How to Soundproof a Room? A-Z Guide for DIY Soundproofing a Bedroom

How to Soundproof a Room? A-Z Guide for DIY Soundproofing a Bedroom

If it comes to soundproofing a room then you can find several guides on the internet as well as You-tube but they all miss something or the other that the another website has included in their articles. That’s why people have to stumble upon a few guides and read them full to ensure the Best Soundproofing of the respective spaces. But it has it’s own drawback that includes a big wastage of time reading a bunch of huge articles just to find that missing information that the other article doesn’t provide because we need every information about the products out there and how to use them properly without missing thing. Another Drawback is that reading form 4 different sources will give you 4 different approaches to soundproof your room that will ultimately get the things tangled up and you’ll end up getting confused.

That’s why we have written a couple of articles just on different types of rooms like Soundproofing Bathroom, How to soundproof a Garage, Laundry Room and Baby Room as every room needs different approach. But this time, we have Written this Huge A-Z DIY Guide on ‘How to soundproof a room’ which will answer your every query related to Soundproofing a General Room or your Bedroom yourself.

Here in this Article, We have included everything present out there and everything it needed us to soundproof each room in our house no matter what’s it’s special purpose as this DIY Guide on Soundproofing your Room is the universal guide for every room out there in General. Our tips and Product tutorials work perfectly on Soundproofing any kind of room cheaply. What we are gonna do here is to let you know everything about the more Professional solutions which ain’t cheap and will need some professional help along with some not so cheap Products and on the other side we’ll tell you about some alternatives to them if you wanna Soundproof a room cheap. Still wondering about How to soundproof a room form outside noise?

Let’s take you to the topics we are gonna discuss about soundproofing a room to make a soundproofing expert out of you.

  1. Does Soundproofing a Room yourself works?
  2. What budget should you set for this Soundproofing Project?
  3. Soundproofing the walls of the Room
  4. Insulating the Door against noise leakage
  5. Reduce the noise coming through the Window
  6. Sound Deadening the Floor(Optional)
  7. Extra Tips on Soundproofing a Room to it’s Maximum Extent(Very Important) 

Will DIY Soundproofing for your Room Work?

The First and the Most important question that strikes your mind before even putting a step inside this guide is “Does Soundproofing a room even works?”. Believe it or not. When Last year we started soundproofing our home, We were going to expose ourselves to a whole new Project about which we didn’t know a thing. But we went on to consult some experts and approach different trusted sources to get the optimum knowledge about Soundproofing any kind of space to any appliance out there before we even proceeded to buy our first product related to soundproofing a room.

So, No one can give you a better and more relatable answer than us as you are on a stage where we started out an year ago. So we decided to write out our whole bundle of knowledge about Soundproofing on this blog to create and stop and gather any information about How to soundproof a room professionally and even Cheaply as everyone wants the Cheap that really works. gg

Coming straight to the answer, D.I. Y Soundproofing has different aspects and a vulnerability to a hundreds of mistakes that can ruin everything and won’t let you make a difference in the experience you were getting before and now after applying the products. If done properly with a step by step Guidance, you can achieve a completely soundproofed Room in a Day cutting of the time you would have wasted in gathering the correct information about Sound Deadening the room as we have it all here.

If you follow every instruction correctly, you can achieve a Noise Reduction of up to 70% which will eventually create a huge difference when it comes to execution. Your Room will be felt a lot quieter than before depending upon your budget on which we are going to discuss under the next section.

What cost should be expected when Soundproofing a Room?

Now it comes to most anticipated question every brain would have been searching for in this Guide. What should be the Ideal Cost of Soundproofing a Room completely? Well, if I just come to the answer quickly giving you the figures, it’ll be a cheating as there’s no defined cost when Soundproofing a room cheap as every room is different and so are it’s dimensions and other elements like windows and walls. So predicting the cost beforehand is completely an ignorant act.

Secondly If we look for the factors affecting the cost to soundproof a bedroom, we end up on 3 factors that really decides the cost of soundproofing.

  1. Do it yourself or Hiring a Professional: As this is a ‘Do it Yourself’ guide so every step and task we performed in our own room was by ourselves but you guys can also hire a professional if you have extra cash hanging out of your pocket. But if you wonder How to soundproof a room on a small budget then don’t get scared reading the tasks as doing them yourself is really simple with minimal knowledge of Hammering or Drilling if you want to cut out the biggest cost of hiring a professional. So you don’t need to spend extra bucks on hiring someone to do it for you. That really cuts off some significant cost.
  2. Types of Products you’ll use: As said before, we write every Soundproofing Guide for every type of audience, one with a Big Budget to afford any kind of professional treatment or product and those with a tight budget and still want nearly the same kind of Soundproofing in their Homes with much less costs using some really good handpicked alternate products or treatments for Soundproofing a room cheap.
  3. Type of space to Soundproof: Well, this is the most predictable and also the most basic factor involved in manipulating your end cost. The cost of products depends directly upon the type of space/room or the appliance to quieten including their dimensions, design and other elements present there.

