How to Soundproof a Window from Traffic Noise? 5 D.I.Y Cheap Tips

How to Soundproof a Window from Traffic Noise? 5 D.I.Y Cheap Tips

A month ago, I got shifted to my new Home. This House was just opposite to a busy road which threw tons of traffic noise towards my home daily. And because of all the doors, windows and other open areas turned out to be the biggest culprit in pulling inside the irritating traffic noise.

Most of the time, I used  to work at home in my home office which I build to work in peace. But who knew the peace will be ruined by the huge truck full of noises. Then was the time I decided to Soundproof all the windows in my house but not only my office’s one.

I had to tackle through various hurdles to find out the best possible ways to Soundproof a window. It was then when I realized after researching so much on How to Soundproof a window cheap that there are multiple ways to soundproof a window and all those work effectively in soundproofing the windows.

But the problem was that which method should be used soundproof each window in my house. Then I found out that I should use different methods and some in combination to beat out the traffic noise problem permanently. This was because every window is situated at a different place and needs a different approach to get soundproofed according to the noise intensity and window’s usability.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain every solution below suitable to soundproof each kind of window in your house.

So here’s a look through the ways or methods we are gonna use in our homes to deaden the noise and soundproof a window.

  1. Fill all the naked gaps & cracks around the window 
  2. cover the window completely to deaden highest intensity noise.
  3. Replace the entire window with a double pane Soundproof window
  4. Soundproof curtains to absorb low-medium intensity of noises
  5. Quieten the inner reverberations 

How to Soundproof a window?

So, here we come to the actual recipes of soundproofing a window. Here, we’ll generally talk about the cheap methods to soundproof a window along with some descent pricing ones who’ll be able to soundproof your window to a great extent leaving a negligible sound behind.

Before moving forward to the D.I.Y ways to soundproof a window, we would like to tell you the categories we have divided our solutions into. All the categories are based upon two principles.

  •  Location of the window and it’s usability level.
  • Intensity of the noise hitting the window.
  1. Sealing out the gaps to prevent Sound leakage

The first step to Soundproof any kind of window is to seal all the unnecessary gaps around the window pains. Even after applying the suitable Soundproofing method to a window, some amount of noise will always interrupt your peace. And you won’t be able to find the source of this leakage and will end up blaming the whole material used to soundproof a window.

So, this step is necessary to avoid such misunderstandings. We can easily achieve a completely gap sealed window by applying this self adhesive window insulator kit on the respective window. We have used this specific product on all the windows and doors in my house and I’m happy with the results and it’s durability and life.

You can get this Insulator kit here on Amazon easily. The whole kit can be used to seal 3-4 windows properly.

Here’s a video showing the exact way on How to Soundproof your window or seal gaps and add extra layer on your windows with the help of a insulation kit.

 Another thing you will have to use along with this insulation kit is the Self adhesive whether strip (link to Amazon) which has to be applied around the window frame to seal the border cracks & gaps completely leaving 0% space to let the noise come in.

weathering strips to soundproof window cracks

If you don’t know how to deal with this adhesive strip sealant then don’t worry, we’ll teach you the exact way how to do it to complete the first step towards soundproofing a window.

I hope you would have learnt the whole process of sealing the window cracks and gaps above.

These Two steps were mandatory irrespective of any method we are gonna use next to Sound deaden the window.

So let’s move on to different ways of soundproofing a window from traffic noise.

2. Covering the whole window to achieve complete silence.

Here comes the most successful solution other than filling out the window with concrete. This solution only goes for the people who are really very irritated with the incoming traffic noise to their Home office, Lobby or any other window where you entertain your guests but the high intensity noises force them to leave your house early leaving a bad impression on them.

If you don’t have enough use of the specific window and you want to completely sound deaden it then this solution is the best in business.

Before going further, I would like to tell you that this solution will block any kind of light entering inside your room when the windows are closed.

So what you have to do is, you have to buy a fiberglass blanket from Amazon easily. After buying it, you have put it onto the glass portion of the window and cover it completely with the blanket.

These blankets have special ability to absorb high intensity of noises easily without leaving a bit of sound to pass through.

They have fiberglass filled inside which vibrates when the sound waves hits it and convert the sound energy into the heat energy leading to deadening the sound to 99%.

