How to Soundproof a Room for Music | 7 Effective ways to do it

How to Soundproof a Room for Music | 7 Effective ways to do it

Soundproofing a music room can be a challenging task, especially when you want that professional silence while you are recording. One cannot afford the noise from outside or echoes in a room while recording, it’s the most irritating thing at that time. As it compromises with your work and focus.

My friend named Nihal, is a great singer and an upcoming Youtuber. He was having problem from the noise coming from outside and echoes in his own room, while trying to make a video. He was in trouble and was fed up because he didn’t know how to soundproof a room for music? Then he asked me and we decided together to soundproof a room for music . soundproofing a room for such a professional purpose could take time but the results were worth it . when we started soundproofing the room for music we didn’t know that it would result in an excellent recording studio. So without wasting any time let’s begin

Today, in this article we will be going to cover a lot of important things on how to soundproof a room for music. Using simple methods and soundproofing materials that are easily available.

We will be talking about soundproofing materials including soundproofing blankets and acoustic panels for walls , soundproofing curtains and acoustic plugs for the windows, rugs and fiberglass blankets for soundproofing floor and doors .

Using these materials in combination is a trick that may help you a lot, we will get into it furthermore in article.

This article will guide you through all the possible problems which may arise when you are soundproofing a room for music , so let’s get started.

Does Soundproofing a music room works?

The answer you are looking for is a huge YES.. it works, many professional singers create their own studio at home by soundproofing a room. soundproofing a room to such an extent can take time and money but the results are always astonishing.

I helped my friend soundproofing his room for recording and music, and we got to say it did take some time but it was totally worth it. The decibel meter showed about 85% noise was absorbed by the surroundings. Soundproofing a music room is no rocket science, We just used different combinations of soundproofing materials to increase the rooms sound absorbing capacity.

On the other hand we were working on a budget and after hours of research and surfing through internet , we came up with some efficient and affordable soundproofing materials available online. Need not to worry you don’t have to look into that we will be sharing our insights of products we used, so you can get an idea how these products work and where they are available.

How to soundproof a room for music? Quick DIY Guide

First things first, we will be scanning our rooms for the main problem which is large open spaces in walls like windows  or ceilings or bottom of door. As these open spaces act as a gateway for noise to get in your workspace or vice versa.

Then, we will look for the wooden floor as it works as a reflector for sound vibrations and helping it propagate through the room making multiple echoes.

Further we will look for other possible methods to to soundproof the room for music and recording.

Use Moving soundproof blankets to insulate walls

Moving soundproofing blanket is the perfect solution under budget when it comes to soundproofing a wall. Walls of a room act as a medium for sound to travel from one room to another, hence leading to the problem of noise in your work space while you are recording. That’s why we need to soundproof the walls so you don’t get disturbed while working or when it’s not your intention to disturb someone else in the next room while you are recording or apartment.

Moving soundproofing blankets are quite efficient, affordable and easy to install. In fact for the installation you just have to hang them up on the wall and you are done. These moving soundproofing blankets are thick and made up of special sound absorbing material, which results in noticeable difference as soon as you install them. They absorb most of the noise and not letting it go through the walls, thus increasing the soundproofing efficiency of the wall. They kind of create a volume packed seal between the wall and surface of blanket so not only they absorb sound from within, but also don’t let sound from outside to get in. They help in absorbing vibrations made by noise such as while drumming or playing other loud instruments, resulting in reducing echoes while recording and sustaining the good quality of your work. As echoes tarnish the quality of the audio you just recorded.

Best Soundproof Blankets 2019 for complete soundproofing

These moving soundproofing blankets on Amazon are cheap and super effective which I used while soundproofing music room for my friend are of high quality with good reviews. It comes in all colors and has a vast variety. You can also give a personal touch to your recording room as you can choose different designs and colors available here online. They are very cheap and do their job best. And if you want to know more about soundproofing a wall completely for all purposes then you can learn about how to soundproof walls cheaply by reading our previous article.

Quiet Down the windows with soundproof insulation

It is necessary to soundproof windows of a room as windows are made of glass which is a poor sound absorbing material and leaks sound easily. It may cause annoying vibrations while you are playing a loud instrument which needs to be taken care off so that it does not compromise the quality of you recording. Also to avoid loud traffic noise from coming in and ruining the recording.

There are multiple methods for soundproofing a window and here the best and affordable methods as follows:-

Soundproofing curtains

As for soundproof curtains, they are heavy and thick piece of cloth made of soundproofing material. They run down from ceiling to the floor giving your garage a more of elegant and professional look. They can also provide you with a personal touch and bit of fresh feel while practicing.

