How to Soundproof Dog crate? 5 solutions that really work

How to Soundproof Dog crate? 5 solutions that really work

Hello to the people who prefer & love Dogs and silence at the same time which is really a very odd combination. As the dog owners are always remained irritated as their dogs never stop barking leaving them unfocused and irritated every time. I have gone through all this in the past and being a student it was never was never easy to focus on my work due to the constant barking of my Dog, Whiskey. Yes, she’s a bitch and is always attentive on what’s going outside the house. A slight noise can make her bark for minutes. So, I decided to go for my next soundproofing project which was ‘How Soundproof Dog crate?’. But I knew nothing about it so began researching and found some cool solutions which actually work for Soundproofing Dog Crate in real.

For soundproofing Dog crate, you can buy a Soundproof Dog crate like a Zencrate. If you want to soundproof an existing Dog crate then you can go for the Soundproof Dog crate covers reviewed below. You can also cover the crate with soundproof moving blankets and Acoustic Foam. This minimizes the barking sound inside the house and also saves the dog from harsh noises.

If your Dog doesn’t like crates then you can also Soundproof a Room for them. Learn How.

Why you need to Soundproof your dog’s crate?

I know When it comes to doing something for our dogs, we people don’t think once about it and do it right away to make them happy. But it is not about making them happy, it’s about making their lives more comfortable and it is our duty to protect them from their daily discomforts as they don’t have a mouth to tell us their problems. One of the biggest daily discomforts for them as well as us is the noise problem. So here we have enlisted the major noise related problems to our pets which even affect us which will convince you even more to immediately soundproof Dog crate in your house and also soundproof a separate space if needed.

Lightening & Firework sensitivity

As you all know, how frightening it can become for dogs during the lightening periods especially when you live in a rain prone area. We all know how higher can dogs listen as they have this hearing ability which let them hear the most minors of the sound. Then how they would feel when a lightening occurs or it’s 4th of July or Christmas & New Year when Fireworks are on peek. They can become seriously ill or depressed during these days. So you need to be prepared for such situations.

Nearby Construction Site or Traffic

Soundproofing your dog’s crate is seriously necessary when you live near a construction site or your home is exposed to a road with ongoing traffic all the time. This can constantly disturb your dog and cause unnecessary barking and whining which will ultimately discomfort your silence and peace along with your dog.

Loud neighbors

You need the Dog crate soundproofing especially when you have loud neighbors or loud kids living in the next apartment as this will lead your dog to constantly barking due to these untimely noises coming in. If you want to soundproof the common wall to your neighbor then read this separate guide for Soundproofing walls.

This Professional Solution can do wonders for your Dog

We have here the best rated anti-anxiety Crate in the market right now. We found Zencrate here when we were researching on proven working methods to reduce noise anxiety in our dog. When we found it, we researched for it’s verified buyers who are actually using it and contacted them personally for it’s feedback. You won’t believe what we heard. All it’s buyers were totally satisfied as it is a multi functional technically advanced crate which reduces the noise anxiety to a minimal level which comforts your dogs the best way possible. Here are the features which we loved the most after using it ourselves for our pet “whiskey”.

Waterproof memory bed

Zencrate has the most comfortable bed your dog can relax on. Plus, it is waterproof and you don’t have to worry if your dog frightens by the lightening and pees inside it. You just have to wipe out the pee and it’s all set again.

High speed Wifi camera for pet monitoring

It has a high quality camera inbuilt through which you could watch your dog’s behavior every time even if you are away in your office. Now you don’t have to worry about your dog all the time as he is always right in front of your eyes relaxing inside the crate.

Clinically proven relaxing music for your dog

It also has a pair of speakers built in it which have a playlist of large number of soothing and anti anxiety music for your dogs. Zencrate analysis the behavior of your dog at every music track and deletes the song which isn’t liked by your dog and keeps playing the ones your dog becomes relaxed after listening to. Isn’t it the next level caring?

Soundproofed Walls

The walls of the Zencrate look like made up of wood at first. But there are special elements placed inside the walls to reduce the outer noise to a significantly lower level which prevent your dogs from sudden excitement or anxiety due to lightening or loud noises outside. It also has ability of airflow which makes it more ventilated inside to breathe and relax.

Power Backup during cut-offs

It has a battery for power backup and providing unstoppable relaxing experience for your dogs even during the power cutoffs in the area.

Large space inside

It has enough of the space inside to handle dogs who whey till 90lbs which is enough for any size of dog to fit inside leaving enough of the space of comfort and ventilation.

