Soundproof a Garage Easily for workshop or Band practice

Soundproof a Garage Easily for workshop or Band practice

Few weeks ago, my niece asked me to soundproof her Garage as she is a drummer and while practicing for her upcoming event, her neighbors used to complain about the sound she created. So she asked me to help her in soundproofing the garage for band practice .

Working with her on this project, I came to know it’s actually pretty important to soundproof your garage for band practice because it creates an unlivable environment for the neighbors and get them annoyed the whole time.

To make things workout between the band practice and the neighbors, we came up with the idea of soundproofing the garage ourselves as we had done the similar work in our bedrooms and all over our home so we had enough knowledge get started.

Soundproofing garage for band practice was quite a challenging task as a group of students jamming for high school were already short on money but this didn’t stop us, we looked up through the internet, researched for hours and came up with lot of solutions comprising of different combinations of soundproofing materials that were really affordable and quite effective.

These materials were quite feasible and worked fine accordingly . They helped a lot in soundproofing the whole garage workshop. The results were astonishing and my niece was quite impressed with the sound dampening it created.

While pondering for hours on how to soundproof a garage for band practice. I realized that there wasn’t a well organised guide with the best products & information. I then decided to write this article for the sake of other teenagers who want to practice their jamming sessions in their garage.

So let’s get started and be ready for the best soundproofing for a garage under a budget.

Types of noises & their origins

First things first, before going into all about soundproofing stuff; we should learn about the types of noises and their causes. This will help you to understand the situation and then you will have to only soundproof those sections of the garage which are responsible for the noise, saving you tons of money and most importantly your time.

Scan your garage for big gaps or open vents like windows as they provide a medium for sound to go out of the garage or vice versa.

Look for; what kind of insulation your garage have, if none then you have found one of your major culprits. Due to the absence of thermal insulation, the sound will reflect and rebound making several vibrations which results in noise your neighbors are gonna be attacked with.

Check for the walls, what type are they, is it a brick wall? If yes, then it’s good and will help in absorbing the sound more efficiently. You can also increase the capacity of absorption of noise by drywalling your garage. Don’t worry , we will get into depth of it further in the article .

Check for ceiling or floor, or any other thing which could act as a gateway for the noise to propagate like a back door for garage .

It’s very important as it actually acts as a gateway for noise to enter or leave a place. You can learn how to soundproof a door in 7 easy steps from my previous article.

It is important to soundproof a garage properly , because while practicing with your band if the noise leaves the garage then you will have to hear continuous doorbells and yelling of your neighbors. And nobody wants that to happen. So now it’s time to learn how to soundproof a garage for band practice? Here are multiple solutions for it .

How to soundproof a Garage for Band practice or workshop

Here are some simple and important steps , anyone can follow to avoid the curses and yelling of neighbors. By following these steps one can easily soundproof a garage for band practice. It’s best soundproofing for a garage under a budget. So without any delay let’s get started.

Drywall for walls

Drywall is a type of additional wall that can be put up on the actual walls and ceilings. It is made up of gypsum. Drywalling is a process to add more and more layers on your existing walls using drywall. By this process you can increase the sound absorbing capacity of the walls, so it may not leave the garage.

Multiplication of walls is quite effective in soundproofing a garage for band practice as it only requires a couple of wooden pallets and drywall.

All you need to do is hammer the wooden pallets on the wall to create a volume or to fill big gaps and drywall your garage.

resilient channel for soundproofing garage wallresilient channel for soundproofing garage wall

Before watching this video tutorial, I would highly recommend you to Install the dry wall using these Resilient channels above in the picture. They are really tough and also absorb all the sound waves which pass through them from the actual wall to the drywall letting minimal amount of sound waves enter the room. I would highly suggest to use these Resilient channels from Amazon.

Acoustic noise panels for walls

Another way to keep your complaining neighbors in control is to soundproof your walls using acoustics noise panels.

These acoustic noise panels have sound absorbing material due to which they show great noise reduction properties, they absorb around 50% of the noise which may be enough to keep your neighbors time to time from reaching your door bell.

They can be hooked to the ceiling and run down to the bottom giving it a personal touch, as they come in great shapes and sizes. They are quite affordable and effective .

I would suggest you to buy these foam panels as they are comparatively cheaper and also more efficient than the acoustic panels. They are not so visually appealing but it can go with the garage as it’s not your bedroom we are talking about. You can buy these amazing quality Soundproof foam panels here on Amazon.

