Soundproofing walls: How to do it cheaply on existing interior walls?

Soundproofing walls: How to do it cheaply on existing interior walls?

Do you have a thin wall in your apartment which lets in a ton of sound enough to make you restless? Yes, we all who live in apartments are cursed with that mutual thin wall that results in transferring the noise from your neighbors. So is there any solution to this problem? Can we do something rather than constructing a thicker wall? Yes, that’s why you all are here searching all over the internet to find the solution of soundproofing the walls cheaply.

But we have all the tweaks and DIY Wall soundproofing solutions which are dirt cheap and are tested by us.

We have soundproofed home office with a mutual wall to an apartment where college students reside and trust me, they are really loud at times. So then was the time we decided to Soundproof walls of our home office.

The difficult part was that the wall was already constructed and hence it was an apartment, so we didn’t have the authority to break the wall and get it thicker. So we had to get all our soundproofing knowledge together and find out the cheapest and at the same time the most effective solution to soundproof existing walls in an apartment.

How to find the best DIY Solutions for Soundproofing walls?

So let’s talk about the sources or the causes we derived the techniques and the products to be used in soundproofing interior walls.

Mainly, there are 2 types of noises which disturb your peace and compel you to take this step of Soundproofing the walls.

Airborne noise: This is the most common type of sound which can fly anywhere and is the most common culprit in annoying you. This type of noise travels in air and can sneak in through gaps in windows, doors and other hollow walls easily. These type of noises can be conquered by putting some common products like Acoustic foams properly at right place.

Impact noise: This type of noise commonly travels through solid objects rather than in air. A common example is the noise of the engine leaking inside the car’s cabin. These noises are hard to overcome and Soundproof and are the main causes that you might want to soundproof your wall.

The one thing which would have been cleared inside your mind is that the impact type of noise can’t be soundproofed by putting acoustic panels like in the case of airborne noise.

So we have to try 2 different approaches to soundproof walls depending on the budget, difficulty in executing and effectiveness. So let’s jump on to the answer to the question ‘How to soundproof walls?’.

How to soundproof walls for Airborne noise? Solution to existing apartment walls

We explained everything you needed to know about what kind of sounds you are going to deal with along with the products suitable for each kind of noise problems. But here, we’ll learn exactly the same recipe we made doing hit and trial along with all of our knowledge we gained by researching about this topic by outreaching the experts in the field.

At one point of time, we were standing with a ton of products to test with different combinations to find out that perfect balance of the peace, budget and effectiveness. But at last, we managed to dig out that perfect solution for soundproofing interior walls that we have put in the DIY guide below.

Before moving forward to the exact ways to soundproof walls, we would like to tell you that we came upon with 2 mainstream solutions classified on the basis of your budget and professionalism we will explain below.

Solutions to the airborne noise

Firstly, we will explain you the perfect ways to eliminate the airborne noise from the game before moving on to the impact noise coming through walls. We’ll be Soundproofing the window and the door of the room as they are the most vulnerable gaps which’ll let nearly 90% of the airborne noise sneak in.

It is possible that treating the door and the windows properly can do the job alone and you don’t need to soundproof the walls unless some serious noise is being transmitted through the walls.

Soundproofing windows: To soundproof the windows to the maximum extent possible, you need to purchase a few products like this self adhesive whether strip which will be carefully pasted along the borders of the window frame which will seals up the gaps around it which are visible when the windows are closed.

weathering strips to soundproof door gaps

Second thing you have to do is to buy these great quality Soundproof curtains from Amazon for your windows. We have tested a few but found these more effective and cheap.

To get the fool proof guide to fully soundproof Windows, go read our dedicated Guide on it.

Soundproofing the door: To soundproof the door, you’ll need to do the same. First apply the whether stripping around the door to seal the gaps, then you need to buy this Acoustic soundproof spray to fill minor cracks inside the door which can be proved to be a big culprit. If your door is made up of plywood or its hollow then you’ll need to put this fiberglass blanket on Amazon on it instead of replacing the door. These blankets are made up of highly dense fiberglass which absorbs all the sound coming through it. This blanket is quite expensive for some that’s why we have placed it on the door only as it is most vulnerable place to leak in  the sound. You can also use a soundproof curtain mentioned above if the intensity of the noise is not much as these are not as much effective as a fiberglass blanket. You have to buy a god quality double layered door sweep like this on on Amazon and place it below the door with some screws to cover the gap between the door and the floor. It is very important step so please make sure you don’t skip it.

If you would like to get guided properly on how to perform the above tasks properly without any fault or mistake then please read our special quick guides on Soundproofing windows & How to soundproof a door where you’ll get any other options for the products depending on your budget and need along with the proper tutorial to perform them.

Now we are done with soundproofing all the airborne noise that enters the room. Make sure you do it properly without leaving a single product or compromising a few bucks as we all know that quality comes at a price.

Another thing you can do to minimize the echos which refers to the amplification of the noise which comes inside, we have to fill up the room with dense wooden furniture like book shelves or some wardrobe which act as the best remedy to absorb the noise and will give you the best sound dampening effect without any fancy products.

