How to Soundproof Office cubicles? 7 Working Solutions

How to Soundproof Office cubicles? 7 Working Solutions

We all wake up and hit the office at 9 in the morning. But what pisses us off the most is the lack of our personal space or we can say privacy or peace as our office cubicles are the noisiest place to live half of our life there. Doesn’t that really pisses you off? Actually it does because so many employees sitting together in a hall woring and making phone calls produce a large amount of noise constantly leaving an unhealthy environment to work in. So what’s the solution to this never ending problem? Did you ever thought How to Soundproof office cubicles. Yes, we definitely need to Soundproof office cubicles with the best techniques and proven tips to really make it comfortable for work and revive the silence again.

There are a plenty of ways to soundproof a room or any space. Or we can say there are many approaches to soundproof a room but we a the experts and beforehand users, it is our duty to explain you the most reasonable, efficient and working Soundproofing tips for specific spaces.

Here for the Office cubicles, we are not gonna use the cliche techniques for the common application. Instead, we are gonna soundproof office cubicles by using the old and new products along with some well designed tweaks and applications to suit the office environment the best.

For soundproofing office cubicles, we have chosen these _ perfect ways to make it happen.

  1. Add up more dense furniture & Plants
  2. Carpeting the cubicles will do the Job
  3. Increase the height of cubicle walls with Extenders
  4. Install Soundproof Curtains to absorb noise
  5. Place Acoustic panels to minimize the sound
  6. Use White noise to kill the Bad one
  7. Talk about Cubicle Etiquette with your colleagues

How to Soundproof Office cubicles? 7 Tips to quieten office cubicles

Let’s begin our guide to soundproof office cubicles with most precise solutions that actually worked in my office to quiet it up to 70% which is quite significant sound dampening. We have tried various ways and methods to soundproof our office cubicle but refined out the following methods on the basis of their soundproofing power, efficiency, durability & the most important factor that helped us to select these ways was the blending ability of these solutions in the office infrastructure.

1. Fill up some dense Furniture

We’ll begin the soundproofing with the most basic ways to quieten the office which will result in good amount of noise absorption when you do it.

First, we need to replace the existing hollow furniture with some dense and hard one. It is quite expensive so I’ll suggest you to add up some book shelves full of books or some other dense furniture instead of replacing it. This will result in more noise absorption and will also reduce echos produced inside which is one of the biggest reasons of noise problems in office cubicle.

Another thing which is well tested and works well is to place plants inside office. You’ll have a ton of benefits by putting plants in the cubicles. Most importantly, the plants can absorb voice to a good extent and will add up to the quiet environment. Secondly, It will constantly provide fresh air and a fresh environment so that the employees can work more efficiently without being any fatigue for a longer period of time.

2. Carpeting the cubicles to Soundproof Floor

We have selected this as one of our most effective solutions because of some solid reasons and it’s effectiveness to absorb the sound on a significant level. Firstly, Carpeting the floor does biggest task in soundproofing a space which is soundproofing the floor. To Soundproof some room, you need to insulate every part like floor, ceiling and walls with some good quality product and techniques. But in the Office cubicle’s case, we have to neglect the ceiling as it isn’t much needed here and it’s not even feasible.

Instead, we’ll go for carpeting the cubicle floor so that it absorbs all the sound waves which bounce off the ceiling and walls and get amplified to hurt your peace. At the same time, it’ll eliminate the noise of crackling shoes on the floor or the sound of women’s heels which is really disturbing while work.

We have selected some great quality office rugs which are made up of thick materials and are specialized in insulating. These Rugs from Amazon are the only thing you’ll need to Soundproof the office floor.

You need to place these rugs inside every Office cubicle properly edge to edge without leaving a single gap to achieve the best results.

Now we are a Half way there to Soundproof office cubicles completely.

If you want extra and complete Floor soundproofing then click on the link to read our foolproof Guide to Soundproof a floor.

3. Extent the Cubicle walls to create sound barriers

As you would have understood from the heading itself what are we gonna discuss under this segment. If didn’t then lets talk about the height of the existing cubicle walls. As we all know, the standard cubicle walls are smaller in size which are unable to give you enough privacy and the peace you need to concentrate on your work.

