How to Soundproof a dishwasher | 5 effective steps to insulate Dishwasher

How to Soundproof a dishwasher | 5 effective steps to insulate Dishwasher

Through this whole blog, we have been talking about Soundproofing Car, soundproofing Dog crates, backyard and uncountable things. But what we are going to talk about today is one of the biggest reasons behind the excessive noises inside our homes for which we need to soundproof our rooms & other things. But what if we strait hit those Sources which produce noise? What if we start to soundproof the appliances and other Noise sources which are inside our range? So here, we are talking about Soundproofing Dishwashers which produce high intensity noise hurting our health and not letting us work or rest in peace inside our own homes.

That’s sad but did you ever thought that you can quieten them enough or I should say Soundproof your dishwasher enough to create the silent environment around your home. Well it is definitely not like Soundproofing a backyard as it is an appliance so we have to work with a different approach to this. Either you could shed off some bucks and get a quiet Dishwasher which is already soundproofed or you could Soundproof your dishwasher yourself quite cheap.

Yes, there are the ways through which you can quiet your dishwasher yourself in easy steps. And let me tell you it is very effective in reducing the noise of your dishwasher. For Soundproofing your dishwasher yourself, you need to hold some home tools in your hand & become a part time mechanic. You should carefully follow these steps explained below to achieve the desired silence which you came here for.

What you need to succeed in your dishwasher insulation?

Here the quick go through the tools and materials you’ll need ready in your hands to quiet your dishwasher without any hiccups.

First you’ll need some common home tools that are used nearly in every mechanical task in your home. You’ll be having some of these following tools already inside your homes. You’ll be needing an adjustable wrench kit, dishwasher insulation blanket and a Phillip’s head screwdriver.

  • An adjustable Wrench kit (all in one kit to replace every tool)

If you don’t have the old school wrench and pliers in your home which will be definitely needed to do this Soundproofing task then please don’t buy the regular wrenches which come with a specific measurement and you’ll be needing 10s of those to use on various sized bolts.

You should buy this Adjustable wrench kit on Amazon which is a one tool army to perform any household task as they are adjustable to any sizes.

  • Phillip’s head screwdriver


I bought this 14 in one screwdriver from Amazon last month and the quality is so tough & amazing that you can buy it once and forget for decades. This will replace every screwdriver you’ll ever need in this life as it comes with 14 different heads to fit your screw(unless you don’t loose any of them).

  • Dishwasher sound insulation blanket

So here’s our soundproofing weapon which we’ll need to quieten our Dishwashers. This is particularly a form of Sound insulation blanket which will absorb the sound emitted from the Dishwasher. You can buy this high quality Whirlpool Insulation blanket here which I installed myself during this Soundproofing project.

How to Soundproof a Dishwasher? Quick D.I.Y Guide

To Soundproof your Dishwasher, you’ll need to carefully follow each step below which will tell you everything you need to know about soundproofing dishwasher.

Under this guide, we’ll tell you everything from removing the water lines to move out the Dishwasher from the counter to fitting it again inside but now after Soundproofing it properly.

1. Unplug the power plug & Water lines

Reducing noise of a dishwasher

Under the very first step, you’ll need to unplug the dishwasher’s power plug from the socket. After unplugging it, the wrench kit you bought will come handy now. You have to close the water valves properly & then disattatch the water pipes and all other lines (If they persist) using the respective wrench tool.

Soundproofing a dishwasher

2. Disattach the Dishwasher from the cabinet

How to soundproof dishwasher

For covering it with the Sound insulation blanket, first you’ll need to disattach the whole Dishwasher from the counter top. For this, first open the door of the dishwasher and unscrew all the screws along the counter which are used to keep the dishwasher attached to the counter.

Now, hold the door and pull it outwards so that your dishwasher comes out a bit from the counter walls. Then, hold the exposed dishwasher and pull it whole out form the cabinet This will take some efforts.

Dishwasher insulation

3. Remove the old insulation

quiet a dishwasher

When it comes to Insulation, the old one which you can see now is totally expired and is not able to insulate the dishwasher from the sound problems. So you’ll need to remove it so that you could install a new Insulation blanket on the Dishwasher to make it quieter like a new one.

reduce noise of a dishwasher

To dettach the Insulation blanket, you’ll need pliers to pull out the rivets which are used to attach the insulation to the dishwasher. You have to do it firmly without damaging the rivets so you could use them again to place a new sound insulation.

4. Replace the Sound insulation blanket

dishwasher sound insulation blanket

Now after removing the old expired insulation, you have to unpack the new one for which I gave you the Amazon link above. After unfolding it, place the insulation properly over the dishwasher and attach it by the old rivets using the pliers again.

Now, you are done Soundproofing your dishwasher and making it quieter.

5. Push back the Dishwasher back into the cabinet

It is the time to place the dishwasher back inside the cabinet. but before doing that, you’ll need to pass the power plug and water lines outwards through their respective holes in the cabinet. Then push back the Dishwasher inside and reattach it with the screws to the cabinet counter.

Here’s a quick video from an expert mechanic to go through the whole Dishwasher insulation process again with more clear perspective.

If any other kinds of sounds are being thrown by the Dishwasher than utensils then you can try cleaning the Dishwasher.


I also used to wonder How to Soundproof a Dishwasher unless I did it myself. So it was a quick D.I.Y guide to teach you the exact fool proof way to Soundproof dishwasher with an ease. Hope you loved the whole soundproofing tutorial. To Soundproof other things like soundproofing bathroom or backyard then please browse though our Home page to always live with peace.

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