How to soundproof your home office in 5 simple steps

How to soundproof your home office in 5 simple steps

It’s been awhile since I started working from home and i must say it is the best feeling, but living in a joint family and being a content writer doesn’t go hands in hands because of the noise my siblings created. It was not healthy for my work, I was not able to think and not able to write and the outcome was bad. So i decided to soundproof my home office and work in my peaceful heaven.

Soundproofing my home office was a great idea as the results were astonishing and it didn’t cost much because it matters when you are working on a budget. So now let’s move on and see how to soundproof home office cheaply?

There are multiple ways in which you can soundproof your existing home office without spending much money and create yourself a calm and quiet place to work without any outside noise bothering you.

Here’s ,what we will discuss later in the article to reduce the noise in home office-:

  • Drywall the walls.
  • Soundproofing the door with moving blankets and acoustic panels.
  • Soundproofing the window using Soundproof curtains.
  • Treating the air vents with soundproofing material
  • insulating the Ceiling and floor is the key to silence

Why you need to soundproof your home office yourself?

The answer to this question is quite simple, no one knows your problem better then you yourself and it’s quite easy to soundproof your home office and it saves you money for other useful purposes.

  • To achieve an actual professional office feeling.
  • A quiet home office is affordable and is worth of all the silence and focus you’ll need to accomplish your work.
  • You can rest in your office in complete silence after a tiring session of work.
  • It’s a life saver if when you have crazy noisy kids in your home.

Read the Reviews of the Best Quiet Keyboards in the market right now. So that you could type quietly without disturbing the other typist in the room.


How to soundproof home office? 5 Steps to achieve a quieter work space 

  1. Drywall the walls

Walls a of a room reflect sound and to prevent this it is necessary to drywall the room. Drywall is nothing but adding number of layers to the existing wall , increasing its sound absorbing capacity and thus not allowing sound to propagate any further.

If you are a handy person then you can drywall your office yourself or else I would recommend you to hire professional, don’t worry about the money as it’s totally worth it.

After the drywall you can just paint right over it or to make it more appealing to eyes.You can choose to decorate the wall with these soundproofing wall art panels or this one here for more descent look which actually absorb the sound bouncing in the room. It has amazing reviews on amazon and it’s quite affordable if you are working on a budget. Choose form the Best decorative acoustic panels reviewed here. If you face some continuous high intensity of noise through walls then don’t hesitate to follow this complete guide to soundproof your walls

  1. Soundproofing the door

The door of a room is practically the largest thing where the sound leaks in to bother you while working. That’s why it is necessary to take care of this problem.

There are multiple ways in which you can soundproof your door  according to your needs like we did in Soundproofing bathroom article –

  • Here is a quick fix which is affordable and worked well for us. You can place this soundproof weather strip on Amazon around the door to fill any cracks and gaps which leak in the sound. You can literally just unwrap it and as it’s adhesive you can just place it in the frame of the door and you are good to go. it seals the gap and doesn’t allow sound to get straight inside the office.
  • If your door is one of the hollow ones then you should go to a nearby store and get yourself a solid door for $99. As the sound absorbing capacity of a hollow door is quite poor. You would have to use above mentioned strip to make it more effective with the solid door. It is optional if you have  slightly higher budget. Don’t worry, we have an alternate solution for your guys.
  • you can also use the combination of these high quality soundproofing blankets on Amazon to cover the inner door and this incredible door sweep which I recommended in my previous posts.
  • You can also check out my special post about Soundproof blankets to learn more about acoustic blankets and soundproof other areas of your home easily.

That was pretty much what you need to do to soundproof the door. If you want detailed tutorials of above steps on How to Soundproof the Door then check out this Special Guide.

  1. Soundproofing the window

A window can be a gateway for most of the sounds coming from outside and may distract you. You can soundproof your home office window with the help of soundproofing curtains. Here is the link of our previous article about Soundproof curtains which will help you to choose a perfect curtain for your home office to prevent outside or road noise from disturbing you.They gave the best result after installation and helped in maintaining the aroma of your peaceful heaven.

If you want other working methods to Soundproof the window completely along with the curtains then please click on the link above.

  1. Treating the air vents

Is it really necessary to treat air vents with soundproofing and how would it help? The answer to this question would be yes!, as air vents are in fact one of the largest holes in your walls which allows the flow of air and propagation of noise throughout the room.

To get rid of this problem and soundproof home office there are multiple ways you can either make a noise reducing maze which will help in reducing the noise from the vent without stopping the air flow .

You can also opt for hanging another Soundproof curtain on your office door along with the vent like this one on Amazon.

  1. Ceiling and floor is the key to silence

Ceilings and floor of a room reflect sounds resulting in form of irritating echoes and enhancement of the noise. This problem is more often observed in houses which have hardwood floors and is one of the most common problem.

For floor, one can use simple rugs or carpet as they have good sound absorbing capacity and if the noise is coming beneath the floor like if your home office is over a garage or a laundry room. You can simply use these Sound absorbing rugs for your floor which will absorb the sound waves and won’t let them to bounce back and help you quieten your home office. You don’t need to cover the whole floor. Just place 2 or 3 of them together in the middle of the room.

For ceiling the soundproofing is not necessary but you can cover it with these Soundproof acoustic panels from Amazon if your home office is beneath some noisy room.

To Read the complete Guide on soundproofing the floor for a massive noise reduction if you seriously suffer some serious noise from beneath the floor.

Extra tip:

You can use another sound weapon to eliminate irritating sound. Use this affordable white noise machine which we bought for our home. It produces a soothing air sound which helps in Soundproofing existing home office. We have Reviewed some of the Top Rated white Noise Machines in the market here.

If you want the same Silence in your office cubicle that you get in your Home Office after applying these steps above, then Read this comprehensive guide on Soundproofing office cubicles.



So this was the whole bunch of tips and steps on How to soundproof home office. We used these tweaks to Soundproof mine and they really worked. I wish you’d be working in a much more quieter Home office after applying the hacks.

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