How to soundproof a Door in 7 Cheap & tested ways
how to soundproof a door

How to soundproof a Door in 7 Cheap & tested ways

In today’s world, The noise pollution has been grown to an unending nuisance. To stop it or to save themselves from the constant noises, people are inventing new techniques and new trends. One of these is the soundproofing trend which has took over the whole Soundproofing industry as a lot of population is moving towards soundproofed homes.

Soundproofing can be done while building the homes but what if you want to soundproof your already built home yourself? Then you need to study about the basics of soundproofing and the sources of the noise itself. Then you can take steps to soundproof your room or your complete home.

But what if you don’t want to read huge guides about soundproofing and aren’t interested in the science behind sound absorption?

Here comes us, the soundproofing bros in the game who are experts in soundproofing personal spaces like homes, bedrooms and home offices. We make short guides about our self tested ways to soundproof your spaces.

Here we are gonna talk in detail about How to soundproof a door. Weather it is a bedroom door, bathroom one or an apartment door. These tips below will be enough to Soundproof any kind of doorway completely.

1. Filling up all the cracks & gaps

2. sealing the border spaces around the door

3. A multi layer Door sweep to cover the biggest gap below the door

4. Soundproof the Door with moving blankets

5. A Thick rug to absorb echo and extra noises

6. Acoustic panels on the door for noise absorption

7. Decorative canvas boards outside the door to absorb noise

How to Soundproof a door? Bedroom Door | Apartment Door

For Soundproofing a door, we have created a small guide of 7 steps that will lead to a completely soundproofed door which won’t leak a single wave of noise inside. Before actually soundproofing it, we would like to tell you that doors are the biggest culprit in leaking in the sound. The walls, ceiling, windows and the floor come after the door. So yes, we all can say that if we succeed in soundproofing the door with our self tested tips, then we could create a peaceful environment by only soundproofing the door without paying attention to other components.

Now let’s jump straight to the exact Steps we are gonna perform to Soundproof a door.

1. Filling up all the cracks & Gaps

The first step is always a smaller one as we have to check and analyze the smallest culprits first so that they won’t be left undone and ending up messing the situation more. Filling all the gaps and small cracks are very necessary as no matter what you do to soundproof your door with any of the expensive products, you’ll end up to the point where you had started. As they won’t make great differences in preserving the peace.

First you have to look for small gaps or cracks inside the doorway. To do that, you can use this trick. Turn off the room’s light and make your friend stand behind the door with a torch. By this way, you’ll be able to find small cracks.

After finding all the gaps and crack, you need to fill all of them with a good quality sealant like thisAll you have to do is spray the sealant properly inside the cracks. 

If you have some big cracks or gaps then you have to use another type of sealant used for big cracks. You can get it here on Amazon

After sealing up all the gaps, you have completed your first step towards soundproofing a door.

2. Sealing the door’s border space

The next step is quite easier but a crucial one. As we all know that the largest vulnerable spaces are around the door which will effect the noise reduction the most. To seal them, we can’t use sealant which we recommended above as the door has to open and close often and the sealant is used on parts which don’t have to work.

To seal the border space and to complete one step to soundproof a door, we need a different kind of product called weather stripping available on Amazon. This is the most common and effective solution as the stripping is made up of fiberglass which is a good material in absorbing the sound.

There’s one more crazy fact about this weather stripping. It says “you’ll end up saving more electricity bill which is the worth of 3 packets of this weather tape”.

This tells us all. This tape also keeps the room cooler saving the electricity bill. So, knowing these advantages let’s learn to apply this strip.

You have to paste this self adhesive weather stripping around the border without leaving a centimeter of gap. If you are having trouble in doing it properly then you can follow our tutorial below:

3. A Door sweep to soundproof the door

We have been talking about the gaps since the first step which are responsible to leak noise. But Now, we are gonna talk about the most vulnerable gap and the biggest one around the door. It is the bottom space below the door and above the floor.

Seriously guys, If we cover this gap we’ll be able to soundproof the door till 30% extent itself. Isn’t it a major change in noise dampening?

So what can we do to cover that part with some thick material that won’t allow the sound to surpass through the door and annoy us.

We can’t use weather stripping here as it isn’t so thick to cover all the gap between the door and the floor. So can’t the sealant as we have to move the door and not keeping it stable and fixed at a particular spot.

What we can do is that we buy a good quality thick door sweep made up of soundproofing materials. After searching a lot, I found out this Door sweep on Amazon which is multi layered to absorb the noise properly and turned out to be the perfect choice as when we tested it, it completely stood up to our expectations in reducing the sound at a significant level.

Installing a door sweep is not that easy as it was in weather stripping’s case. As you have to drill and bolt it into the lower part of the door. But you can get the help of some carpenter in cheap or do it yourself.