These were the features of the Zencrate which make it different from other anti-anxiety Dog crates out there. And personally, we loved the way how it worked as a complete solution for us leaving us with no worries about our dog. You can buy it here on Amazon which is the most genuine seller online. But this can be a little expensive solution for you guys as it costs you around 500 bucks but totally worth it.

If you aren’t ready to spend this much of money on the Zencrate then we also have affordable working solutions to soundproof dog crate yourself which already exist in your house. These methods won’t be this much effective in reducing noise anxiety but will definitely provide some less but the same kind of Soundproofing affect as in the Zencrate above.


How to Soundproof Dog crate?

How to soundproof Dog crate









Now, let’s come on more cheaper and affordable solution which this whole article is all about. Soundproofing dog crate is easy but what makes it more efficient in blocking out the sound is choosing the right material to do it. Here we have explained 3 solutions to Soundproof Dog crate easily. You can use any of them according to your budget and environment conditions. Don’t get confused, we will recommend each crate soundproofing solution for different environment conditions they will suit. So let’s start with guiding you through the whole process.

A Soundproofing crate cover for your dog

Getting a Crate cover will be a smart decision as this will change your dog’s behavior during uncomfortable environment like lightening or fireworks and even daily situations like noise from roads and people nearby. Also it reduce the barking sound coming out of the crate making it more comfortable to live in the house.

A crate cover will also provide a shelter and walls which is needed by dogs to rest and sleep comfortably as you guys would have seen that your dogs are always busy in finding a good dark shelter to rest under.

We have tested several types of Dog crate covers but then we came across this Pet Dreams New Double Door 3 Piece Crate Bedding Set which is all we need in a great Dog crate cover.

It has a comfortable cushion flooring made of waterproof cloth to prevent accident pee from seeping inside. It also secures your dog against hard metal floors of crates.

It has a full covering roof and walls made up of insulating cloth keeping the crate warmer in winters and cooler in summers. The cloth is breathable which can be washed easily inside a washer.

Covering the Dog crate with Acoustic Foam panels

Covering your dog’s crate with soundproofing foam panels will be a good option if you can’t afford the crate cover above. When it comes to Soundproofing, a name ‘acoustic foam’ always pops up as it is the cheapest method to noise cancelling nearly anything from soundproofing a car to this Dog crate. Here we are using this Acoustic foam panels from Amazon you can buy right now. 1 pack comes under 30 bucks and is more than enough to cover any size of crate or kennel.

  • First we will measure the dimensions of the crate and and cut the foam using scissors accordingly.
  • We’ll need some medium to large binder clips to place them on the crate without puncturing them.
  • Then we’ll place the foam on the floor from inside covering all of it.
  • Then we’ll come to the walls covering them all over without leaving a single crack. you’ll need to overlap the foams a bit to avoid exposing cracks.
  • Now it comes to cover the roof. Here we will need the Foam to hang over the edges so that it overlaps the wall foams about 1 inch to cover the cracks.

It’s all done now! You are done noise cancelling your dog’s new Crate which is ready to defend any kind of environment changes or loud noises.

Moving blankets to Soundproof the Dog crate

If you want something affordable plus really effective then go for Soundproof blankets as they are made up of thick material having a breathable layer at the outside to let the sound waves seep in and the inner layer absorbs all the sound waves giving your dog a significant reduction in noise. you can get these good quality moving blankets on Amazon right away.

We have chosen these Moving blankets from amazon which will work perfectly fine to soundproof your dog’s crate. 1 set will be more than enough in insulating the whole crate.

  • What you have to do at first place the first blanket all over the crate as it is enough to cover all of it once. Make sure you stick it to the walls and the roof properly using binder clips without leaving even 1 mm of gap between the walls and the blanket.
  • Then place 2 more blankets likewise without leaving a single crack which will soundproof it to the ultimate extent.
  • Then fold another blanket according to the floor dimensions and place it on the crate floor to create a comfortable cushion.

Now your dog can relax without getting disturbed the whole day and so as you.


Did we solve your problem regarding your dog’s anxiety problems? If yes then we are glad in helping you out by providing you the most feasible ways on ‘How to soundproof dog crate?’. We want to disclose that we explained the quick D.I.Y solutions to soundproof your dog’s crate and recommended some products which we actually tested in our case. Along with that we get some 3-4% of commissions if you buy these products through the links in this article. We both are helping each other through this process. Thank you for reading this article till the end. Hope your dog stays happy after your protect him from this noisy world.

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