How to Soundproof a Room in an Apartment? A complete DIY Guide

We have discussed every important query about soundproofing a room like the cost it’ll take and till what extent will the room be soundproofed. Now we come on to the main and the central part of the Guide i.e step by step guide to Soundproof a room in an Apartment or a House. We’ll instruct you on every part of the room that how they can be treated to resist the noise coming in completely and to Soundproof a room from outside noise and saving you from the road noise along with the noisy neighbors. Also, we’ll also tell you the ways that can quieten the room against inner echos and reverberations.

Working on the Walls First

As we told you earlier, we are gonna put forward 2 approaches to soundproof a wall from outside noise.

Fiberglass Method: Treating the walls with Fiberglass is more of a professional method where you’ll have to hire a professional to help you along. This method is more of an expensive one so if you really have a tight budget then you can skip this one to move to the alternate one. But Going for Fiberglass soundproofing, you’ll be able to quieten high intensity of noise coming through but with a keeping a high budget along.

Fiberglass is said to be the best material out there you can use to soundproof anything. It has been used for centuries to control noise and even temperatures during winters and summers.

What you have to do is to measure the wall through which you are experiencing those noise problems. After measuring, go to Amazon and buy this Owens corning insulation. We selected this one after researching for a couple of hours and found Owens corning the best and most trusted Brand on Amazon in Fiberglass insulation for decades. After receiving the order, you get Fiberglass Batts/Rolls. 1 packet can cover approx. 36 sq. ft. of area so you have to buy according to the Wall dimensions you measured earlier. Now you have to call a professional to install the fiberglass. You can also refer him this Video tutorial for some help.

After getting the Fiberglass insulation installed, now you need to cover that ugly looking insulation all over the wall with a drywall. This task will also require a professional. But what you can do is to order these resilient channels that will hold the drywall against the real wall. These resilient channels are extra durable and have a special soundproofing technology that will stop some left over sound waves to pass through them to the dry wall and acts as a cherry on the top.

Fiberglass insulation for soundproofing a room

resilient channel

Soundproofing your room’s wall is done with the best and most professional approach present out there. If you want to soundproof the room cheap then this wasn’t for you as below we are going to insure the best alternative that actually works nearly the same but with much little expense.

We’ll use a combination of a few products well known for soundproofing. Using layers of these products will make us reach nearly the same level of Fiberglass soundproofing.

First, you have to cover the whole wall with a Sound deadening mat which will act as base to start the Noise absorption. We’ll be using this noico sound deadening mat from Amazon as it is relatively cheaper and of the same quality as as the other mats like the Dynamat presently the leader in the market. One box comes with the same 36 sq. ft. covering area so do your calculations buy accordingly.

Now you have to paste this self adhesive Sound Deadening mat on the whole wall without leaving an inch of empty space. Just remove the thing paper at the back and paste the mat on the wall. After pasting, take a hand roller and roll all over the mat with a heavy hand and you are done with the first layer. This mat alone will make you experience a significant change. Well, this is just the beginning.

Soundproof blankets to soundproof a bedroom

The second layer will have thick soundproof blankets on it. If you would have read our previous articles, we discuss about soundproof blankets nearly in every soundproofing guide because of their cheap prices and effectiveness. These blankets have high density of mass loaded vinyl and other soundproofing materials filled inside which absorb the sound to a high extent.

You can buy these best seller soundproof blankets from Amazon. We have used the same and they work excellent. You can hang nail these blankets inside the wall yourself without any professional help. Don’t forget to cover the whole wall.

Check out the definitive Guide on the Best Soundproof Blankets of 2019

Now, it’s the time for the last layer but before that you have to ask yourself a question “if you want to leave this wall’s look as it currently is ruining the whole look and feel of the room”. Or you want to put a drywall covering every treatment you have done behind the drywall which will ultimately increase your budget slightly but is a investment for a long run though.

After deciding whether to put the drywall or not, we’ll move forward to the last layer i.e Decorative acoustic panels. You would have seen large foam panels which look ugly as hell but these are the same and more effective with a decorative touch. They are filled with fiberglass and you can put them on your drywall if you have decided to put one. 2 Acoustic panels on the wall are more than enough to completely quieten the noise coming through that wall. You can obviously put them on the blankets themselves if you have decided not to put a drywall. They also work great in quietening down the inner reverberations and echos inside the room to give a bonus Soundproofing effect.

