Soundproof Backyard: How to Reduce traffic noise in Backyard?

Soundproof Backyard: How to Reduce traffic noise in Backyard?

Few Years back, I got shifted to my new home on the outskirts of the city just to live in peace away from the traffic noises which are always striking the eardrums. But after an year, the outskirts started to develop more and more. Lot of population hopped in which created the same city effect from which I ran away just 3 Years ago.

I was very upset from the fact that I moved to this new house in search of peace which got snatched from me after an Year. I started thinking that is there any place on this Earth where I could stay connected to my people and work but sit back in the Backyard relaxing in peace?

No, my mind said. Then I decided to take on this project to Soundproof my backyard from the traffic noise outside. But when I searched on the Internet to reduce traffic noise in Backyard, you wouldn’t believe me, there wasn’t a single website telling me exactly how to do it and what ways will be effective to get nearly 80% silence from the traffic noise on the street.

Then I started reaching out to the architects and Soundproof experts in town to know more about How soundproof a backyard? It got me a few weeks to chose the right way to Soundproof my backyard completely. As There was not a single answer, there were plenty according to our needs.

To Soundproof your Backyard and Reduce Traffic Noise, Perform the following steps.

  1.  Extent Your Fences up to 6.5’feet to deflect the traffic noise back.
  2. Install thick noise absorbing material at the outside.
  3. Soundproof Foam on the inner Fence
  4. Cover the Foam with windscreen
  5. Good sound to fight the traffic noise

How Soundproofing your backyard works?

There are Two types of products that work in reducing the road noise in the garden. The science behind these products are 1. Sound deflection & 2. Sound absorption. You need to understand these two phenomenons before getting your hands on soundproofing Backyard.

  • Sound Deflection

Let’s first ask you a question. Does the intensity of traffic noise is way higher? or you have a high budget to get rid if the traffic noise? If your answer is a ‘yes’ then this category is for you.

What happens in sound deflection is that the material used to fence your backyard deflects the sound back to the source from which it has emerged. This method of Soundproofing is best suited if the noise issue is big enough. As it Soundproofs the backyard better than the secondary option you’ll hear below and what I have used in my Garden. Sound deflection quality varies in material to material. Usually this quality is present in stones & bricks as they are tough and dense enough to deflect the sound back.

  • Sound Absorption

Now comes to thing you were looking for. As most of us don’t have the high budget to install a brick or stone wall in the place of your existing fence. So here’s the phenomenon of Sound absorption on which our most of the products will be based on. Before moving forward, let me tell you that it will not perform as good as sound deflection.

But the happy thing here is that we can get nearly the same effect if we select the right products and combine and apply them the right way which will cost half to the brick wall. Wasn’t it some Superb Information?

Below I’ll tell you how exactly I was able to get as near as 60%-70% of reduction in traffic noise which is a massive change. Be tuned with this article and read every line carefully to avoid any mistakes further.

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Important aspects to take care about

To Soundproof backyard the most effective way, you need to take care of couple of things explained below. This will enforce your fencing to increase the effect of reducing the road noise in your garden to reach near the professional stone wall.

  • Fence Height is the key

The height of the fencing is one of the most important factor everybody forgets to take care about. What you need to do is analyze the height of the sound waves coming towards your backyard from the respective Cars. Usually the height of the sound waves reach up to 4.5′ feet. So you need to build your fence up to the height of 6.5′ feet so that sound waves wouldn’t be able to bounce off the fence.

  • Thickness to defend the Noise

Thickness is the other factor which leads to poor soundproofing and doesn’t create a difference if not kept in mind. The more thick the fence is, the more it will be effective in reducing and absorbing the noise interrupting your peace.

  • No cracks = No Leaks

Yes, as you would have understood from the heading ‘NO crack= NO Leaks’. What you have to do is to avoid the bottom gap between the ground and the fence. As the sound can easily leak through any cracks inside the fence or the gap below it. You have to cover everything with the products.

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How to Soundproof my Backyard?

So let’s start with the recipe which includes the correct combinations of the right products which actually absorbs the low-medium intensity of noises very well. I want to tell you that this Soundproofing recipe is tested and implemented by me so you need not to worry whether it’ll work or not as it’s not an experiment now but it was earlier which really worked. So I decided to write this article to tell you what other aren’t telling about reducing traffic noise in backyard.

1. Extent Your Fences up to 6.5’feet to deflect the traffic noise back

First thing you have to do is that you have to correct your existing fence. You need to install an extension fence to increase the height till 6.5′ feet. Usually everyone has metallic or wooden fences which can be easly extended by installing more at the top of the existing one.

You need to first check the fencing laws in your area before increasing the height.

2. Installing thick noisse absorbing material at the outside

Now let’s start the soundproofing process which will also look beautiful in enhancing the looks of your existing fence and the house too.

What you need to do is buy these artificial hedges panels(Amazon link) which are thick enough to absorb 40% of the sound coming in. You can order them after measuring the whole fence and calculate the number of hedges panels you need to cover it all over to the bottom ground without leaving a single crack. These artificial hedges panels look so great and fresh that it gave my home a sophisticated and pleasing look. As I have researched, they are also cheaper on Amazon than on the local stores near us.

3. Soundproof Foam on the inner fence

Now, on the inner fence facing your backyard, I would recommend a couple of products that will increase the present 40% sound absorption up to 80%. Isn’t that wow?

Let’s come on to the first layer. Here, we’ll place the pieces of Acoustic foam panels all over the fence without leaving any gap. Usually you’ll get 12 pieces of these high quality Soundproof foam panels on AmazonThese are 1 inch thick and 1 piece measures 1 square feet. The whole packet will cover 12 square feet. So you can order the Foam panels according to the measurement of your fence.

4. Cover the Foam with windscreen

You would all be thinking that the house looks beautiful from the outside but looks little bit ugly after applying the Soundproof foam panels. No worries, we have got this descent looking brown Windscreen you can buy here which also helps a bit in absorbing the sound due to it’s porous material while giving a great look.

If you don’t want to cover the Acoustic foam with the above windscreen then you can cover it with these Soundproof moving blankets available on Amazon which will give you the ultimate Soundproofing experience if installed over the acoustic panels.

We have also written a separate article on Soundproof blankets so that you could choose the best for your home

5. Place some plants alongside the Fence. They act as noise absorbers.

Now, that we have placed our every product in place and got success in reducing the significant amount of noise. It’s time for an optional addition.

We can places plants inside the pots in a single line cove whole fence from inside. They’ll not only look beautiful but they have great health benefits and will also provide fresh air when you are relaxing in your lawn.

They will also absorb the extra noise which got passed through all the barriers we installed earlier to give you a finishing effect.

6. Good sound to fight the traffic noise

Did you get confused after reading the title? Haha, well it is quite simple. You can add this optional product which creates a soothing water sound which beats the left over sound which come through the air.

You can buy this beautiful Water Fountain here which will decorate your garden and also quieten the noisy effect from the road.

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Yes, We did it at last! We didn’t install some fancy expensive acoustic fence which costs a fortune. And didn’t built out an expensive 6.5 feet tall brick wall. Now our fence looks beautiful and ready to fight back every type of noise trying to rush inside your backyard.

At the top of the article, you were asking How to soundproof backyard? That’s how we got success in this project to soundproof backyard and reduce the traffic noise to minimal.

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