These blankets are a bit expensive but are really worth of the money you’ll spend. As they will provide you a comfortable working and relaxing experience for decades. And spending 250 bucks on this will be a great investment for your comfort.

They don’t look so good and appealing so what you can do is buy a good pair of Blackout soundproof curtains(Link to Amazon) which are cheap and available in many colors to hide the blanket behind it and also provide an extra soundproofing ability.

To select the Best and other alternative cheap Soundproof blankets for your window, Read this comprehensive Guide to Buy the best Soundproof blankets.

3. A new Soundproof Window

How to Soundproof a window

If you have a high budget and are just really want to end this whole traffic noise problem and achieve a complete silent room then you are not soundproofing existing windows bu going for this professional solution which doesn’t come under the cheap solutions described above.

This solution comes handy when you want the look of your window be same without covering it with any curtain or blanket and you want to it to be just like before but with some significant sound blocking ability or you don’t want to Soundproof a window yourself.

You can find these windows on some glass store nearby and can negotiate for the best price. But before going for this option we would like to explain some measures during installing them.

You would have to chose a good professional to get these windows installed as they have to be installed very carefully without leaving a single crack or gap which will definitely leak the noise in and the whole money spent will be a total waste in the end.

If these windows get installed correctly then they will provide you an absolute silent environment for you to work or relax. They can quieten the space for up to 90%.

4. Sound absorbing curtains

Now, we come to another quick solution to the noisy traffic problem you are suffering right now. Before going further on this one, I would like to tell you that Soundproof curtains are only useful when the noise intensity is between low and medium which is the most common frequency an average person gets. So this solution will be suitable for most of the people out there.

Before Jumping straight to the best Soundproof curtains you should choosing among, I would like to tell you that we have a special detailed article dedicated here to Sound absorbing curtains where we have told everything about soundproof curtains including what extent of noise different types of Soundproof curtains can absorb.

It is actually a quick buying guide to buy the best Soundproof curtains available right now at best prices according to your budget, soundproofing intensity and designs.

So, go have a read to that article which will be enough for you to answer this ‘How to Soundproof a window’ question alone.

5. Inner reverberation is the hidden culprit

So we have talked about every fix we could do to quieten your room. But what if you are still facing some extra noise issue?

Then there comes the hidden culprit in spotlight which is the inner reverberations which would be stopping you from enjoying the peace and silence for which you were hungry and scrolling the web to get a fix.

To learn how to soundproof a window D.I.Y, you first have to quieten inner noises which gets amplified by simple miss configurations in your houses.

The only reason why you suffer from amplification of noises is the empty room without much furniture in it along with some other reasons.

  • You have to put more wooden furniture inside the room because the amount of sound which surpasses the above fixes have to be quietened inside the room itself or they’ll get amplified by striking to the wall, floor and the ceiling itself.

Soundproof panels to soundproof a window

soundproofing existing windows

  • To stop the sound waves from hitting the walls and getting louder, the cheapest way to do is to apply these decorative acoustic panels(link to Amazon) on the walls which absorb the sound waves completely leading to a quiet room. They also absorb the remaining sound waves which passes through the soundproofed window.
  • Get a nice thick rug for the room which will be alone enough to absorb most of the sound waves inside the room and will definitely stop extra echos developing inside the room by the traffic noise.
  • Get a nice white noise machine from amazon. Yes, there exist a machine which makes a soothing sound that helps in killing the irritating sound of traffic outside. It works magically good in soothing the whole mood of the room. Get this high quality cheap machine which is worth double the money you’ll spend buying it. It’s my personal recommendation to give it a try. You’ll love it.

We have reviewed the Best White noise machines and the Best decorative Soundproof panels in separate guides. Do check them out to select the best one for your home.

These were some extra tips other than How to Soundproof a window. These tips & tricks are self tested by me and they work quite fine in eliminating high intensity noises.


These were the best hacks or you would say the best solutions to soundproof a window diy that I have used in my house. You can use all these ways to soundproof your window cheap and also some expensive and professional solutions that will be really helpful for all of you to soundproof existing windows. You can try some solutions together for the best soundproofing experience you can achieve by doing it yourself.

So Happy Soundproofing guys!! Hope you’ll be able to do everything without any flaws. If don’t then leave your problems and questions in the comment section below to let us help you regarding.

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