I would recommend you to place these panels on the Ceiling & the drywall so that these panels act as reinforcements in stopping the waves to move out at any cost.

Mass loaded vinyl for ceiling

Vibrations of sound uses floors and ceilings as a reflector which later leaves the garage space in form of noise , inviting your neighbors to come over and complain . These mass loaded vinyls are also highly used in soundproofing a car.

This is not a big issue and it can be resolved easily , all you need is a soft, thick and well designed mass loaded vinyl like this one on amazon, to cover the surface of floor and ceilings. It helps in blocking the sound and absorbing the vibrations so they don’t reflect and propagate through the whole space.

Order these mass loaded vinyl according to the surface area you need to cover with them.

Another benefit is that the sound quality of the instruments and your singing increases to a whole new level as it eliminates the echos and harsh sound giving some bass and good quality of sound to reach your ears.

Floor mats for extra soundproofing

A little extra investment in your neighbor’s peace or for your own, we would recommend that you go for the floor mats.

Floor mats like you see in gyms provides with extra dampening of the sound to make sure that sound doesn’t reflect back of the flat surface and amplifies itself.

They are efficient and affordable, on the other hand also gives a professional touch to your garage. Like this one available on amazon. We used this very same product and had some really decent results which satisfied us. We recommended them in our last post and they turned out to be a hit recommendation as they look like a regular mat but made up of some thick and great vinyl and dampen the sound so well.

Another Benefit of using it is that you can play your instruments barefoot like few renowned musicians do. They play barefoot so they can feel the vibrations and adjust themselves to the soothing environment for their act.

Soundproofing the garage window

First of all, I want to tell you that soundproofing a garage window is a little difficult but we have already written a fool proof guide with the exact steps you need to perform to soundproof your garage window as it can be the most vulnerable part your noise can leak through.

So I would highly suggest you to have a look at that special article guide on How to soundproof a window and it got you whole covered and won’t let it leak out 1% of the noise even through the glass. Isn’t it amazing?

If you don’t want to read it then here we got some important points from it to get you saved from your neighbors for instance.

Soundproofing curtains

As for soundproof curtains, they are heavy and thick piece of cloth made of soundproofing material. They run down from ceiling to the floor giving your garage a more of elegance and professional look. They can also provide your Gang a bit of fresh feel while practising boosting their  morale and confidence.

soundproofing material used in curtains captures sound in it’s fabric, and don’t let that unwanted noise escape the garage. soundproofing curtains comes in all shapes and sizes, you can choose a perfect soundproofing curtain for yourself by reading our guide on how to choose a perfect soundproofing curtains.

For instance, if you want your window not to leak a single wave of sound outside then you have to buy this Fiberglass blanket which makes sure that none of the sound gets out. It is a little expensive but you ain’t got any alternative to it.

People or other websites will recommend other cheap moving blankets which cost you approx 40 bucks but the sad truth is that they want you just to buy the product and get the commission as they know that you won’t buy an expensive product much. But quality comes at a price my friend.

Get rid of the glass

By bricking your window, there will be no glass which leaks sound easily . Bricks will help you absorb more sound and you are jamming in your garage so you also don’t need a view .

Bricking your window is cheap and efficient , as now you don’t need to spend extra money on your other soundproofing methods .

Rest of some useful tips and products can be found on this article about soundproofing a window.

Soundproofing Garage door

The door is the most annoying part of the garage as it creates noises and also slow them to propagate,the best solution for you would be to use sheets or acoustic blankets in order to prevent the noise going through the door.

Acoustic blankets are mostly made of soundproofing materials or fiberglass. They are usually used for soundproofing movable doors of the garage. We bought a few pieces of this highly dense layered fiberglass blanket for our door and it worked like miracle for us.

But, they are large in size and to make them work for your garage door size you have to make some extra effort in cutting them and re-sizing to your garage door size.

On the other hand, These good quality moving blankets(Amazon link.) are also a solution and are also cheaper than acoustic blankets. They work a bit less than the fiberglass blankets as we told above but are affordable. These blankets can be attached to the back side of the door increasing it’s sound absorbing capacity and you are good to go for a private rock session in your garage.

If you want got no money problem then there is always a professional solution , you may want to get a quiet garage door opener. Like this one on amazon


All these methods to soundproof a garage were used by me and my niece while working on her garage and all of this was under an affordable budget. Anyone can soundproof their garage themselves or for their little ones jamming sessions now.

Hope you loved this article on how to soundproof a garage window, door, walls and ceiling. I will be back soon with another article till then happy soundproofing guys !!

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