How to Soundproof a Baby’s room? 5 D.I.Y simple steps

How to Soundproof a Baby’s room? 5 D.I.Y simple steps

Few months ago , my elder brother was blessed by an angel, his lovely daughter. Everyone was happy and thought of having a baby in the house was both cheerful and terrifying. As uncle ben said” with great power comes great responsibility” ; my brother had his by becoming a first time parent, loaded with the responsibility of taking care of his child.

He wanted everything to be perfect in his baby’s nursery for his daughter, he took care of everything from nursery’s look to the comfort of his child which included soundproofing too. As nursery is a place where the baby will spend its most of the time so it was necessary of to make it as quiet as possible for the baby to not get easily distracted by small voices propagating in the house. So we researched, looked up on the internet for some help and came to know that it’s not as complicated as we thought, with few hacks and tips we were good to go.

In this article we will discuss the following tips and solutions in depth to help you, so how can you soundproof a baby’s room

  • Not all noises are bad , A good White noise machine will do the job.
  • Use 3D Soundproof Wallpapers on the walls.
  • Increasing sound absorbing capacity by carpeting the floor
  • Completely soundproofing your door to prevent any Noise leak in.
  • Quieten the nursery by soundproofing the window so your child can sleep peacefully.

Why you need to soundproof a baby’s room?

Soundproofing a baby’s room works both ways :-

It prevents following situations:-

  1. As with a baby and first time parents comes the constant crying which echoes in the whole house creating a situation of chaos and discomfort for everyone .
  2. Allows the baby a peaceful room where it can sleep without forcing someone to be quiet in the house.

One should not worry about the baby if the sound of its distress calls don’t come, that’s what a baby monitor is for. We used this baby monitor on Amazon with inbuilt high quality camera in it.

This is worth buying if your are soundproofing a baby’s room. This monitor can also be used when your baby is alone at home and you are out in some emergency. You can watch your baby’s well being all the time anywhere on your phone.


5 Simple steps to quieten your baby’s room

Here we discuss about the tips , DIY’s and solution we introduced to you earlier in article. Nothing is more important than your baby’s comfort in the early years as it affects a child in multiple ways we can’t even imagine . Nursery is the place where the child will spend its most of the time for like a year or two , so their are a lot of things to be taken care of while soundproofing your baby’s room . Without wasting any time let’s get started

1. A good noise to beat the bad one

A baby starts listening to sound when it’s not even born, so there are few sounds which are familiar to babies and help them to calm down. A baby cries most of the time when it feels uncomfortable and major time it’s because of a sound they find irritating. So when they are introduced to a soothing sound leads to a calmer baby who remains in comfort for a longer time and sleeps easier, these kind of sounds is known as white noise .

There are various benefits of white noise and studies have shown that they have marvelous effect on a baby and as well as for adults. These sounds can be generated with the help of white noise machines like this one on Amazon which is cheaper than others and is of great quality. We have Reviewed affordable and Best White noise machines here. Do Check it out.

They help to mask the disturbing sounds that may startle your baby and creates exact whooshing sound like of a fan or that your baby heard in the womb, immediately calming it down making it feel comfortable and familiar to surrounding.


2. Drywalling and furniture re-arrangement

If your baby’s room is located next to a teenage siblings room or to a room which have a lot of sound coming from then you can drywall you baby’s room. Drywalling is nothing but making your wall thick by adding layers on it ,so it more sound is absorbed by the walls and blocks sound from other rooms to come in. If you are handy and you own the house then you can do it all by yourself or else you can hire professional help. After drywalling you can paint over it or for some extra soundproofing you can go for textured wallpaper for your baby’s room as they are spongy and thick plus it adds up to cute and lovable surrounding for your baby and appealing to your eyes for visitors.

If you are experiencing some serious Noise problems through the walls then you can check out this advanced Guide on Soundproofing Walls of an apartment.

You can also rearrange your furniture in such a way that baby comes in contact with minimum of noise like putting your baby’s crib up against a wall that is not adjacent to another room where frequent gatherings takes place preventing your baby from experiencing excess of sound. There are multiple of online sites you can refer to on how to quieten a nursery by arranging furniture for optimal noise control.


3. Carpeting the floor

The least you can do to soundproof your baby’s room for a great result is carpeting your floor. It can go a long way towards to a quiet nursery. Even a rug would do the job, as hardwood floors would reflect noise and can lead to produce creaking or clacking sounds when someone walks over it. You can get these super cute baby rugs on amazon which creates an ambiance of baby like environment. We used this carpet as there’s no competition for this thick Carpet on Amazon. It has best reviews and rating and also is quite comfortable and good to look at .They will absorb the sound waves bouncing in your room and suppress it to high extent.

If you have a source of noise like a laundry room or any other room that transmits a lot of noise beneath the floor, then check out these Advanced steps to Soundproof your floor completely.


4. soundproof baby room door

Soundproof blankets for door

As we have earlier discussed in one of our article on how to soundproof bathroom we discussed that, how nowadays construction uses hollow doors which have poor sound blocking capacity. Thus very first step to quieten the nursery is to soundproof the baby room door by either replacing it with a hardwood one or by using the combination of these effective soundproof blankets on your door (also written a separate guide on Soundproofing blankets to chose the best in your budget) and these cheap door sweeps to lock the space below the door. Visit this link (how to soundproof door/bathroom) to know how to place the blanket and door sweep. Check out this ultimate guide on How to soundproof a door to completely seal it against the noise.


5. soundproof baby room window

A window can be a gateway for most of the sounds coming from outside and may disturb your baby’s precious nap time. You can soundproof your baby room’s window with the help of a pair of these good quality sound absorbing curtains on Amazon. Here is the link of our previous article which will help you how to choose from the best soundproof curtains for your baby’s room and some best personal recommendation for curtains are these

They gave the best result after installation and helped in maintaining the aroma of the baby’s nursery.



This article was filled with all the best research I did used in my home itself which worked like wonders for us. I told all the tips I gained from my experience and hacks I used. Soundproofing baby’s room is no rocket science now you may have come to know after reading the article. Thanks for giving your time to let us teach the exact way on How to soundproof baby’s room? Don’t forget to ask your query and leave comments below .

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