How to Soundproof a classroom? 3 proven Tips to pin drop silence

How to Soundproof a classroom? 3 proven Tips to pin drop silence

Today we’ll help you with soundproofing a classroom or a lecture room , so we can literally prove “ pin drop silence” is possible when teacher asks his/her students to be quite.

Nowadays the quality of education has miraculously improved to a height, that not a single compromise of studies is tolerated. Soundproofing for schools is now a major trend as they don’t want their students to get distracted from the noises of cars passing by or a band playing outside on street. So here we are “the soundproofing bros” again after Soundproofing the Bedroom, Home Office etc, and will help you with how you can soundproof a classroom. So let’s get started.

Where do Noise comes from?

Before getting all into the soundproofing of classroom, we will quickly discuss where do these noises comes from which distracts the students from concentrating.

A class of students consists of a lot noise making things like shifting of tables and chairs , bunch of talkative students, and many more things . These things can be solve by teaching a lesson of discipline to students and most of the noise is gone , but major problem arises due to the honking of cars passing by, band playing on street or some gathering of people on a joyous occasion . In short major problem arises because of outside noise entering the classroom.

Soundproofing of a school is thus quite necessary and is easy , in fact there are multiple of solutions to soundproof a classroom some of which we will discuss later in the article.

How to quiet a classroom?

soundproofing a classroom is quite easy and following the steps given below will help you reduce the noise up to 80% and you will be surprised by the results which will lead to quality learning experience for the students too.

Soundproofing the classroom door

First things first , we all know that practically most of the sound entering a classroom is through the largest open gap also known as the “door”,so we need to take care of it by soundproofing it with this best reviewed weather strip (aff. Link ) on Amazon as it is most effective and easy to install quick fix for your problem of soundproofing a door. You have to apply this strip all around the door frame to seal the door properly.

weathering strips to soundproof door cracks

On the other hand if you want to make it more effective you can also use this high quality acoustic door sweep on Amazon . It fits perfectly at the bottom space between the door and the floor covering the gap and showing immediate results. Check out the Definitive Guide to Soundproof a door with all the steps and tutorials.

According to your needs, if you are willing to spend few more dollars and to give your classroom a professional look then you should consider changing your ordinary hollow door to the solid wooden door as hollow door acts as a very poor sound absorbing material which allows sound to propagate through the room. On the other hand solid door has a good sound absorbing capacity and will reduce most of the noise coming inside.

You should also consider trying these beautiful soundproof fabric panels from Amazon as they create a quiet environment for your students to concentrate and also gives a soothing look to your classroom. They absorb the sound created within the classroom, helping in reducing the noise and can be easily installed easily on a door. They come in a whole lot of varieties and range according to your budget and choice of decor.

To know more about Soundproof acoustic panels and to select the one among the best out there, check out article where we reviewed the best Acoustic panels.

Soundproofing the windows

Windows also act as a gateway for the entrance of outside noise into a classroom disturbing you students while studying. These windows need to be soundproofed with the help of soundproofing curtains, now if you have read my previous blog on how to choose a perfect soundproofing curtain for your purpose you already know how to do it. Now you know how to choose a perfect soundproofing curtain and how to install it .

You can also go for heavy curtains like these available on amazon (afflt link) if you don’t want your students to get distracted and peep outside the class during the lecture through the window. These curtains are quite heavy and help absorb sound both ways from inside and outside. They are affordable and comes in many varieties according to your needs of soundproofing.

If you want more affordable range of curtains that also work in absorbing the outside noise to a lower extent than the mentioned above then go for these high quality blackout curtains which actually work in reducing 50-60% of the noise. The best part is that they are available in a big range of colors suiting to the paint of the walls of your classroom.

Quieting the inner reverberations

Till now we discussed about the noises that enter the classroom through doors and windows but what about the noise created by students shuffling chairs and tables and playing with stationery for fun. These sounds can also be dampen with the help of soundproofing panels on walls . They comes in lots of designs, shapes and sizes and are not so expensive. But they are worth it  as they are the key to the literal meaning of pin drop silence every teacher wishes for, so go ahead and that’s it, soundproof your classroom on your own and according to yourself .


In this article, I told you everything about soundproofing a classroom. You are all set to start your own soundproofing project and creating a perfect environment for your students to study in a peaceful heaven they deserve. Do let me know if you have any questions regarding classroom acoustics in the comment section below. Happy soundproofing!

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