How to soundproof a room

Go check out our detailed article on “How to soundproof a Wall?” for a more elaborated explanation to achieve a quieter room.

Most Vulnerable Area (The Door)

Now we come to the most vulnerable space inside the room that sneaks in most of the noise. Yes, it’s the door that welcomes a huge amount of noise inside the room especially the noise that comes from withing the house. We’ll perform few steps to Soundproof the door completely.

First, we need to seal out the gaps and cracks which are the main culprits to sneak in the noise. To seal out the gaps, we are gonna put these self adhesive weather stripping all around the door just like in the video tutorial below.

After sealing out all the gaps around the door, now we are gonna seal out another part which is neglected by many and that is the main cause of a failed soundproofing project. It’s the space below the door that is to be covered by a thick door sweep like this which’ll absorb all of the sound coming though.

We have perfectly sealed all the gaps and cracks. Now let’s check on to the door on how thick it is to absorb the sound coming through it. If the door is made up of plywood and is light enough then it won’t stop the sound entering inside and our every soundproofing measure will fail ultimately. If you have this kind of door then you can go for a heavy wooden door but it’ll break out your budget and burn your pocket. So we have an alternate solution which’ll work quite likely.

You can use Soundproof blanket to cover the door from inside but it’ll ruin the looks of the door and the room completely so we can have a permanent solution by hanging this large Acoustic panel on the door on the inside that will take care of all the sound trying to get in through the door. We have this full guide of Soundproofing the Door with more alternate and comfortable ways.

 Treating the Windows for Noise

After soundproofing the walls and the door with the cheap and best possible treatments, let’s hit the windows to eliminate any kind of outside noise or to soundproof the room from noisy neighbors. We are gonna treat the windows more like the door but with a few different products.

Soundproofing a window is also easy but it needs special attention and many small things to look into. So we would recommend you reading out our special article on Soundproofing a window by which you’ll be able to sound deaden a window completely without any mistakes or hiccups.

Don’t ignore the Floor

We are done with Soundproofing everything that let’s the outside noise sneak inside the room. But what about the other element that many people forget about.

But if you suffer with some extra noise that comes in though your floor then we have to treat it. Floor is also a medium that can pass some noise through itself and especially when you have some noisy kids, a laundry room or some other noise source situated right below or above your room.

For instance, you can carpet the whole room with a nice looking carpet but what you have to do special to give it special soundproofing powers is to put these exercise mats from Amazon Basics  beneath the carpet to make it super insulated and soundproof.

For floor, we would like to read our comprehensive guide on How to soundproof a floor which’ll tell you everything about soundproofing a floor if you are suffering through serious noise problems or else you can leave it like that.

Extra Tips to help you Soundproof the Room to the Highest Extent

  • If you use rugs on the floor which isn’t only an excellent way to reduce the inner reverberations or echos but to also reduce the noise coming from through the floor. You can use a thick Rug pad which is made up of high density materials that’ll boost the soundproofing power of the Rug. So get this Thick rug pad from amazon, slip it beneath the Rug and enjoy the silence.
  • If you have dense wood furniture like a book shelf or a sofa then it’s a bingo as they act as one of the best soundproofing material and by just changing it’s position by placing it against the noisy wall, you’ll get a sudden reduction in the noise coming through that wall.
  • On the other 3 walls except of the one you have treated for the extreme soundproofing because of the noise coming through it, you can also do a little for the other walls to prevent getting disturbed from any sudden noise in future from them. You can use these thick foam wallpapers on those walls to eliminate that kind of noise.
  • You can try out the magical white noise machines that actually cover the unwanted noises with a pleasant white noise. Go check out our special article on the Best White noise machines.


Did you like our A-Z Guide to soundproof a room? So today, we have answered the most popular question “How to soundproof a room cheap?”. This was a definitive guide on the cheapest and most reliable methods for soundproofing a room yourself. You can check out the whole website for the best Soundproofing guides on different kinds of rooms, appliances, product reviews and much more.


We are the Soundproofing Bros. It all started 4 years ago when we bought a new apartment on the busiest street in town. Honks and engine noises kept our ears busy 24/7 and made our lives hell till we got this crazy idea about soundproofing the whole apartment by ourselves. We researched for a month about it, contacted the industry experts and successfully quietened the home all on our own in just a month. We just didn't stop there but helped 100s like us to soundproof their homes themselves for these 3 years and now we created '' to help millions of you to easily soundproof everything that creates noise and troubles your peace.

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