So what we need to do is to talk to the boss or the HR of the office to increase the height of the Cubicle walls to an extent where it does not leak sound to other cubicles. Before proceeding, I want you to know that it can be a hole to your pocket but not your boss’s as every boss wants to provide a great working environment to his employees. By the way can’t help if your boss is cruel though.

So what you need to do if you get the permission and funds from your boss to extend the walls, you have to buy these High quality wall mounted office partitions (Amazon link.). These are basically the extenders you’ll need to extent each office wall that will definitely eliminate half of the noise problems in a second. I highly recommend to use this solution as they act as sound barriers for office cubicles and the most effective in blocking out the sound which will help you a lot to have a control to this noisy situation.

4. Soundproof curtains to destroy noise problems

This is a happy moment for all the employees out there who got rejected by their bosses for proposing the idea of extending the cubicle walls. I knew this would happen with half of the employees as not everyone wants to put a fortune worth of money into a wall extension. As everyone is not that well caring to their employees. I understand that. But quality comes at a price and will Soundproof the cubicle walls like pro.

No issues, we have got a good alternative to the wall extension here. These are the soundproof curtains you can use to absorb excess of the sound. They are made up of high quality absorbing materials. But the truth is that they are not much effective as the wall extensions could have been. But they are relatively cheaper.

We have written a separate buying guide on Soundproof curtains as they come in different types and are classified on the basis of the intensity of the noise and the place. Go have a look on the article.

For instance, if you wanna buy a bunch of good quality soundproof curtains then these curtains from Amazon are really good in absorbing noise.

What you have to do is to map the layout of the walls on the ceiling with a pencil. Then you have to place curtain rods on the ceiling accordingly. After doing that, buy these curtains and hang them from the ceiling to the top of each cubicle wall and you are done soundproofing the cubicle walls completely.

A comprehensive guide to buy the Best and Cheap Soundproof Curtains.

Now you have your privacy and peace.

5. Acoustic panels on Cubicle walls

We have done the difficult tasks to soundproof cubicle walls. Now we will complimentary them with these noise absorbing Soundproofing panels available on Amazon which give a drastic change in the noise you were hearing earlier and now.

These panels are especially made to absorb excessive sound bouncing inside the room. These panels are decorative and you don’t have to compromise with the look and feel of your office and won’t feel like it is a recording studio  instead.

Buy these acoustic panels and place them inside every cubicle so that everyone can work in a peaceful environment.

Take a look at this Guide and Reviews of the Best Acoustic Panels in 2019.

6. Good noise vs bad noise

Now comes the last but not the lease complimentary solution you can use to give a nice touch to a quiet working environment. You guys would have got confused with the heading that says good noise vs bad noise. Yes, there exist two types of noises and the good one can actually suppress the bad one. Here’s how it does!!

You need to buy a white noise machine. We have these High End Lectro fan White noise machines in our office which produce a good sound which is scientifically proven to soothe human beings and double their focus on the work they are doing. It also helps them get rid of the noise problem hitting their ears. You can see the video below explaining about the white noise more. Take a look at the Reviews of the Best White noise machines in 2019.

You need to buy multiple white noise machines depending on the size of the office. You’ll need a white noise machine for every cubicle. 

7. Approach the HR for

Once in a while regardless of what you do on your conclusion to limit clamor, there are a couple of individuals in the workplace who are simply unnecessarily problematic. It wouldn’t hurt to make reference to your HR and propose that the group could profit by a few updates about cubicle etiquette.

Nobody has to realize that it was your proposal and a few people may truly not understand exactly how boisterous they are.

On the off chance that you work in a desk area cultivate, you very likely know the difficulties of a completing work in a boisterous situation. When you pursue these means, you’ll have the capacity to limit the sound however much as could be expected while additionally shutting up the sound inside your own work space.

Also talk to your HR to get Quiet Keyboards for the whole office. This will give a huge impact in silencing 30% of the  Noise which is created by keyboards.


This was a detailed guide on How to Soundproof an office cubicle. We hope you understood every of our solution we attempted in our own office and got shockingly great results. Now what are you waiting for? Go take over the project to soundproof your office cubicle yourself.

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