Soundproofing material used in curtains captures sound in its threads, and not let that unwanted noise escape the garage.

soundproofing curtains comes in all shapes and sizes, you can choose a perfect soundproofing curtain for yourself by reading our guide on how to choose a perfect soundproofing curtains.

Soundproof weather strip

It is one of the best and cheapest hack to soundproofing a window. It is nothing but a thick strip of soundproofing material which has adhesive on one side. You just have to stick it to the borders of the window so that no gap is left when you shut the windows up providing the best sealing experience. It also doesn’t allow the window’s glass to vibrate. Go for this one(link to Amazon) as it is double layered and best in industry.

Use a Fiberglass blanket for the door

Soundproofing a door for room music is important as it is literally a gateway for noise to travel through. Nowadays most of the houses have hollow wooden doors which is a very poor sound blocker and allows most of the sound to enter your music room.

To soundproof your music room, you should first get a solid wooden door and then to increase its sound absorbing capacity you can use a moving blanket which we used to soundproof walls. But if you have hollow doors made up of plywood then you strictly have to use this Fiberglass blanket which will alone act as a strong barrier to absorb the sound. They have inner layers of Fiberglass and cotton which help in absorbing up to 80% of the noise created. These blankets are easy to install, you just have to hang them at the back side of the door. They are cheap and serve their purpose with quality results. I would recommend it to buy from amazon as it is difficult to find offline and they are cheaper online. This fiberglass blanket from Amazon will fit in your budget and it shares promising results . when I was soundproofing room for music.

Door is the most vulnerable part where you sound can leak through. Unwanted noises can come inside ruining your work or your noise can disturb others in house. So, if you want to completely soundproof your door then check out this easy Door soundproofing guide.

Soundproofing mats for the floor

If your room has hardwood floors then you will face problem like echoes or sound of creaking and clapping when someone walks on them. This is because of the tendency of hardwood floors to reflect sound as it is in form of vibrations and resulting in multiple irritating noises.

This can go away with a simple trick which is to cover your floors with these Sound absorbing excercise mats we used in our recording studio. These mats are thick, soft and have an amazing sound absorbing capacity and are used to soundproof Gyms. They are quite cheap and efficient. You have to spread these interlocking mats on the whole floor to get away from this problem.

Another benefit of using these soundproofing mats is that you can practice your instruments barefoot, like most of the renowned artists . It helps them feel the music and bass so that they can improvise their work accordingly to create a flawless sweet melody.

If you are building your music room or a recording studio for a long term or for some serious work then we would recommend you to treat the floor with professional Soundproofing treatment which is affordable. Take a look at our previous article about floor soundproofing. We wrote this post especially because people do this mistake of leaving the floor as it is which results in nothing but disappointment.

Other Tips to soundproof your music room

  1. Acoustic panels on wall

If you want to give a real professional look to your recording room , you can go for these amazing acoustic panels for the walls. They will help you in absorbing the sound to a much greater extent and they have an impressive impact on the visitor. It will give your soundproof music room a touch of professional studio. on the other hand you will also have a better feeling whenever you will be recording your music increasing your morale and motivating you.

Soundproof panels to soundproof a wall How to soundproof a music room

  1. Add some book shelf to absorb the echos more

Another trick, to soundproof your music room is to fill in the blank space with a sound absorbing stuff , like furniture. You can add a bookshelf or a display cupboard. So that when you play your loud instruments the vibrations gets absorbed by the furniture and not allowing it to travel through the blank space emerging into annoying echoes. You can choose any type of furniture according to your interest or interior of your room so it may look fabulous as you are.

  1. Door sweep for the forbidden gap

Have you ever noticed that small gap between the bottom of a door and the floor. That gap is the forbidden gap and  one of the main culprit behind the noise , that disturbs you while recording or when you are playing your favourite instrument. This gap allows the trespassing of noise into your peaceful heaven of melodies converting it into a total menace. But need not to worry , you can cover this gap with the help of a door sweep. A door sweep like this one with double layers made up of thick soundproofing material fits perfectly into the gap, sealing it and won’t allow anymore noise to pass through it. It is cheap , efficient and easy to install. Other benefits of door sweep can be , it won’t let any insects or crawlers to get into your room and will also keep the dust out .


Are you still wondering that How to soundproof a room for music? After reading this article I know you would have got your answer. I have provided you with all my knowledge, research, hacks and tricks based on my experience to soundproof a music room. It’s now your turn to channel this information and soundproof your room for recording or listening.


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