Soundproofing the walls for Impact noise

We’ll now come to the most important thing you would have searched on the google for. It is the impact noise which mainly passes through solid objects and the most vulnerable part to leak this kind of noise is the wall of your room or the common wall between the apartments. So your question ‘How to soundproof walls in apartment’ will be answered in detail now.

As I told you above in the article, we’ll be following 2 different approaches to soundproof walls diy. Both the ways are effective in Soundproofing the wall but what really differentiates the both is the intensity of the noise one is experiencing and his budget & need to soundproof the existing wall.

Fiberglass insulation: This is the first approach to soundproof the interior walls. Fiberglass insulation needs some professional knowledge for installation. So, a professional is to be hired for the job. Secondly, it is more effective but more expensive than the other solutions we are going to talk about below in this article. This solution is required when you are experiencing more intensity of noises from the wall. And Fiberglass insulation will look more neat and permanent than other solutions as in other solutions, we’ll need to put different dampening products on the wall which will cover the wall and won’t look visually appealing but fiberglass insulation will be more of a professional and permanent solution that won’t make a difference to the actual look of the wall.

Fiberglass insulation for soundproofing walls

Other solution: To be real quick, if you treat your wall with the combination of the solutions instructed below then you could get near but not the nearest to the effect of fiberglass insulation and in a cheaper price than that of the fiberglass insulation. But the downfalls are that the acoustic foams or the soundproofing vinyls won’t look visually appealing to the wall but you have a option to install a drywall upon it so that the products do their job but hiding behind the drywall.

Fiberglass insulation to soundproof walls

How to soundproof walls with fiberglass insulation

Let’s explain you real quick about the fiberglass insulation and the popular product we would recommend you to use. Fiberglass insulation is the most popular method to insulate walls for soundproofing and temperature controlling in summers and winters. People have been using them since ages in their homes. First of all, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of the wall. And then you have to buy Owens corning insulation which is by far the best and most effective fiberglass insulation in the industry. A packet can cover 36 sq. ft. of the wall area so you need to buy accordingly to cover the whole wall. After receiving the order, you’ll find the fiberglass batts or rolls inside the packet.

Then you need to call some professional or a carpenter to get it installed. This tutorial video will help you getting it installed easily without any mistakes.

After successfully installing the fiberglass, you’ll be wondering how ugly your wall looks. don’t worry, we’ll be now installing a drywall upon the insulation to cover it and making the wall look exactly how the actual one looked earlier by painting the drywall by the same paint. Drywall are themselves good in soundproofing walls as they have some insulating power themselves too.

I would recommend to use these resilient channels to attach the drywall to the actual wall as these resilient channels are designed the way that they eliminate the impact noise waves when they travel through them to the drywall. So these solutions together will completely Soundproof your apartment wall to a significant extent.

resilient channel

How to soundproof walls cheap? Soundproofing existing interior walls

Let’s jump straight to Soundproof the walls diy without any help of the professional like we did in our home where the intensity of the noise wasn’t much.

First, we have to put the primary and basic product all over the wall. For that, you have to measure the dimensions of the wall properly like you did in the first solution. Then you have to buy this self adhesive noico sound deadening mat which is super affordable. Don’t get confused by reading it’s use for soundproofing cars. We tried several products like soundproof mats but this one is the best in terms of self adhesiveness, affordability and effectiveness. People usually use it in cars because car’s cabin also suffers from high intensity impact noises. We ordered different products but this one turned out to be the best in effectiveness and affordability.

It comes in 36 sq. ft. box, so order the quantity accordingly to cover the whole wall.

To apply it, you just have to peel the back label and paste it on the wall. Then take a small roller or a ball and roll it over the silver area with heavy hands till the bubbles get compressed & flattened. You are done performing the first task. This will alone give you a drastic change in the dampening of the noise.

Secondly, you have to order these soundproof blankets from Amazon as per the wall area. You have to hand them on the wall through the brackets like of curtains. Don’t leave a single gap in between. These moving blankets are made up of mass loaded vinyl and dense materials which let in the sound waves but convert their energy into heat and thus, make the sound vanish. check out the Guide to Buy the Perfect Soundproof Blanket for you.

Soundproof blankets to soundproof walls

We’ll give the final touch to the insulated wall by putting a couple of decorative acoustic panels(Amazon aff. link) either on the drywall or on the actual wall above the blanket. They will enhance the overall soundproofing ability of the wall and compliment to the cheap wall soundproofing at the same time.

Soundproof panels to soundproof a wall How to soundproof a wall

Now the wall does not look appealing and looks ugly like a skunk. Well, you have to spend some bucks on the drywall and paint it like the other walls to hide all the products behind it. It will be quite expensive but quality comes at a price. Also Read this Comprehensive Buying guide for the Best Acoustic Panels.


Did you read the whole guide on How to soundproof a walls? I’m sure this DIY guide on soundproofing walls will help you alone in achieving a quiet environment inside your room. Happy Soundproofing!


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