How to Soundproof a laundry room cheaply?

How to Soundproof a laundry room cheaply?

I still remember how loud was my laundry room at first. It created nearly 90% of the noise leaving my kids and outside traffic to 10%. The loud washing machine and the drier together kept disturbing us while working or sleeping. It also affected my kid’s studies a lot. I had to do something about it. I had only one option as I couldn’t throw out the washing machine to quieten the laundry room.

So I decided to find a way to block the sound from coming out of the room. So I researched upon this topic and found some really great solutions which are uncommon when it comes to soundproofing. Then I finally took a step forward to Soundproof the laundry room after all it was quite cheap to get rid of this big problem.


Magical Soundproofing pads to quiet the washer & drier

When you think about quietening the laundry room, the first thought which would have popped in your brain is getting the typical Soundproof acoustic panels and placing them here & there.

But no, this time we will be using much effective product to perform this difficult sound absorbing task. These are High quality Soundproof Pads which will decrease the noise coming from the washing machine which is the main culprit to produce so much noise.

You can buy these Soundproofing pads here on Amazon. You’ll need to buy 2X quantity of this product to quieten both the washing machine and the drier.

These pads have special material filled inside by which the sound energy gets converted into heat energy and is released. So they are the ideal ones for this job. Keep in mind that you put these pads straight under the machines to achieve the best sound reduction.

You’ll have to place these pads below both the appliances. This was the easiest task to perform which will reduce the noise up to 40%.

How to soundproof laundry room door

Now comes another culprit which helps the noise to leak out and irritate the whole house. We are talking about the laundry room door. we’ll use a couple of products and hacks which will block the sound completely from leaking out.

Soundproof blankets for door

Let’s come straight to the first product we’ll be using on the door. This is a high quality cheap Soundproof blanket from Amazon which is made of thick fiberglass layers inside and thin porous layers at the out which absorb the sound and then let it vibrate the whole sound energy with the help of inside materials. You can also read our separate article about Soundproof blankets to clear more of the confusion and select best according to your situation.

What you have to do is to cover the inside part of the door with this soundproof blanket. You can do this easily with the help of grommets already attached to the blankets. Just hammer some nails in the door and hang the blanket on it.

That’s it, you have done nearly 80% of the Soundproofing job.

Now you have to cover the gap between the door and the floor which blocks the sound moving out. For this, we’ll be using this simple door sweep which we’ll attach to the door and the work’s done.

Another thing which you should opt for is the self adhesive soundproof weather strip. You have to stick it around the dimensions of the door. This will fill up the cracks which leak out the noise.

If you want detailed tutorials on all the steps to soundproof a door then go hit this definitive guide we have written separately.

If you have a water pump in your laundry room or in your backyard, trust me it produces one of the most annoying sounds across the house. Learn how to Soundproof a noisy water pump here.


So this was the whole solution to the problem of noisy laundry room. That is the exact process we used to soundproof laundry room easily. And it worked so well that we can relax in the home without any noises disturbing our Sunday mornings.

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