How to soundproof a sliding glass door? Does it really work?

How to soundproof a sliding glass door? Does it really work?

Hi ! guys we are back again with an amazing article for you on how to soundproof a sliding glass door? You won’t have to ponder anywhere or surf through various sites for hours to learn on how to soundproof a glass door on your own. Soundproofing-bros is here to help you out with complete step by step instructions so you can enjoy peacefully while sipping wine and glancing through your glass door without any irritating noise disturbing you.

Why you need to soundproof a sliding glass door ?

We all know that sliding door are just amazing to look at, let’s face it that one cannot be out all the time enjoying the nature or scenery but glass doors provide a side way to do that. But when it comes to sound blocking capacity, these doors become just lame. As these sliding glass doors have locomotive parts and because of thin glass the sound is not absorbed and is allowed to get your space to ruin your perfect morning/evening. That’s why it’s necessary to soundproof them so you can enjoy your outside scenery peacefully.

Reasons behind soundproofing a sliding glass door maybe as follows –

    • Nearby construction is going on
    • Newly moved in loud neighbors
    • Traffic at the nearby intersection
  • Sudden breakdown of bad weather

Soundproofing a sliding glass door on your own can be a challenging task because you have to work carefully with delicate glass and a wrong move can lead to a crack or even pressure can shatter it into pieces.

How to soundproof a sliding glass door?

As we have already told you before that soundproofing a glass door can be challenging because we have to work carefully and keep in mind about the delicate glass and locomotive parts of a door.

  • Simply placing soundproofing materials on the door won’t help as the door is made up of glass and it will ruin the perfect look and may also cause some operational problems.
  • Glass doors are a lot thinner than the normal doors which are made up of wood and tend to propagate sound because of glass poor sound absorbing capacity.

No need to panic, there are still multiple ways left through which you can soundproof the sliding glass door-

1. Sealing the culprits -Gaps and Cracks

First things first, while soundproofing a sliding door one should always look out for the gaps and cracks along the side and beneath the door. These spaces act as a gateway for sound to travel from outside into your house.

These spaces need to be sealed by a special kind of door sweep which is very thin and acoustic that seals the gaps between the bottom of the door and floor completely without hindering the sliding motion. On other hand, it does not allow dust and insects to crawl inside your house.

I bought this door sweep available on amazon it has amazing reviews and highest ratings plus its cheap.

2. Soundproofing curtains to cover up that noise

Another solution to your problem is to apply heavy soundproofing curtains on the door. Soundproofing curtains are nothing but they are heavy and thick piece of cloth made of soundproofing material. They run down from ceiling to the floor giving your room more of an elegance meanwhile providing you with a personal touch. When you need to cut off that irritating noise, just pull your curtains down and you have your own peaceful heaven.

You can check out our previous article here on how to choose a perfect soundproofing curtain and this article will probably answer your every question regarding the curtains. You have to hang them properly without leaving a single gap using these Ceiling Brackets so that the sound couldn’t escape above the curtains which is a major fault people make while placing them.

We recommend this kind of heavy soundproofing curtain here available on amazon as these curtains have high sound absorbing capacity. They are cheap and have a quite a variety to choose from like different designs according to your decor.

3. soundproofing blankets

Another cheap trick to reduce impact noises coming from outside during construction or when your loud neighbours are jamming in their garage is to place these (afflt. Link) thick soundproofing blankets on your sliding glass door.

I may warn you that they do not look good in fact it’s just a thick and heavy piece of cloth filled with layers of soundproofing material but noticeably decreases the level of noises coming from outside. On the other hand they are cheap and easy to install and you can put them on and off according to your need. You just have to hang them up on the sliding glass door like a curtain. Here,(afflt. Link) you can get curtain rod with anchors so you can place them easily.

Best soundproof blankets 2019

Summarizing the key points-

    • Easy to install
    • Can be placed and removed quickly according to your needs
    • So cheap that it won’t hurt your pocket
  • Noticeable change in noise levels as soon as you place them

4. A thing better than the above solutions

Just as another consumer, when I decided to soundproof my sliding glass door but didn’t know a thing about it. So I stumbled upon some other popular websites to check out the cure for the same. I found every solution from curtains to a blanket and other solutions. I decided to put soundproof curtains but then I fell into a dilemma of choosing between the curtains and the blanket as a soundproof curtain fails against loudest of the noises like some construction or some other loud noise which strike your home not so often but we have to be ready for each situation. So I also bought a Soundproof blanket which looks ugly and doesn’t go with the decor. So I went in the search of some product which can replace both of them and put both of them’s pros into itself.

I found this Soundproof curtain on Amazon which is also mentioned in the dedicated article about soundproof curtains. This is thick enough to reduce high intensity noise volumes and classic enough to go with any sort of look.

Go check out this curtain that won’t ask for your efforts to remove it when not needed like the soundproof blankets do while giving you the ultimate look that catches the eyes of each guests visiting your home.

5. Replace with Laminated glass door

Another solution is to replace your sliding glass door with a laminated glass door. This option is probably the best and most professional solution to your problem. If money is not an issue for you because it may cost you up to a whopping price of $500 excluding the installation charges which is way too high for me that’s why I performed those above tested solutions which work quite well. Laminated glass door provides you with an instant solution for the irritating noise which hinders your relationship with the peaceful evening you deserve after being tired by working all day.

It’s a perfect one stop solution if you want to reduce the incoming noise of loud neighbors or construction.


This was all we knew and we have tested ourselves in our own home about soundproofing sliding glass doors. We have made this easy and quick guide to tackle the noise problem through a glass door without taking you to explaining scientific terms and other stuff no needed. These solutions work well to soundproof your glass door. Thank you for checking out this article. Make sure to check out other articles about soundproofing your home.


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