’s attention resulting in multiple complains. To increase the soundproofing capacity of the wall , We used these cheap Foam panels which are easy to install and you can cover them with posters of bodybuilding while giving you the back support of noise cancelling inside your gym and increasing the richness and bass of the music. They are one time investment and they have a huge variety to choose from . So you can give your gym a personal touch , you will be impressed by the noticeable change right after the installation.

You don’t have to cover the whole walls but you can use this technique where you have to make a large panel out of the small ones and paste it on the wall. You have to place two of such large panels on each wall to get the perfect soundproofing. Here is our special post that will help you on building the soundproof panels easily yourself and will tell how much to buy according to the need. This post is in the context of the recording studio but don’t get confused as it does the same job.

You can also watch this video that explains the installation process well. Avoid placing these panels on the ceiling. Just place two of these panels on each wall and you are good to go.

This video is just for reference to build a big panel out of small foams you bought and how to place them on walls. We request you not to learn anything else as that is in the context of a recording studio.

Want Richer music and prevent the sound from sneaking out?

Well, above we told you every possible solution to the gym noise problem where you feel uncomfortable working out due to various types of noise hitting your ears. But those problems are well treated when you apply all the solutions to your gym explained above.

But if you are here to reduce the music and other sound from moving outside the gym then you need to follow a few more steps to eliminate this problem if you have some office or any other space around the gym that needs silence.

This only won’t reduce the noise but it will also make the music to sound richer without any echos.

Extra Tips to soundproof a gym from leaking out any noises.

Soundproof Curtains

We have used soundproof curtains nearly in every room in our house that has a big window and which leaks in a lot of outside noise or leaks out the inner noises to the neighbors. They are really helpful in this case as every gym has some windows no matter they are open or closed but glass always leaks out the sound. For this, we have these cheap Soundproof curtains from Amazon you can hang on the windows. They do not completely block in the sound but will give quite a significant difference surely.

Best Soundproof Curtains in 2019

Soundproof the common wall

If you have a common wall and that too with some silence demanding place then you are in trouble as the people on the opposite side would really be annoyed with your gym and can take legal actions too. But here you are rescued as you can completely soundproof that existing wall with this amazing Fiberglass wall soundproofing method we have described in detail in another Article about soundproofing walls.


As you’ll see, I have provided you guys with several things on silencing the varied unwanted sounds in a gym.

Any of the ideas you utilize can cut back the noise, the sole question is whether or not you may be glad with the results. 

The final goal isn’t to own a totally silent gym, as a result of a silent gymnasium is associated to an empty gym. So the goal was to Gym noise reduction and Yes, We did manage to reduce the gym noise to minimal using these methods in our own lifting studio.


We are the Soundproofing Bros. It all started 4 years ago when we bought a new apartment on the busiest street in town. Honks and engine noises kept our ears busy 24/7 and made our lives hell till we got this crazy idea about soundproofing the whole apartment by ourselves. We researched for a month about it, contacted the industry experts and successfully quietened the home all on our own in just a month. We just didn't stop there but helped 100s like us to soundproof their homes themselves for these 3 years and now we created 'soundproofingbros.com' to help millions of you to easily soundproof everything that creates noise and troubles your peace.

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