4. how to soundproof a door with blankets

Okay, Now when we have sealed each and every gap sound could have leaked from. Here comes the real deal in soundproofing a door now.

If you have a Hollow door which is relatively cheap and nearly everybody who has noise issues has these kind of hollow doors in their houses. No shame because we also had these kinda doors which are the biggest culprit as they cannot absorb noise properly and even amplify them to some extent till they reach inside the room.

So here you have 2 solutions to this problem. One with some significant expense and another is relatively less expensive. But in both the cases, you have to shed out a good amount of money from your pocket as quality comes at a price.

Firstly, we’ll discuss about replacing the whole door with a hard and heavy wooden door. This will be the ultimate solution you can ask for. To check if you can do it, you need to see your budget and the necessity to change the door. The necessity depends upon the intensity of the noise you are facing. If the intensity is very high and it is your home office or bedroom then it is worth of replacing the door.

Secondly, We’ll discuss about this more affordable solution you can go for. It is the fiberglass blanket you can use to get the same effect or sometimes even better than replacing the whole door. This solution is ideal because it is less expensive and more effective than replacing the door.

You have to buy one good quality fiberglass blanket which is hard to find. But we researched and found this great quality Fiberglass blanket (Amazon link) which is cheaper than other blankets out there. We used it in our home to soundproof an apartment door and got drastic results which we aimed for. People also recommend moving blankets which are way cheaper than these but the truth is that they fail to absorb the noise effectively. Don’t buy them because of their cheaper prices as you’ll end up regretting.

You can hang this blanket on the door covering all of it. The fiberglass filled inside acts as the most superior quality of material to absorb noise. It can reduce the noise up to 60% leaving a great silent effect inside the room. It also preserves the heat in winters and cool air in summers inside the room.

5. A Thick Rug to dampen the sound

Now the big things have been completed. Here comes the small solutions in How to soundproof a door which you can combine and apply to enhance the soundproofing effect inside the room. One of the solutions is to use thick soundproof rugs which are made specially of thick materials used in soundproofing products.

The rugs inside your home are not that efficient in dampening the noise. So we’ll recommend you to buy some good quality thick rugs which are also visually appealing. We found these Soundproofing rugs on Amazon which resulted in good dampening. You can take a look at them and buy a few pieces for every room you have.

The trick is to use them exactly after the door so the noise coming in can be absorbed this rug immediately rather than bouncing off the walls and getting amplified. It also stops echos inside the room.

These rugs come in beautiful modern day design and different colors to suit your wall paint and compliment the room.

You can use more of them inside the room like below the resting chair and just ahead of the bed which looks pretty nice and will also help in soundproofing the floor in no time without even attempting to do it.

6. Acoustic Panels on the door

Now we come to other minor soundproofing tip which is the acoustic panels. If you are into soundproofing your door then you must have heard about these famous Acoustic panels which can be used nearly everywhere to soundproofing any space you want. The plus point about these acoustic panels is that there are visually appealing and look like an art piece when hanged somewhere.

How to soundproof a door

What you have to do with these good quality acoustic panels (Amazon link) is that you have hang them on the door from the inner side or inside the room or in the hallway outside so that they can absorb good amount of noise. They will absorb extra leftover waves which manage to surpass the whole soundproofing mechanism. Applying them will lead to the most quiet environment you can have inside the room. It answers the question ‘how to soundproof a door cheap’ with full confidence.

Soundproof panels to soundproof a door

These panels come in many colors suiting your personal preference. They are better than acoustic foams as the foam looks terrible and is suitable for some recording studio but the acoustic ones are perfect to soundproof a door.

Also, select the best acoustic panels for your requirement by reading our special guide to Buy effective Acoustic Panels

7. Decorative canvas boards to absorb more

Now we’ll come up to something which is more of a decorative product than the soundproofing one. But the thing which is thick and has some absorbing material can be used to give a touch up to your whole soundproofing setup.

We are gonna use the most commonly used canvas paintings in the house. What you can do with them is to stick them on the door from outer side with the help of this 3M picture hanging strips specially made from soundproofing materials to give you an extra tinge after soundproofing a door.

Use these strips instead of some nails as the nails will effect the door making a big hole in it.

You can use the canvas painting boards in the hallway too so that the sound reaching to the door is minimal and has surpassed and been absorbed by the canvas boards to some extent.


Did you all understood the whole quick guide which explained you How to soundproof a door. Well these tips were tested by us and they worked quite well when used in combination as we told above. They can quiet the room to a major extent making it more peaceful than ever before. Hope you all will get succeed in soundproofing the door. If not, then please ask any queries you have regarding this in the comment section below. We would love to help you.

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