Soundproofing Bathroom: How to Soundproof Bathroom in 5 DIY steps

Soundproofing Bathroom: How to Soundproof Bathroom in 5 DIY steps

Don’t you feel a bit uncomfortable? when you try to focus or sleep and suddenly you hear the sound of flush in the toilet by your sibling and then you realize that you do it sometimes too and it’s so distracting for your guests as your bathroom is near your dining area or living room.

This is one of the reasons of soundproofing your bathroom. Nowadays construction don’t pay attention towards soundproofing bathroom which later on creates problems and when you realize it , you should take the task & soundproof your bathroom. Don’t know how to soundproof bathroom? No worries, I’ll tell you the exact way I did it that really worked.

When it comes to soundproofing bathroom, there are 4 places you just have to take care of. You have to put the Soundproofing material on the doors, wall, Flush tank and other minor places to prevent any kind of noise leakage from the Bathroom. We’ll tell you below how we soundproofed every part individually to Soundproof Bathroom.

Is Soundproofing your bathroom worth it & Why do you need it?

For the proper comfort of your guests and your family, one should pay attention in soundproofing their bathrooms as it’s a delicacy and people judge quickly on the basis of the peace and decency you posses. Soundproofing tips for your bathroom can be cheap or can also cause you a bit of fortune but ultimately it is totally based on your decisions as how much you want to reduce bathroom noise.

Yes, Soundproofing your bathroom works at most cases as it did in ours and we’ll tell you the exact recipe to insulate your bathroom and get success in soundproofing it the cheaper way.

Why you reduce bathroom noise answers to live in extra comfort away from unwanted noises at night or while focusing on your work in the daytime.

How to Soundproof Bathroom in 4 Easy Steps?

Soundproofing a Bathroom isn’t a hectic task as it is to Soundproof a Garage. So don’t worry, we’ll explain you all the simple steps to absorb sound inside the bathroom.

Soundproof bathroom door

As we have discussed before how nowadays construction do not pay attention on soundproofing your bathroom. They just go for looks and complete their job accordingly, but soundproofing a bathroom should also be their priority. No problem we bros are here to help you out on How to soundproof bathroom yourself. The common problem which causes the sound leakage from your bathroom and travel outside is your hollow bathroom door and the space between the door and floor which cause the sound leakage and lets everyone know when you take a dump.

Don’t worry there are multiple solutions for this problem. Soundproofing a door needs a few products to be placed on different parts of the door. The most suitable and affordable would be the combination of soundproofing blankets and door sweep. Blankets can be installed on the door itself and works perfectly fine to insulate the bathroom for noise (not so good at looks at but they do their job pretty well).

door sweep to soundproof door

You can install this great Sound absorbing Door sweep available on Amazon at the bottom of the door, making a perfect soundproof barrier for the sound leaking cracks.

weathering strips to soundproof door cracks

The cheapest way to soundproof your bathroom door is to install this self-adhesive weather stripping around the door frame which won’t let the sound leak out from the cracks around the door. This stripping should be used along with this Soundproof blanket on Amazon (buy a color matching to the paint on your bathroom walls) to extract most out of soundproofing bathroom door cheaply. The best thing is that you can install this stripping around every door in your house to gain quieter experience inside your home.

If you are willing to spend more money, then you can go for professional solution by changing your door from a hollow to solid one which will cost you little heavy and installation charges are separate. But the blanket & sweep works perfect as they affordable and quite effective.

soundproof bathroom walls the easy way

Another important part in soundproof a bathroom is sound deadening bathroom walls, which can be done by placing drywall. Professional assistance will be definitely needed to install a drywall.

You must be curious about what drywall is? It’s nothing but an idea of adding an extra layer to the wall and by increasing the number of layers we can increase the sound absorbing capacity of the bathroom. Drywalls are available in your local stores nearby.

resilient channel

On the other hand , I would recommend installing the drywall using this resilient channel available on Amazon used to place the drywall on the actual one. Resilient channel also help to absorb the impact noise. They are quite tough because of their high efficiency and also they are quite expensive but really worth of installing. Congrats bros, now you are done soundproofing bathroom door & walls. If you want to Soundproof the other walls that sneak in high intensity of noises from the neighbors then you have to Read this article on Soundproofing the walls.

soundproofing toilet flush

The irritating sound of flush and water refilling is most distracting sound and to minimize it, you can try soundproofing your flush along with soundproofing bathroom walls & door using adhesives . In order to get started first you have to remove the cap of the flush tank and pat inner walls dry. When the inner walls of the tank are dry, you can place the adhesive on the cap and on the rim of the tank and then close it.

If you want nearly complete flush tank silence then you can cover the tank with these  acoustic foam panels on Amazon completely. usually you’ll get 12 pieces in any packet and flush will use only 2 or 3 of them. So you can use these panels for soundproofing your appliances like window A.C, water pump etc.

This will not allow the sound to escape the tank and thus helps in minimizing it.

Filling in bathroom space

yes, this may see a little out of the blue but the more things in your bathroom are, the less sound will leak out. This is due to sound absorbing things like fluffy towels on the shelf or a storage unit on the wall will help in absorbing the sound before and leads to reduce noise in bathroom.

Trust me, these little efforts result in significant effectiveness.

Other minor places to Soundproof to achieve a pin drop Silence

Soundproofing should not be an expensive task especially when you are working on a budget, that’s why here we have couple of more hacks you can do to achieve a pin drop silence on a budget other than insulating the bathroom.

  • look for gaps and cracks in your bathroom as they help in escaping the noise from the bathroom. Scan your bathroom properly for cracks and gaps so that you can fill them with the help of a sealant which you can buy here on Amazon so that sound does not go out of the bathroom. Simple trick like this can help you a lot and you will notice a significant change as soon as you are done with it.
  • If you got pipes which make rattling noise as they are in constant use , you may tighten their straps so that they are in there place and does not make sound on impact . This is often a major problem in some cases and you may pay attention towards such a pity issue.
  • Fill in you bathroom with sound absorbing things. Such as towels on the shelf and drapes like this one for the shower and even a storage unit behind the door. So that hey absorb sound before letting it to leave the bathroom to soundproof toilet room.
  • If you have a window in your bathroom then you can use the best soundproof curtains on it to reduce the outside noise coming in the bathroom. Here’s this Soundproof curtain from Amazon which we used in our bathroom windows and it worked well reducing the outside noise.

Such small efforts will help you achieve pin drop silence for you bathroom without much money spent from your budget.

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When you stumbled upon this article, you would have been under a huge problem of bathroom noise and keep asking the question “How to soundproof my bathroom?”. Hereby, within this article are all the tips we brothers knew and you will ever need in soundproofing bathroom. We guarantee that you will notice a significant change after applying these tips to soundproof bathroom.

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