Soundproofing Noisy water pump: 4 Noise reduction steps for quiet pump

Soundproofing Noisy water pump: 4 Noise reduction steps for quiet pump

I had a ton of peace trouble in these Summer holidays when i got back home from my university. Everything was so good, my mom used to water her garden in the evening and I used to sit and relax with some evening snacks in my backyard but it was all before the water pump started making irritating noises. It destroyed all the peace and silence I used to get sitting on a rest chair with my tea. I had to do something about it but we didn’t have enough bucks to spend on a new water pump just to quiet it. So I thought to Soundproof the water pump completely by doing some tweaks and getting success in quieting the water pump. I also went on to reduce traffic noise in backyard so do check the guide out if you want a peaceful backyard.

So here is the whole recipe I created to quiet the noisy water pump. I researched a lot on internet and took guidance by the experts before starting the water pump noise reduction. So let’s jump into the whole process I did to soundproof water pump which actually worked for my case.

Steps to Soundproof a noisy water pump

1. What type of noise problem are you facing?

Before jumping into the tweaks and real steps to Soundproof your water pump, you need to observe what type of noise does it really produce. To clear the confusion, let me tell you that there are 2 types of noises which are usually emitted by the water pumps. These are the normal vibrations which can be irritating to an extent and the airborne noise problem which is more of a major noise which is severe and should be taken care of.

Vibrations can be replaced simply by applying this Noise reducing sorbothane strip on Amazon on the surface around the water pump like floor and any walls close to the pump. They will absorb the vibrations to a great extent leaving you with peace. Isn’t it simple? Yes it was.

But if the problem of your noisy water pump is the Airborne noise then you need to pack yourself for a small home D.I.Y project to soundproof the water pump completely. As this type of noise can’t be easily reduced using that strip. You’ll need to perform a little steps to achieve a quiet water pump.

2. An Ultimate Soundproofing box that can quiet anything!!

By reading the heading above, you all would have understood what god I’ll talk about it. Haha yes, we’ll construct a Soundproof box from scratch that can quiet anything you put it on to. Don’t worry hearing a complex name. It is quite simple to build. And the best part is that I have put every knowledge I have into this soundproof box. So it’ll definitely work no matter what happens.

First you’ll need to measure the water pump dimensions. After measuring it, you need to take 5 ply boards of the respective sizes and join them together to make a box opened from bottom but closed from every other side.

We took ply boards as they will do our 50% of the job by absorbing 50% of the noise .

Now you need to cover the inner sides with a good quality sound absorbing material to help the ply board to absorb more. We’ll use this magical product Dynamat here. You can buy it here from amazon. It is quite thin and self adhesive plus really effective in absorbing the sound. It isn’t cheap but you know already that quality comes at a price. So cover the inner walls with the Dynamat. This mat will reduce 60% of the noise disturbing you. You can also use it for different appliances if it gets leftover.

We also used Dynamat in Soundproofing a car earlier that went successfully well in reducing road noise in the car and improve the music system a lot.

The next step takes us to cover the outer walls with some other Soundproofing material. The cheaper and the most effective one will be Acoustic foam from Amazon. They are made up of high quality rubber designed to absorb high intensity sounds. This Soundproofing foam will absorb the left over sound waves which’ll escape from the box completely. You can place it on different places in your house like at the back if a flush tank, doors etc to reduce sound if some extra gets left. We have reviewed some of the Best Acoustic Foams in the market Here. Go check it out and select the best for this project.

NOTE- Don’t let the box touch the ground or the surface as it will only make the condition worse by transferring the waves to the surface. Use the sorbothane strip mentioned above below the water pump and put the box onto the strip.

 3. Where to position the water pump for minimal noise?

So, now the question rises about putting the water pump at the right place. The positioning of the pump is highly important if you want to reduce the noise more. These are the things you need to properly take care of while positioning the noisy water pump.

The pump should not touch any surface which will lead to transfer the sound waves to the surface making it more irritating. Use sorbothane strip below it.

Put it among the plant space where you put your plants. They won’t help in transferring the noise, they’ll absorb more sound.

Put these high quality Soundproof blankets(Link to Amazon) if there are walls near the noisy pump which will absorb more of the sound and won’t let the noise bounce of making it a quieter pump.

Also check out our special article about the Best Soundproof Blankets to read those 5 tips to select the Best Soundproof blanket for yourself.

These were some extra tips you can follow to soundproof water pump completely and leaving it at a quieter place full if peace.

4. Keep maintaining the condition of Water pump

This isn’t any cure to the noisy water pump. This is a prevention method which won’t let you try soundproofing water pump. What you have to do is keep maintaining or servicing your water pump yourself.

You have open up the pump periodically and lubricate the parts properly which allow the pump to work smoothly without any jerk noise.

Make sure that you lubricate the rusted parts carefully without leaving any space to make it function properly.

Next thing you can do it to tighten the loose bolts or parts which gets loosen after months of working and start making crackling sounds.

You can also replace the worn out parts from the pump which would be the source of the whole noise thing.


So this was the whole knowledge I had and what helped me to quieten the water pump. After performing these hacks, I was able to soundproof the water pump completely leaving a negligible amount of noise before me. This whole project of water pump noise reduction can be completed in a single day and by the next day, you can enjoy the pleasant weather with satisfying peace inside your garden or backyard.

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